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Discussion in 'Debate Other Religions & Faiths' started by Kiwi Christian, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. BigDaddy4

    BigDaddy4 Movin' on...

    Lots of assertions, no evidence to support.
  2. Peter1000

    Peter1000 Well-Known Member

    This response is off topic so if you wish to respond please do, if not that's OK.

    I was visiting a member of the Mormon church who recently was moved into our ward boundaries. So this is the first time I had met him.

    He has married an SDA woman who is very active in her church. He told me, and he could be incorrect, that the SDA have a new bible. Are you aware that the SDA has a new bible that more closely alines itself to SDA doctrine?
    If not just say no, and I will not ask further. Thanks
  3. Peter1000

    Peter1000 Well-Known Member


    On this thread 'BOM False History 2', I responded to your post and would like you to respond to my post #320. Thank you.
  4. mmksparbud

    mmksparbud Well-Known Member

    United States

    No problem. I do not have one---what it is, is a study bible. Every denomination has one. Joyce Myers has one, the Church of God has one, there is even and bible out by this guy that talks about the religion of the founding fathers of this country, I forget his name. The Mormons, of course, have the BOM, the Catholics have theirs---so I don't know why everybody is aghast at the SDA's having one! But I never buy one of those. They are usually the same KJV with study guides at the bottoms of the pages that have commentary and related verses to study.
  5. Peter1000

    Peter1000 Well-Known Member

    I understand. You do know that Mormons believe in the bible too. We use the KJV bible, not just the BOM.
  6. dzheremi

    dzheremi Coptic Orthodox non-Egyptian

    Oriental Orthodox
    I have already said that I am done discussing things with you, Peter. I do not feel that further discussion with you is profitable for either of us or for this website more generally. Please respect my decision.
  7. Peter1000

    Peter1000 Well-Known Member

    To bad, that was a pretty good and simple formula.