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can a child be demon possessed

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by george, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. george

    george Veteran

    ...according to make 9:18 they can. I read this today, and it make me think, how can a little innocence child be demon posssession? what exactly kind of possession was he under? since he was only a child, I thought maybe he was not yet at the age of accountability, therefor he would be under God's grace and his child.

    I have heard and don't believe that a christian can not be demon possessed. but if a little child can, is it possible that we as adult christians can be verunable to this kind of attact? does it nessersary mean if someone is having some kind of health problem could be under the same attack as this young child.
  2. Dad Ernie

    Dad Ernie Well-Known Member

    Greetings George,

    Since it doesn't give the age of the possessed child, it difficult to draw a hard truth from it, except to reveal that even children can come under the influence of Satan, but God has power to deliver. I don't believe the "age of accountability" prevents a young child from becoming involved in evil doings. How many kids do you think are now in juvenile centers that are younger than 12? Some of these are downright evil, possibly even possessed.

    A person cannot serve two masters. When we are SEALED with the Holy Spirit, we may be persecuted or even a thorn may be given to us through a demon, but we CANNOT be possessed.


    Dad Ernie
  3. Robbie_James_Francis

    Robbie_James_Francis May all beings have happiness and its causes

    I think one important thing to realise first off is that demonic possession and demonic influence are two different things...and mental illness and chosen evil are entirely different things altogether.

    It seems you wouldn't agree, but I would certainly say that demonic possession cannot affect the baptised. Demonic influence most certainly camn, and of course free will to choose evil and natural psychological issues are still present.

    rob :liturgy:
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