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At what age can you start having hot flashes?

Discussion in 'General Physical Health' started by Dogperson, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Dogperson

    Dogperson Newbie

    I was wondering at what age women start having hot flashes. I just turned 40 this month & have been having them on & off since the fall but this past week I've had them really bad. The past 3 nights I woke up with my hair, nightgown, & sheets wet from where I had sweated in my sleep. I've had night sweats before but only when going on or coming off meds for depression. I recall my mom going through an early menopause, like in her mid-forties, but she passed away a long time ago so I can't ask her. I keep turning down the heat in the house & turning on the ceiling fans, then my husband comes home & wants to know why it's like the North Pole in the house. He cranks the heat back up to 74 & I feel like I'm going to die. I cooked supper & baked a cake this evening & felt like I was melting & had to go stand outside in the rain. I just wondered if this was normal. I hate to go to my doctor for this because for one reason I don't really have the money for my co-pay right now & also because she would just want to maybe give me hormones or birth control pills & I don't want them. I never could tolerate the pill. I was wondering if any of the women on this forum could tell me if they started having hot flashes this soon. I feel OK otherwise. Thanks!
  2. Franny50

    Franny50 franny50

    Hi DogPerson.I had a friend who developed hot flashes in her early forties,not sure about the night sweats though.I am 50 and started having hot flashes in my mid forties,although very mild.I have them occasionally but they haven't gotten worse.I have only had a handful of times when I woke up with night sweats.My main problem is I do not have periods for months and then experience very heavy bleeding.Try to see a gynecologist at least once a year,for an evaluation.