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Breast Cancer Prayer and Help Needed

Discussion in 'Oncology (Cancer Support)' started by Kassandra, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Kassandra

    Kassandra New Member


    Hi my name is Robin. In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with Estrogen Postive Her2 Breast Cancer, something that I never thought would happen to me. I believe that this is something that we as humans all seem to think "it will not happen to me" - well clearly it can, as I here I am.

    If being diagnosed with cancer was not enough, however, shortly after my diagnosis my job of 5 plus years decided to let me go as "we are no longer on the same path" - I guess that breast cancer did not fit into their idea of a successful business.

    It has touched my heart that there have been so many wonderful people that I have come across on this journey that have helped me with medical testing and have aided me in my last 2 surgeries - a right side mastectomy - where the sentinal nodes had come back positive, that placed me into my 2nd surgery - Axillary Lymph Node removal under my right arm - to now move forward with Chemo. However, after Chemo and GOD WILLING I will jump back into the world as a survivor - an attitude that I must now adopt, as this is one component that no one else can do for me.

    So I have decided to reach out to humanity to help me with this costly journey - although, there are wonderful organziations that are out there, such as Susan B. Komen, Bosom Buddies and the American Cancer Society to name a few, their assistance is limited.

    I am hoping that there are those out there that have not forgotten that WE ARE HUMANS FIRST.

    The postive outcome is that I will be starting Nursing School in June on a Pell Grant - this gives me much hope as it allows me to give back to those that have helped me - and to help those that have traveled and are traveling down this difficult path - with a sincere thank you Analise Coffey a nurse at NCH whom I have nominated for the "Daisy Award" as her care and late night hospital chats kept me from sinking!

    To those that will help and have helped -

    Please know that I'm truly grateful for you everyday.

    That said, I'm going to thoroughly kick cancer's ass today and every day!

    Let's begin!!
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  2. Stabat

    Stabat Stat Crux, dum volvitur orbis Supporter

    Traditional. Cath.
    You are in my prayers.
    Lord have mercy on Kassandra.
  3. HarvestTheFields

    HarvestTheFields Great White North

    United States
    Wow, the way you have responded to these hardships is simply awe-inspiring, I mean this in the most genuine way.

    Good luck with everything!
  4. Bobinator

    Bobinator Senior Member

    Few suggestions-

    1. Take Iodine supplements. Look of Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Jorge Flechas. Very valuable information.
    2. Drink Essiac Tea (powerful cancer fighter)
    3. Try the Kelmun Protocol to create a Trojan Horse of alkalized sugar to kill the cancer.
    4. Do colon and liver cleanses often.
    5. Stop using under arm deoderant with aluminum in it. Aluminum is toxic, and people rub it under their armspits next to breast tissue. Not good. Use ones with safe natural ingredients from a health food store, or essential oils. I do. A great substitute for perfume as well, and healthy to boot.
    6. And last, but not least- Forgive.

    God bless
  5. jargew

    jargew Newbie

    I'm not sure if you are attending a church, but many churches have great support groups and awesomely supportive people.
  6. Edgar Six

    Edgar Six New Member

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You must ensure that you go on for proper treatment for breast cancer, such as breast cancer radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. You must also ensure that you are taking proper meal during your treatment.
  7. Edgar Six

    Edgar Six New Member

    God bless you. Hope you will recover soon.