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Anthrax attacks an "inside job"?

Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by Daniel19, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Texas Lynn

    Texas Lynn Well-Known Member

    Trespassing and harrassing patients and staff were acts of organized crime. As the organization Operation Rescue is (or was, it is a shadow of its former self like the rest of that movement) a clearinghouse for organized crime. As acts of terroristic threats to doctors and staffs of clinics, stalking, physical assaults, etc., occur when OR comes to a city it is apparent it is a terrorist organization committed to violating basic human rights of the patients and staffs. If anyone deserves to be detained at Gitmo it is OR.
  2. Daniel19

    Daniel19 Senior Member

    This thread has taken a rather sickening turn.

    I'm done with this forum.

    Good luck and good-bye.
  3. RealDealNeverstop

    RealDealNeverstop Is Prayer Your First or Last Action?

    Oh man, 9E got brought up way to quick. I do remember the strains were traced to MD and the upside of chem warfare is strains are monitored very closely. The downside is very few peeps do the actual monitoring which makes any covert op easy because there are several methods for infiltration. The easiest part of a false flag op is the dissemination of misinformation because that along with the most predictable of all human emotions, denial, is all that is needed for the criminals to not only remain free, but to get paid by the very public it has attacked.
  4. oldbetang

    oldbetang Senior Veteran

    LOL! CodePink, PETA, Act-Up, and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are just a few leftists groups that would fall under your classification of "terrorist group."
  5. Texas Lynn

    Texas Lynn Well-Known Member

    PETA, yes. When have the Sisters done much besides perform?
  6. Edx

    Edx Senior Veteran

    These attacks are something no one seems to want to deal with along with the British agents arrested in Basra which were found driving around in arab clothing and wearing wigs shooting people, that the British government broke out of jail, literally, with tanks when they refused to release them,