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Annie Oakley--Jewish or Native blood???

Discussion in 'History & Genealogy' started by cherokeehippie, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. cherokeehippie

    cherokeehippie Senior Veteran

    Hey everyone, This question may be kind of Meshugganah(crazy) but here it goes! Is it possible that Annie Oakley is of Jewish ancestry or of Native American descent?? Her maiden name is Moses--Phoebe Ann Moses. (Oakley was her show name) She grew up as a quaker though, and I believe she knew Yeshua. Her parents names were Jacob Moses and Susan Wise. I just read a book about her written by her niece back in the forties. Her niece has written this paragraph and I'll quote it:
    "her beauty, too, was striking and of a type suggestive of race. Somewhere in the family line, parents or grandparents, or further back, lies the reason for this heritage; but of her forbears not a great deal is known. Enough to be suggestive, however." page 12,
    "annie Oakley her life and times" by Annie Fern Swartwout. 1947
    I'm either thinking she has Native American blood or Jewish ancestry. What do you all think?? Here's a link to her Photo:
    and another:
  2. cherokeehippie

    cherokeehippie Senior Veteran

    I just changed my avatar! That is Annie Oakley as my avatar now!
  3. Malakar

    Malakar Molting Vermin

    Her name wasn't Anni Goldberg, or Schneiderman or Rosenburg. Maybe if her name was "dat Meshugunah, Yenti, Putz, Anni Oakley. I might think she was of Jewish descent (just kidding)

    Can you back up your claim with any historic evidence?