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Are you feeling worn out or weighed down?

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by Leonardo von Dolinger, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Leonardo von Dolinger

    Leonardo von Dolinger Well-Known Member

    Are you feeling worn out or weighed down? Go directly to Jesus and He will alleviate you (Matthew 11.28-30).

    • “Jehovah has trampled all my mighty ones in my midst; He has called a gathering against me to crush my young men. Jehovah has trod the virgin daughter of Judah, as in a winepress.” (Lamentations 1.15).

    There are moments that we feel utterly scrunched by the vicissitudes of the life. Nonetheless, auspicious days can come if we repent, convert and live our sins down (2Chronicles 7.14):

    • “He gives the beasts their food, and to the young ravens which cry.” (Psalms 147.9).
    • “Who provides food for the raven, when its young ones cry to God and wander about without food?” (Job 38.41).

    As the Creator give to the animals their maintenance, He intends to do the same with us (Matthew 6.33).

    At first, nobody shouldn’t need to get food by their merits. The proof of this is that, when we came into this world, we receive provision without pay for anything. And this was to carry on being at this way. If we commit ourselves unstintingly, He will touch in the individuals to whom He desire to bless through us, so that they vouchsafe us what we need to fulfill His mission (and not what we look forward to satiating our cupidity and ambition).

    To be more precise: each one should labor, working with their hands the thing which is good, not to make money, but so that they may have something to give to him who needs (Ephesians 4.28).


    • “But to him working, the reward is not reckoned according to grace, but according to debt. But to him not working, but believing on Him justifying the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” (Romans 4.4,5).

    So, if you ache for incredible days, do not labor for the food that perishes, but for that food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give you. For God the Father sealed Him (John 6.27). After all, the true work of the Lord it is to believe on Him whom the Creator has sent (Jonh 6.29).
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