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Are there any pastor's wives here?...Could we talk?

Discussion in 'Ministry Spouses' started by Hahner Reid, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Hahner Reid

    Hahner Reid Guest

    Last fall we left our home church of many years. We've been in layperson ministry for over 10 years.

    The church we left was/is horribly spiritually abusive.

    Many problems stemmed from the head pastor's wife (who happens to also be my sister in law, my husband's sister)...

    I would like to bullet point her behavior for you and get any feedback you can give me. I'm still trying to heal/reconcile how a pastor's wife who proudly wears that badge could act like she does. Her behavior isn't "new", but has escalated in the years that she's been "the head pastor's wife"...

    I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, almost all of the core families have left that church in the last year. Of course, none of it is the fault of the staff. :doh:
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  2. HOPEOF9

    HOPEOF9 Regular Member

    I'm a pastor's wife. Ears open.
  3. Si_monfaith

    Si_monfaith Let God alone answer through us

    Word of Faith
    Jesus is only source of love no human is. Luk to him alone.
  4. Bat Melek

    Bat Melek Member

    I'm a minister & a spouse of a minister, the Lord is the great physician, the one that heals all of our wounds regardless if their emotional or physical. He binds up the broken hearted and restores those that have been broken, so pray that the Lord has healed and set you upon the path for your life that He has chosen for you. Bat Melek