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BBG Youtube Ministry

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bible Believing Gentiles, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Bible Believing Gentiles

    Bible Believing Gentiles New Member

    United States
    Hi everyone.

    Glad to have seen so much activity on the site in the first few hours of joining.

    I'm not a part of any church, because I can't find one that teaches the word of God except for on the internet.

    I got saved back in August 2017 while watching a youtube video called "Many are Called, But few are Chosen" it's a great video.

    Then I went running around looking for a church and I couldn't find anyone teaching what I was reading in the King James Bible, or they were grumpy and sarcastic, or cold dead in the spirit, or not teaching the gospel, or demanding of signs and wonders, or they had ATM machines in the front for tithes right next to a fully equipped starbucks style restaraunt across the way from the Million dollar sanctuary.

    I got disheartened, because as soon as I got saved, I wanted to be a preacher. Or a teacher. I didn't know, but I knew I wanted to get people saved. It was obvious that these places had no room for someone like that who was on fire for the true gospel of Salvation by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.

    So I started my own youtube channel, and learned how to study the Bible according to 2Timothy 2:15.

    Please feel free to check out my videos. Some are short, sometimes funny animations that have a Biblical concepts displayed in a theatrical way, and some of the videos consist of actual in depth teaching.

  2. Little Lantern

    Little Lantern "The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD." Supporter

    United States
    Greetings, and welcome to CF, BBG. Glad you're already enjoying the site. May you find lots of godly encouragement, good fellowship, and engaging discussion here. God bless you.
  3. ToBeLoved

    ToBeLoved Well-Known Member Supporter


    I would caution though on being self taught. The Bible is not simple. You might want to study Greek also.