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Bigamy, Trigamy, Quadragamy

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Dale, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Dale

    Dale Senior Veteran

    Louis Holzapple, a plumber, was granted two divorces in the same court on May 8, and a third on June 5. He had previously been granted a divorce in 2002. The divorces were granted in Highlands County, Florida. Records show that Holzapple married his first wife in 1956, his second wife in 1966, his third in 1975, and the fourth in 2002.

    Three Divorces In 2 Months?


    Three Divorces In 2 Months?
    By Dan Fearson of Highlands Today

    Published: July 18, 2007


    SEBRING - If you think divorces can be messy, try going through two in one day — then having a third divorce a mere three weeks later — which, to top things off, is your fourth divorce in five years.

    End Quote
  2. Jonathan David

    Jonathan David Revolutionary Dancer

  3. Billnew

    Billnew Legend

    3rd wife must have been special.
    Before her he had a 10yr itch.

    To your comment you edited and to those that post:

  4. Dale

    Dale Senior Veteran

    It is interesting that the state does not seem to know how many women a man is married to. Even when a man marries more than one woman in the same county, and even though bigamy is illegal, the state and county do not figure it out.

    In this case, Holzapple seems to have separated and remarried without getting a full divorce. However, there have been cases where a man was married to two women and alternated between them without either knowing of the other. With all the records the state keeps, it would be helpful if they figured out what was going on.