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Anti-War voice being heard?

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by Jerry Smith, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. O'Mara

    O'Mara <marquee behavior=scroll direction=left scrollamou

  2. Freodin

    Freodin Devout believer in a theologically different God


    Yes, I would. Just as I would have been opposed to the wars that Hitler waged.

    But that is a totally different situation.

    BTW, do you care to answer my questions, or do you just ignore them?
  3. Ryder

    Ryder Whatever was the deplorable word

    So your oppossed to all wars, but you won't do anything but passive resistance about any of them?
    Try pasively opposing Saddam for a change, go protest in a 'not so free' place and see if your health maintains... Try voicing how extreme militant-islam shouldn't be violent, see what ALOT of people in the middle east do to ya. Or you could just protest the patient US from the safety of Germanys' streets.
  4. OracleX

    OracleX Healer of Broken Hearts

    War is unfortunatly a fact of life. As long as their are sinful humans on this planet, there will be wars. Wars have their place tho. There are wars in the past that needed to be fought and needed to be won. There are good wars and there are bad ones. War will only increase as it is part and parcile to the end times.
  5. jeffkrantz

    jeffkrantz New Member

    I confess to being surprised at the venom with which Christians "flame" each other over the issue of peace.

    I am, with Freodin, a fairly open pacifist. I reject war as a solution to anything. I understand the arguments about what might have happened had we not opposed Hitler et al with violence, but I keep thinking that we undermine the effectiveness of our witness by trying to "save our own lives." I think Jesus was serious when he said that those who saved their own lives would lose them. We may continue to breathe, but we've pretty much abandoned our trust in God, and a life without that trust isn't much worth living.

    Seems to me that the Church was most successful when Christians were willing to *die* for what they believed rather than *killing* for what they believed. Also seems to me that the most powerful event ever to happen to humankind was God's refusal to resort to violence to prevent Himself from being murdered by a regime no less evil than Hussein, that being the Roman Empire. (It was the Romans who killed him in the end...)

    What distresses me most of all though is the totally un-Christian way that other Christians attack those of us who are doing our best to follow Jesus' example. There is certainly room for discussion or disagreement, but why must we treat each other the way the unbelievers do?

    "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Jn. 13:35
  6. crazyfingers

    crazyfingers Well-Known Member

    This letter to the editor was in one of my&nbsp;news papers today.

    I'll let someone else write the rebuttal but I found this new letter to be full of problems.

    So, anyone who does not believe that war is a wise course of action at this time:

    • is for the US losing it's soverenty.
    • has turned against his own country
    • is not to be trusted

    And of course, this person knows what her god thinks.
  7. Starscream

    Starscream Well-Known Member

    It's a common problem.
  8. jeffkrantz

    jeffkrantz New Member

    Jeremiah was accused of being against his country, too, when he prophesied that God had rejected the Temple. As I recall, they tossed him in a dry well to die.

    This is how we silence those we don't want to hear. We accuse them of being disloyal (though all I really hope to see is some real repentance, a turning to God...) and isolate them as traitors so that we can stone them.

    I'm not allowed to post links yet... (still too much a newby) but a friend of mine and I operate site devoted to showing how we use this scapegoat mechanism in human society, and how God exposes and transforms this nasty habit in the Passion. When I've been around long enough, I'll post the link. (Oh, and we have a piece rebutting Charles Stanley's recent bit of heresy on the site, too...)


    Jeff K
  9. TheBear

    TheBear NON-WOKED

    United States
  10. Evangelion

    Evangelion <b><font size="2">δυνατός</b></font>


  11. Gunny

    Gunny Remnant Supporter

    During the course of this country's history brave men and women have stepped forward from time to time, answering the country's call to fight against would-be tyrants, dictators and despots, and to defend the individual freedom that is our birthright.

    Many of these brave men and women have paid the ultimate price.

    It is to these brave men and women of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine that we respect and to freedom fighters everywhere and everywhen, in the hope that their sacrifice will not have been in vain.

    They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:

    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.