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Are these visions from Jesus, God and Satan?

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by slockmn, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. slockmn

    slockmn Newbie

    I was in class today and I unpacked my books and sat down on a desk next to my Christian friend. I noticed a small piece of paper with writing on it. I picked it up and read it, it said; I <3 you with a very elaborate heart.

    I then showed it to my Christian friend, declaring that it was a sign from Jesus. He then flipped it over and it read; I <3 you too. It had another elaborate heart on it.

    We then were quite shocked and began talking about Jesus and the Lord.

    Then only a few minutes later our teacher put on a doco which had a panning long shot of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. We were now sure that this was a sign from Jesus.

    I've been having a few of these signs lately. I was in the car going along listening to the Bon Jovi classic Keep the Faith when a car drove by and the rear view mirror had a cross dangling from it.

    And only two days ago someone got my number and prank called me pretending to be God telling me that I "shouldn't believe in him." I brushed the call off and continued walking but only about one block of walking after the call, a bus came past with the route number 666. I was certain that Satan was trying to contact me somehow.

    Lately I've been praying a lot about embracing Jesus' and God' love and temptation and how to resist it.

    Are both God and Jesus sending me signs? Is Satan trying to get me to turn away? What do you think?

  2. Jeff4life

    Jeff4life Guest

    Jamie, since you are getting closer to God and rejecting temptation, it would make sense that there would be spiritual warfare. Cool story, thanks for sharing,

    - Jeff
  3. Kimmy85

    Kimmy85 God's love NEVER fails!

    In Relationship
    I agree with what he said up there. You see, the closer you get to God the harder the enemy works to pull you back. Can you just imagine them panicking now? :cool:

    Also, don't be confused with signs or messages from God.. pray for a discerning heart... the more you grow in relationship with Him the more you'll know which voice is from Him and which one is from the enemy... or yourself! :p One practical way to know is, if you feel peaceful and/or joyful about it (and it doesn't go against what God is saying in the bible) then that's probably from HIM. But if it's fear, or discomfort or uneasiness you feel... it's from the enemy. Remember that he is the biggest liar and deceiver ever..... the more grounded you are with GOD'S WORD... the more you'll know the difference. :thumbsup:

    "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." 1 John 4:1

  4. parsley

    parsley .

    Many of us find God speaking to us in little ways like this, but we also have to be careful not to conjure up things that aren't there, simply bc we like mysterious messages. It's not dangerous to gain insight from coincidental observations, but the danger lies in trusting these for making decisions. It is tempting to look for special signs and miracles in our everyday lives, in a way that we are more in tune with the happenings than with God.

    All of the things you described were fairly normal, but you brought God into the interpretation, and gained from it. So no matter where they came from, it was a good thing that you allowed things to lead you closer toward God.
  5. bodymember

    bodymember Newbie

    Yes, satan is trying to get you to turn away. And yes, Jesus and his father are sending you signs without a doubt. These seem like very miraculous signs if I might say. I'd keep on praying to get to know them better. Your heart is in the right place and heaven can see it.They can all see you giving thanks to the Lord. Continue in your way and you will be shown what you're supposed to do. I'm sure we could all use your help.
  6. bodymember

    bodymember Newbie

    Whatever you do, don't harden your heart toward these signs. If the thing that happened in the classroom happened to me I'd take it as a sign that Jesus loves me and wants me to dedicate more of my life to him. Be on gaurd for the evil one. Armor yourself with Jesus. Anytime someone tells you not to beleive in God you can be sure it is not a coincidence. Even some people who claim to be christians are employed by the evil one whether or not they know it.
  7. Gemlou3

    Gemlou3 Newbie

    I believe in signs like this, and I do believe also Satan tries his best to take us away from God.
    I love that Bon Jovi song!
  8. toolite

    toolite Well-Known Member


    your fearful and the enemy knows it... He oesnt have authority over you but, its fun for the enemy to run Gods children ragged.. only because the enemy sees he can do it . He cant resist..

    Solution - everytime you see or think something that makes you have fear replace it with something good to say about God.. Then the enemy will know that you can send a message right back and when you think good things of God the Angels will step in to help you.. until you learn to do it on your own and realize the enemy doesnt have any power over you..

    There must be a gifting in you..

    All The Glory Belongs To God Forever!
  9. Huldah

    Huldah Newbie

    Jesus and God are the same being. They aren't separate. Jesus is God and sovereign.
    God is the head, brain and life of His body of believers and His name is Jesus Christ. Jesus is number one. I can give you books, chapters and verses of the Bible to show you this if you need it.
    Y'shua Bless You
  10. humblewatchman

    humblewatchman Two greatest commandements are to love.

    After reading this good and wise encouragement from all of these nice people, I hope you feel better and have a firm inner knowing now of what is going on. If you are a Christian, you have reason to rejoice that the enemy would like to sway your thoughts. Each time you choose not to listen to his lies, heaven rejoices and cheers you on.