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Canada to protect unborn chimps in ‘Jane Goodall Act’ while ignoring unborn humans targeted for...

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Michie, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Michie

    Michie Human rights begin in the womb. Supporter

    United States
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  2. AvilaSurfer

    AvilaSurfer Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Just wonderful.
  3. royal priest

    royal priest debtor to grace

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  4. Phoebe Ann

    Phoebe Ann ...yet not I, but the grace of God that is with me Supporter

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    There's so much evil in the world that sometimes I really feel sick.
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    newborn <3
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  5. Pavel Mosko

    Pavel Mosko Arch-Dude of the Apostolic Supporter

    United States
    Oriental Orthodox
    In my last years living in California I noticed some ironies with the liberal law makers. The worst example was in 2012 their was a proposition on the state election ballot that would make it illegal if passed to transport chickens and other birds by air, if they were in cages, pens etc. that were not large enough so they could turn around... And well if you have done any flying, in the last few decades where they added extra seats to planes to pay for fuel price hikes, which made the seat size shrink 15-20% compared to where they were 20 years ago, you would realize how silly this is. The lawmakers are literally trying to make chickens have much better living conditions than people, even though we eat them!

    Anyway this kind of topic really grates on me, and often thought about it terms of abortion. A number of times, I brought up Atheist's the great cognitive dissonance of some of our endangered species acts. We will ban people from farming, logging, and doing all kinds of stuff on land they own to protect animals and not just mammals or birds, but even insects.... and these species do not even have to be unique, their can be plenty of other nonendangered species of trout etc. but great measures are taken to protect the subspecies even though it is nearly identical to the other varieties of critter out there.

    But when we would get to talking on ethics or whatever I would bring it up. I was actually surprised that many atheist's actually agreed with the logic. And I think that especially is strong when you consider all the stuff we know from ultra sound and other kinds of viewing technology. Many liberals in earlier decades could pretend or blindly assume that fetuses more or less are just "tissue" so aborting them is no big deal. But the more we can observe them, the more we can see that no they actually do have a lot of cognitive awareness and conscientiousness etc.

    Most atheist's would not agree that fetuses are fully human in their status. But it is pretty easy to argue that we should at least give them the same protections as cats and dogs, because not only do they have feelings and reactions, but they eventually grow into adult size humans. And right there status in the womb is typically way below that of domestic animals. And this also gets more galling when you consider how many people treat the position of animals especially dogs almost like children or other full status family members, especially if they ended up never having kids...

    But I found a few atheists that seemed to really agree with that kind of reasoning. And that did make me feel a little more hopeful about the future of this issue.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2020