Attending Sinful Weddings


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Feb 5, 2002
United States
Marital Status
Deciding whether or not to attend the weddings of those not living in accord with the Church’s teaching on sexuality is, for many of us, an agonizing matter. People often ask for my advice. (I find it easier to advise them than to make similar decisions in my own life!)

John,* a Catholic father, asked me if his reluctance to attend the “wedding” of his son Paul to Charles was wrong. Anne, his Catholic wife, and his other children told him he was going to do lethal damage to the family if he did not attend. They were afraid that Paul and his “husband” would never come to the family home or invite the family to their home. He even faced the possibility of his wife leaving him.

Anne and a few of the other children told John they had known for some time that Paul was same-sex attracted and couldn’t quite understand how John had not picked it up. It was only two years ago, when Paul was 30, that Anne told John about Paul’s same-sex attraction since she knew Paul would be bringing Charles home to meet the family. John was shocked, confused, and hurt, but he knew he had to be very careful how he engaged Paul about the matter. He was grateful that he had time to prepare for a discussion with Paul.

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Attending Sinful Weddings