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Blankets for Homeless People

Discussion in 'Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing' started by bunteezone, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. bunteezone

    bunteezone Guest

    giveablanket . com

    A hot cup of coffee, cosy bed, lots of blankets and loving family members make our winters warm and comfortable. But for hundreds of homeless people living on the streets in especially in India winters mean harsh and chilly nights, inadequate covering, illness, thus adding onto their daily battle for survival.

    In a bid to share warmth and love with these people we have started distributing blankets this season. This Project was started to encourage two main objectives:

    Help - Aiding the homeless all over the world (this year India only), hopefully a set up of networks in other areas, with providing blankets , but above all kindness to those who suffer alone and with or with little aid.
    Advocate- Spreading compassion and understanding of other people's suffering and the opportunity to make a big impact with a small gesture.

    GiveaBlanket.com's Mission is to advocate compassion and humanitarian aid the homeless individuals whose suffering should not be passed by, and spreading the understanding that in relieving the pain of others, we too relieve our pain.

    Winter in India is enemy to the homeless. Every year hundreds of homeless die due to it. The winter will start November onwards. This year (2010) the team has come with a initiative step to distribute atleast 1000 blankets to the homeless in India. We request all to share a $5 for a single blanket. The distribution of the Blankets and other expenses will be given by local communities and Churches.

    We are the team of Sharon Prayer Fellowship & Ministries (India). We serve as a base from which we engage in various service activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor in India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. SPFM is registered with Govt. of A.P. (India).

    Your support in this regard would be most appreciated. You can help us by giving any number of blankets ($5 per blanket). Blankets are available in the market for even less than $5 but after some research on the quality and prices of different blankets, we found it to be the best buy. There is no deadline and you can give as per your convenience but would request you not to delay too much. It would be nice if you could inspire and ask your family and freinds to contribute as well.

    Useful Links:

    Winter is the worst enemy of the homeless, the enemy is just two month far. Before it arrived, we projected this plan to provide 1000 blankets to 1000 homeless. Share a Blanket! Warmth a night.

    Contact : 1-321-352-6029
  2. mcswan

    mcswan Regular Member


    Hey, welcome to the site. And thanks for the post, this is the kind of things we love to support
  3. Ruta

    Ruta Newbie

    I feel encouraged about what others are doing . Im involved in ministry to the homeless but I'm doing it solo. I have been praying for God to bring others along and been speaking to my friends about it and even tried to get a friend to join with me but that soon sizzled/ didnt last long. I need prayers to get this thing going , God's thing. It's quite discouraging doing it on your own. I dont have much money. Praise God though! He will deliver and help me so I can help them and preach his word to the homeless
  4. Ruta

    Ruta Newbie

    I'm not looking to join a ministry organisation but that prayer that God would lead me to the people and the people to me about who will help me. Thanks :)