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Breaking the 4th Wall

Discussion in 'Scripts/ Screenplays' started by PerpetuallyCurious, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. PerpetuallyCurious

    PerpetuallyCurious Member

    In my screenplay (a musical set in the 1960's); I have an athiest character with a stutter and rather low self-esteem, limiting what he says and how much of himself he reveals to others.

    I was thinking that it would be interesting seeing him break the fourth wall a couple times so that the audience better understands him and as the character is an atheist in a Christian film, he is trying to fight against the film itself.

    Examples below:
    • When he is singing he doesn't stutter so when he sees other characters are beginning to end the song, he become distressed and tries to make them continue so his stutter doesn't come back.
    • When he feels like the camera is trying to follow him, he glares at it and walks away.
    • We can hear his thoughts on certain issues.
    • He also says how he doesn't want a scene to go like this.
    What do you think about this?
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  2. SepiaAndDust

    SepiaAndDust There's a FISH in the percolator

    In Relationship
    Moonlighting used to do stuff like that pretty often. Northern Exposure did, as well. Sounds like an interesting character.
  3. PerpetuallyCurious

    PerpetuallyCurious Member

    I haven't seen those so thank you for the recommendations and also for what you said about my character.
  4. Sitsatdeskwithpen

    Sitsatdeskwithpen Newbie

    Try watching Stranger Than Fiction with Dustin Hoffman and Will Ferrell. It was about a writer who was writing a MC's life. It might be a slightly square peg for your needs but...
  5. actionsub

    actionsub Mike, he's just this guy, you know?


    Go back and look on YouTube for "The Burns & Allen Show". George Burns was a grand master of this technique. During the show, he'd find a way out of the scene so he could address the audience on his take on what was happening and how it was probably going to end up.
    In the early seasons of the show, it was filmed live, so Burns would just walk off to the side of the stage and address the audience. Later, when it was filmed with a three-camera setup, Burns would be on another set doing the monologue. One set, for instance, would have him in his "office" watching the antics on TV while he was discussing them.

    Another idea might be to use the "mockumentary" style of shows like "The Office" or "Modern Family" where the reality show style is parodied, and an individual character will face the camera to speak to the situation at hand and explain how it affects him or her.
  6. PerpetuallyCurious

    PerpetuallyCurious Member

    I have already, thank you though. :)

    Thank you for the advice, I've seen the mockumentaries but I hope to look up 'The Burns and Allen Show' later. :blush: