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Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by psalmist, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. yes I have seen an angel

  2. no I have not

  3. I know someone who has

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    I would be interested to know if anyone has ever seen an angel
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  2. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    I don't know. What do they look like?
  3. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    I dont know. That is why I am asking
  4. psycmajor

    psycmajor self-Banned

    If I did, I didn't know it.
  5. judd1s

    judd1s Willing servant

    I believe in angels,
    I believe in human/angel interaction
    However, I have never had an angel introduce himself to me as an "angel"

    Hey there's a question.......are all angels male?
  6. Annabel Lee

    Annabel Lee Beware the Thought Police

  7. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    I might have seen an angel once. She was singing "How Great Thou Art" in the middle of Pershing Park downtown Washingtom DC. Her voice was beautiful, but I was embarrassed for her, singing about God in a public place. She simply walked into the park, lifted her hands in a position of worship and sang.

    It was the first time I had ever listened to the words of the song, though. I wasn't a Christian at the time, but they touched me.

    She was beautiful!

    She might have been an angel.
  8. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    Hi Lambslove thank you for your PM I will stick with it.
    God Bless you.
  9. A Sheep

    A Sheep Stop the suffering in Iraq

    It would help if you clarified, please. In the title of your poll, you ask if anyone has "met" an angel, though in your post, it asks instead, has anyone "seen" an angel. Seeing and meeting a person or angel are two very different things. Would you like to know if an angel came up to one of us and intruduced itself and/or talked to one of us, or would you just like to know if anyone has physically "seen" with their eyes, an angel?
  10. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    Hello Annabel. could I ask you where and in what circumstances.
  11. Stormy

    Stormy Senior Contributor

    I saw lights from no where... round orbs.

    Later that week I met a person who was "different".

    I hope he was an Angel.

    He spoke of the need for the world to learn the meaning of LOVE. He came to help a friend of mine who was in trouble.

    That is all I wish to say.
  12. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    Hi a Sheep I meant has anyone seen an angel.
  13. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    thank you Stormy.
  14. KathyLA

    KathyLA New Member

    I believe angels are around us. I think they disguise themselves though. Because from what I have read in the bible angels are pretty scary. Hebrews 13:2 says to be kind to strangers...for some have entertained angels without knowing.
  15. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    I believe the Bible teaches us that Angels have the ability to take on many forms. Sometimes they will allow themselves to be seen and sometimes not.

    I most likely have seen many Angels though I have no proof they were. I have seen a photograph of an Angel, and the picture was never proven to have been tampered with in anyway.

    I have also posted twice in these forums the story of an Angel rendering aid to my son who was in a truck accident, and though no Angel was seen, there is clear evidence an Angel was there.
  16. servingtheking

    servingtheking Senior Member

    I haven't but it would be neato to see an angel!
  17. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    I don't know. They might be pretty scary. In the Bible, whenever an angel apprears, the first words out its mouth are always, "Don't be afraid." If they have to say that, they must be pretty frightening to see!
  18. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    LOL Good point! I think maybe just knowing that they are messengers from God is what is scary. We would tend to fear what message God may be sending us, until we found out it was not a message of impending doom.
  19. psalmist

    psalmist Member

    Thanks everybody
  20. Smilin

    Smilin Spirit of the Wolf

    I was ten years old and was playing little league.
    One particular summer night, we came home from
    my ballgame and me and my little brother slept
    soundly undisturbed together through the night.
    We were both VERY LIGHT sleepers always.
    Yet on this particular night, we never awoke to
    all the very loud commotion around us.

    I awoke to my mother's voice the next morning.
    Instantly, I read in her face what she was about
    to say. She informed us that my Grandfather had
    died the night before. There had been a great
    commotion when he suffered a heart-attack,
    screamed out for help, the sound of the ambulance,
    the noise of the paramedics. They had even backed
    the stretcher into our room banging the walls and doors
    to take my grandfather from his bed. He died that night
    at the hospital and the wails of greaf from my family
    filled our home....

    yet through it all...my brother and I deeply slept.

    When I was informed of what happened by
    our mother the next morning...I was emotionally
    traumatized. Yet I could faintly hear the sounds
    of a harp and an overwhelming sensation
    of comfort. I knew something was in my

    God (or an angel) kept my brother and I
    from that traumatic experience.

    To this day, I wake to a simple dog barking in
    the distance, or the rustling of leaves outside,
    or the footsteps of one of my little ones. Yet on
    that night we slept, despite it all.

    The first time I experienced death,
    I was comforted by a presence that
    has visited me many times in my life.

    I've always liked to think it was my
    guardian angel.