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are the popular videogames

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by lambofgod43985889, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. lambofgod43985889

    lambofgod43985889 Well-Known Member Supporter

    good for the Christian gamer?
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  2. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Repartee Animal: Quipping the Saints! Supporter

    United States
    You must judge each on their own merits.

    "All things are lawful for me,
    but not all things are helpful;​
    all things are lawful for me,
    but not all things edify." 1 Corinthians 10:23 NKJV​
  3. Nithavela

    Nithavela Touch Fluffy Tail

    Other Religion
    It would be easier to discuss this if you asked for specific game, and defined what would be good for christian gamers in your opinion.
  4. Paulos23

    Paulos23 Never tell me the odds!

    United States
    This. There are so many games.

    As far as types of games as wholes, there are some resource management games that would be fine, social games, walking simulators that tell a story.

    It really depends on what you think is 'good' for Christians.
  5. loveofourlord

    loveofourlord Newbie

    i think all games are fine if age-appropriate. One thing I WOULD suggest and recommend is don't shield your kids entirely from games, but if there are games you have issues with what they might teach or discuss, talk with your kids and tell them your feelings.

    Take Grand theft auto or other games, kids can play those games and have no issue, because they know fantasy from reality and make believe. But if you just entirely refuse to let your kids play them, and don't teach them anything, they might go to their friends house and play them. The more you shelter your kids the more harm it does when they leave the shelter.
  6. Ignatius the Kiwi

    Ignatius the Kiwi Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    There are better things Christians could be using their time for and you have to be on your toes when it comes to the message of narrative based video games. So many of which deliberately undermine a Christian worldview through their story. Games like Assassins Creed and other popular AAA games aren't worth playing all that much in my opinion and they only reflect the common secular liberal culture that is currently dominant.

    I can't remember the last game that really impressed me with it's narrative offering. GHost of Tsushima was fun but disappointing in that It didn't offer an honourable route to go down.

    Since I play video games I won't judge, but I won't pretend that playing them is an especially Christian thing to do. They are a means of entertainment and like any source of entertainment they should be consumed responsibly and preferably in a limited fashion.