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Any good timeline charts of Scripture I could share with lower-class junior high/high schoolers?

Discussion in 'Christian History' started by overground55, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. overground55

    overground55 Newbie

    I'm part of a ministry in which we go into lower income neighborhoods and play basketball with the kids in those areas. These are mostly junior high/high-school age kids living in broken homes and dealing with personal issues. After basketball, we go through passages of scripture, and we want to share with them a visual timeline of scripture that would be accessible to them. A Google search reveals lots of very complex timelines, and I’d like something more dumbed-down and accessible so these kids get the basic idea of the timeline of Scripture. Is there anything out there that I can share with them that you folks know of?
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  2. St_Worm2

    St_Worm2 Member Supporter

    United States
    There are many timelines available at the BibleHub site: Bible Timeline or here: Genesis Bible Timeline

    I'm not sure if they'll work in this case, but you could certainly check them out and see :)

    God bless you!

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2020
  3. disciple Clint

    disciple Clint Well-Known Member

    United States
    Have you looked on youtube? Just a thought
  4. St_Worm2

    St_Worm2 Member Supporter

    United States
    There is also this one from the folks at the GotQuestions.org website.

    Below is a list of major events in the Bible timeline, with the date for each. Note: All dates are approximate. Also, the dates for early human history (prior to Abraham) reflect the viewpoint of young earth creationism.

    4000 BC (?)— Creation of the world

    2344 BC (?)— Noah and the ark

    2166 BC — The birth of Abram

    2066 BC — The birth of Isaac

    1526 BC — The birth of Moses

    1446 BC — Israel’s exodus from Egypt

    1406 BC — Israel’s entrance to the Promised Land

    1383 BC — The death of Joshua

    1052 BC — The coronation of King Saul

    1011–971 BC — The reign of King David

    959 BC — Solomon’s temple completed

    931 BC — The dividing of the kingdom

    875–797 BC — The ministries of Elijah and Elisha in Israel

    739–686 BC — The ministry of Isaiah in Judah

    722 BC — The fall of the northern kingdom to Assyria

    586 BC — The fall of the southern kingdom to Babylon

    538–445 BC — The Jews’ return to Jerusalem after exile

    515 BC — The second temple finished

    5 BC — The birth of Jesus Christ

    AD 26–30 — Christ’s ministry, ending in His death and resurrection

    AD 34 — The conversion of Saul of Tarsus

    AD 44–47 — Paul’s first missionary journey

    AD 49 — The Jerusalem Council

    AD 60 — The imprisonment of Paul in Rome

    AD 95 — John’s vision on Patmos and the writing of Revelation.

  5. honey badger

    honey badger i am

    United Kingdom
    hay ! teacher ! leave them kids alone, all in all, your just another brick in the wall