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Armageddon is Gods war against the "SIN NATURE"

Discussion in 'General Hobbies and Crafts' started by Zafana, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Zafana

    Zafana Guest

    ie the crucifixion which will raise us up in the power of his resurrection: here is an ad that is going out everywhere.

    Christians, Jews, Muslims, Messianics, J4J, New Agers, Buddhists, Athiests, Hindus, Wiccans, Pagans, Secular agnostics, Everyone living on planet earth!

    Almost 9 years ago in 1992, I experienced an event so awe inspiring and life transforming that I have been writing about it ever since. My name is Yvonne, I am going on 49 years of age, have two grown children and have been married for 29 years. In 1988 a deep desire came over me to repent of all known sin, put my hand to the plough and walk clean before God.

    God first found me through Jesus at 14, but the next 26 years were up and down and the ability to trust him completely didn't come until 1988 at age 38. Two years of finishing my inner healing led to dealing honestly with relationships, and I finally had what the Bible calls "Peace that passes all understanding". I walked in this peace for almost two years when suddenly and without warning the "seals" of the book of Revelation started coming undone. I didn't fully "know" how to explain this event of Christ revealing himself "in the twinkling of an eye" for another seven years, because the "EXPERIENCE" of Revelation, preceeded its UNDERSTANDING, but it finally gave me the "mind of Christ".

    "Handels Messiah"-Isaiah 40, speaks of the "time of his coming" , but eye has not seen nor ear heard, the "way" Christ will arrive, till he appears. Jesus said the Kingdom wouldn't come with great show, so you could say "here it is, or there it is", but instead it would come within you. The Bible gives us the complete understanding of God's will and work, if we could just put it together "right" ; My witness explains how he put the "word" together within me.

    "Just as they are saying PEACE, PEACE, sudden destruction will come and they won't be able to escape", and this "travail of a woman" came out of nowhere with no warning. My book explains the event all prophets and apostles had, but this event at the "end of the age" would be reserved for the "son of God".

    Hebrews tell us if you are called to approach Zion, don't SHRINK BACK in fear! If you do, God can have no pleasure in you and he "CHASTENS" every son, so if you dont want to be chastened, you are not ready to be a son. Only a son can live in the "house" forever. We are created for God's pleasure! To know and experience his pleasure, but it comes only to the "son" for the son alone knows the father and the father only "Knows" the son.

    My book explains this time of coming to the end of yourself and the end of the age, uniting as ONE "in Christ" so we can Unite with the Father, and bring the kingdom of heaven, to earth. The kingdom will grow till the end of the age and then the angels "sift" it to rid it of tares, when God shakes both earth and heaven. Nothing evil can enter the kingdom and the sifting/judging, begins with the "house of God", our spirit.

    The Bible is truly a book of codes but "seals" have kept us from understanding it. The seals were removed for me almost 9 years ago when I heard the sound of the trumpet and received the bowls of wrath before heaven opened revealing the "ark of the covenant" which is how the seed of Abraham's would go into covenant with God (Gen 15) and if we are Christs, we are that seed.

    This end time (not to be confused with the end of the world, but the end of the AGE) the Bible reveals the "MAP" every soul must journey to Paradise/Eden even while still alive in their carnal bodies. Paul said "not all shall sleep", but at the sound of the last trumpet, the dead in Christ shall rise. Revelation/Apokolypse, means "taking off the cover" and in this Jesus Christ is revealed, and we are revealed "IN CHRIST". With the Revelation of Christ, all confusion will cease and the "sons of God will be peacemakers" because the "kingdom of heaven" will be manifested in the "sons of God" on earth as it is in heaven within.

    Only AFTER Christ was revealed, did I have spiritual "eyes and ears" to know how the scriptures are supposed to fit together. I came out of the "tribulation", was "caught up"/raptured to the third heaven like Paul and walk with God as Enoch did. I saw things only John and the prophets and apostles saw in times past. Christ appears the second time to those who are awaiting his appearing and he comes in "our flesh and bone" which the antichrist will not believe. The fire in our bone/substance/essence, especially golgotha-the place of the skull, is where Christ is poured out in us, (anointing) as we are re-created. The blood represents the sinful soul, which must be poured out to death-crucified. The new man is flesh and bone, and in this our new life is of a different substance altogether.

