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Bipolar & BPD

Discussion in 'Bipolar Disorder' started by Iamfree, Sep 4, 2004.

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  1. Iamfree

    Iamfree New Member

    hello...I just found this this afternoon and was sort of excited that something like this existed! As my Title reads I am both bipo & bpd. This has not been a fun week for me as the illness has caused me to second-guess my salvation (because of all the "bad" stuff I've done). I was just wondering if anyone out there has ideas about picking yourself up to go on to serve God???:pray:
  2. Mr.Cheese

    Mr.Cheese Legend

    Always remember that our emotional/mental quirks have nothing to do with the reality of salvation or reality in general.
    It's hard to learn to not trust your feelings. But depression has taught me that they are not reliable.
  3. mpshiel

    mpshiel Senior Veteran

    Well, I have found that while others may seen emotions themselves as a sin (like being depressed or suicidal) that simply can't be so because everyone from Jesus down seems to have experience them - so the emotions themselves are just a normal condition. Now what you do while in those emotions can be detrimental. I have a motto: "I can't control how I feel, but I can control what I do with those feelings." - If I get manic, am I going to probably start overspending (like for instance when I tried to corner the market by trying to buying ALL the copies of one book). But that's not a sin, and if I make promises to a person I care about saying "I will not spend more than X" well, that is a promise I can keep manic or not. It is like hypersexuality in the mania phase. You don't HAVE to sleep around, you can just end up telling totally inappropriate jokes. But if you don't understand that they are inappropriate, then it isn't a sin. It comes from the intent of the heart. Same with depression. To do nothing at all is not a sin. To do something to intentionally hurt someone else is.
  4. California_Steamin

    California_Steamin New Member

    What youve done in the past doesnt matter, what matters is, that you believe what Jesus did in the past. We are not saved by works, good or bad, but by Grace(Jesus dying for/in place of us), And when you add mental health problems, I believe that Jesus has an extra spot in his heart for us. He hates to see people suffer. We are in a way like autistic kids, its out of our control. The best thing to do is find the med combo that works for you. More than likely, with BP, its lifelong. But Jesus has something great waiting for us, remember, he came for the sick, not the well. At least not for people who think they are perfect/well...... Keep Believing in the power of the unseen. If Jesus choses to heal us on Earth, right on, if in Heaven, Right on......Either way, he loves us!! Keep your head up.


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