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British Israelites

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by 7he4uthor, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. 7he4uthor

    7he4uthor 7he 7rue he4RT of 7he CRE4TOR


    So it is taught that Etymology is one of the keys that was used to uncover the
    whereabouts of "G*d's People" ... their identity hidden for hundreds of years.
    DenMark meaning "Mark of Dan" [tribe of Dan, Tuatha de Dannan]
    Germany meaning "Many Gews/Jews" German meaning GewMan/JewMan, Yiddish and German languages being very similar, so much so that they can be understood without study.
    English/Anglo actually means "ANGEL" [Joseph the blessed/persecuted brother of the 12, from who was made the 13th tribe]
    Joseph was Split into 2 Tribes Mannessah [USA] and Ephriam [Canada]
    Reuben France
    Netherlands Zebulun
    I can't remember more at this time ... but it may be worth studying if interested.
    I do remember from my conspiracy studies that the Dutch Queen is involved closely with the Queen of England in Banking Operations.

    The British Israelites | Bad Archaeology
    10 kingdoms in Egypt
    in Maya
    in Atlantis
    and ... in British Israel ... Hmmm ... :idea:

    Someone edited the title to take out the caps on
    the word
    Which is the important word here COMMON WEALTH about sharing identity/wealth.
    the EDIT button was then disabled to prevent me from even adding quotation marks,
    as the post is about "wealth" spiritual/material.

    Did you miss my avatar ?
    In my understanding Christ wrote LOTS!
    He was educated in the one of the most advanced civilizations in the World [Egypt]
    moving there with gold given as a birth gift, and being the stepson of a reasonably rich carpenter/mason. It is generally accepted that Christ spoke/wrote SEVERAL languages
    on his retun to Israel the scholars [priests/scribes] were AMAZED at his knowledge/understanding
    all of these factors are the MARK of a highly educated man, and one who is both literate and an 4uthor in at least 3 languages perhaps as many as 10. Josephus also being an international trader
    would have been adept at many languages and it is said Christ traveled with him on adventures.
    NO :!:
    I think Jesus wrote volumes ... virtual encyclopedias worth of knowledge.

    The United States and Britain in Prophecy
    Literature | theTrumpet.com by the Philadelphia Church of God
    British Israelism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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