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Can prayer really heal "anything"?

Discussion in 'Word of Faith' started by Malachi88, May 2, 2012.

  1. Crosslight

    Crosslight Stacie Jaye

    Word of Faith
    Thank you so much for this thread... It has helped refresh my faith and will help me stand stronger in Him.
  2. Dead2Sin

    Dead2Sin Newbie

    Hello Malachi88. I want to encourage you to keep believing and keep speaking what the word of God says about you regardless of how you feel. Find the scripture that pertains to your circumstance, write it down on a 3x5 card. memorize it and personalize to yourself. Ex. Romans 8:11 "The spirit of him gives LIFE to MY mortal body" God still heals today as he did in Bible days and his word works. No sickness is off god and neither is stress. He wants you to have the days of Heaven on earth! Mark 11:23-24 may help you. Please write back if I can help. Fight the good Fight of faith, lay hold of eternal life.
  3. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 In Service To The Lord

    Word of Faith
    It can be said that prayer is another way of confessing God's Word. When we confess or speak God's Word, we are lining up our mouths with what God says about our situations. It is true that man (or woman lol) will eat the fruit of his lips and that his stomach shall be satisfied by it's fruit. What type of fruit will you be eating? Think about it. We all want good things for ourselves and our families don't we? So if we say that we are blessed, then we shall be blessed. And if we say that we are cursed then we shall be cursed. Who wants that? I don't! I want to be everything that God says that I can be...

    Proverbs 13:2-3 "A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth,
    But the soul of the unfaithful feeds on violence.
    He who guards his mouth preserves his life,
    But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction."

  4. Malachi88

    Malachi88 Newbie

    That was very useful information. I actually have been struggling what comes out of my mouth. I believe I am taking my physical problems out on the people around me. That and I've been saying how I have bad luck....which definitely isn't showing faith nor love. Thank you for opening my eyes more. I do not want to be this person. I just need to control myself more. Thank you! And, God bless you!
  5. Kohky26

    Kohky26 Newbie

    Read Psalm77, reflect on it and understand it with Holy Bible commentary!

    ODJ has a great booklet on Psalm77 recently and explains well on prayer N Psalm77...FOCUS ON GOD! Not on self...may GOD bless all...