    I no longer witness of "other peoples" experiences, but I have my own eyewitness of Jesus Christ. Those who witness of him without "seeing" him turn out to be false witnesses and prophets, because they witness of what they have not seen nor heard. Acts 4:22 These false prophets and witnesses will come against the true witnesses with a vengeance, (validated by Christ when he said a servant is not greater than his master) since the false witnesses and prophets rule as the abomination for desolation (sin nature) at the present time rules mans innermost self; but the time of this abominations is being cut short when the true and faithful witnesses are revealed and all this within each and every man.

    Jesus said, "when you see" me you see the father". How many have "seen" him though? Yet every eye will see him even those who pierced him will see him soon when this event happens to more and more people, and the dead bodies (spiritually) are poured out so the blood/atonement comes to the horses bridle. In Hebrew, Horse = spirit and the bridle is the bit that controls the tongue. Now is the time to read the Bible with new eyes and ears and with the expectation of your "appointed hour and Visitation", that no man knows but the Father. Luke 4 only fulfilled half of Isaiah 61 and so Messiah will be cut off in you, as it is expedient for you so the comforter comes and fulfills the second part of Isaiah 61. In this your joy will be full and no man will be able to take it from you ever again.

    This event will be suddenly, without warning, when he comes like a thief in the night, in clouds, and he comes to kill and steal as the eagle will gather where the dead body lies to take you into the wilderness to a place (fathers house has many such places) "prepared" for you to receive you unto himself.

    This book is from a true and faithful "eye-witness" of Christ. Even if you reject my message, you will understand the coming events about to unfold a lot better when they happen to you. If your hour appointed by "lot" comes after someone you love, you may better be able to handle the confusion which even the elect will find difficult to comprehend till they have been saved "out of this time".

    If you got this via email, go to:
    or by mail, go to www.iUniverse.com and put in the name "Armageddon of the Soul"; the last seven years of Christianity as we know it. When Christ returns us to the father, no man will need to teach you anything anymore and no man will need to say "know God" for all will know him, from the least to the greatest. If you dont have a computer, you can order this book from the following address: PO Box 38522, Phoenix Az, 85021-9998 send $12.00 by check, money order which includes S&H. Through iUniverse you can buy with credit card.

    If you are not a Christian, the book is still for you, because it explains the END TIME witness which goes out to the whole world, and not just the church. The truth works the same for all people, and besides the Church will be the most resistant to this message from my experience of witnessing the past 9 years. Yet the father never acts without a final warning and those who prepare will be safe in the ark-covenant of truth and will survive the coming latter rains that will come upon all houses. If your house stands (word for resurrection in the Bible), it is because it is built upon the Rock where the ark will rest. Ararat means "curse reversed".

    I have translated much of the Bible back into Hebrew and Greek, the "pure language" of Hebrew is validated in Greek. More writings are available, even the book of Revelation, an experiential point of view. The first chapters of Revelation are included in this book, along with my incredible chastising at Zion and sudden appearing and revelation of Jesus Christ, who brought me safely to my God and yours, no matter who you are. One thing screams laudest within me year after year, and it is that there is only ONE GOD, and all true prophets, sages, patriarchs, apostles found this truth. We just wont really know him no matter how much we read about other people's accounts, till he reveals himself to us in the way he planned from the foundation of the world. You may be next.

    For the Jewish reader, the experience began in the spring and my distress grew till the sudden "serpent bite" on Tisha B'av of that year when I too "fell" into the pit, or "floor" of the soul. At this point I felt somehow contained and safe and yet the narrowing darkness of the "day of the Lord" grew till Yom Kippur of that year when Messiah finally arrived to "pluck" me through the "eye of the needle" to olam haba-the world to come.
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  2. Dchiz00

    Dchiz00 Guest

    Is spamming allowed in this forum?

    I honestly don't know :p
  3. onesheep

    onesheep Sheep that looks like Bob

    Nope, not in any forum.

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    Off to the Bulletin Board]

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  4. carma

    carma Guest

    Well most know my opinion on this heresy mystic "Christian" stuff.

    If anyone wants a link to see what Zafana and her "group" really believe, which is not what scripture teaches, email me and I will send you the links.

    [email protected]
  5. mikitta

    mikitta Guest

    Ye Gads. Let's just make a list of websites about these heretics arising, claiming special knowledge. THAT way, we can make it available off the boards for all who are interested - but make sure there is a sound presentation of the Biblical gospel and plan of salvation right along with those links. I'm up for putting it on my site if anyone else is up for compiling the info and entering the data into Notepad.

    God Bless,
  6. carma

    carma Guest

    I've got "links a plenty". I'll try and get some of those links sent to you this weekend.