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Angel Sightings?

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by KagomeShuko, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. Muko

    Muko New Member

    I have never seen any spirits that I know of, but I have definitely sensed them. One night I was earnestly seeking God. This was back when I was still a brand new Christian, so I still had doubts in my mind. I was seeking for God to speak to me. I was in our "garage" (actually a family room, but it used to be a garage a long time ago, so we still call it that), with the lights out, but with slight moonlight coming in from the windows. I kept praying and praying, until finally something rather weird happened. A loud noise, like that of a huge swarm of crickets began ringing in my ears (and I was inside mind you). I was deaf to everything but that sound. I immediately started worshipping God. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was not of this world. And I believe it was either that night or the night after (could have been a week or so later, I can't remember), I was in my room, sitting on my bed, doing the same thing. Again I heard the sound, but this time for a much shorter period of time, probably no more than five seconds. Then for the next thirty minutes I sensed a presence in my room, going back and forth. It was pitch black in my room, but I followed with my eyes where I sensed the presence to be, completely awestruck. The next night, there was no sound, but yet again there was the presence. Only this time after a few minutes, I felt the sudden urge in my heart to rebuke this spirit in the name of Jesus, I suddenly, for reasons unknown to me, felt that this spirit that I had just a day earlier rejoiced about having in my room was in fact evil. Now maybe it was another spirit that came in during that time, maybe that was the evil spirit that I sensed. I really don't know, but I do know that from that time I haven't sensed any strong presences from spirits except for two or three times when the Holy Spirit came over me, but no outside spiritual forces that I've noticed. Don't know whether that's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a meh thing.

    This thread definitely has me desiring to see angels with my eyes now though...

  2. Hisgirl

    Hisgirl Loved into Heaven by a Violent Act of Grace

    There were some cool stories here I thought some newer folks would enjoy..:thumbsup:
  3. cherokeehippie

    cherokeehippie Senior Veteran

    Glad ya brought this thread back up. Just a week or two ago, I woke up and was in that inbetween state of not totally awake yet. As usual, my cat woke me up walking over me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful green luminscent glow beside my bed. I did not feel scared as I thought I would. It only lasted a few seconds. I haven't gone thru this whole thread yet, but have anyone who has seen an angelic being, do they glow a green flourescent like glow? Also, a few days before that morning, I had also experienced a dream(I don't have time to go into right here), and when I woke up there was a beam of light shot down in my heart--I actually saw it when I was waking up. I've been going thru a process where Abba is cleaning me up--and literally burning stuff off of my heart. I guess you can say I'm in a process of where He is melting away my heart of stone and giviing me a heart of flesh. Lara
  4. cherokeehippie

    cherokeehippie Senior Veteran

    oh yeah, I do not want to see demons! I would freak big time and I guess Abba knows--I've seen some in my dreams in the past, and the only time awake is that I one night while cutting an onion, my cats were both outside at the time, but as I was cutting veggies at my kitchen table, out of the corner of my eye I saw a cat coming thru the doorway from the computer room and rounding the corner in my kitchen towards my living room. It looked physical--it looked dark brown or tortishell colored. It didn't look like a see thru spirit but it was so weird because both of my cats were outside at the time. I still don't understand that. It only happened once. Lara
  5. GodDreamer

    GodDreamer Guest

    while i have never seen an angel (that i know of) my mom has several times...and my Great Grandfather saw so many!!!
    i have seen Jesus though when was about three or four years old...my mother was extremely sick, and when i came into the bathroom i asked her why didn't she just let Jesus heal her. then i waved for someone to come in, and as soon as i did, my mother was instantly healed.
    there was also a time where God spoke through my radio in a dream...i was having a dream that i was being spiritually attacked. i was going to go get my daddy, but then i remembered what my mom had told me, that when i'm being attacked spiritually all i have to do is call on the name of Jesus and i would be resuced. so i just started to call on Jesus' name over and over again, and then this undiscribable voice came through my radio (interrupting Dr. James Dobson) and said " Leave my Daughter alone and never bother her again. Leave her a lone, she's mine." after He said that i went right back to bed and fell right to sleep...when i awoke the next morning i didn't remember it until later that day...it was amazing.
  6. Missyjojo88

    Missyjojo88 Regular Member

    Hello all,

    I have seen an angel whether this was from God or not I'm not sure, but I believe its most likely to be from God. It happened a while back when I was sleeping. I turn to my left and open my eyes to see a man who look like my father standing near my bed with his arm cross and head tilted on the side. My father usually does that when he is angry at me. The thing is although he looked and dress like my father, I can barely see through him cause he seems foggy. He was almost colorless because he looked faded, but he never said anything to me. If he did I would have been able to test whether he was of God or not. I wasn't afraid of him for someone reason and didn't feel the need to investigate what I was seen, so I turn back to my right and went back to sleep. I "think" he might have taking something out of my stomach like a ball, but I wasn't alert. I never thought for one moment I was hallucianating or imaginning this. I do know the fact is that I saw it.

    Most importantly, my father "isn't dead" and if he were dead I would have known it was a demon that disguise itself as a ghost. My father is a servant of God and many fellow christians and pastors comment on the fact that they see my father as man who loves God dearly. That is why till this day I still don't know if it was of God or not.

    When I was around 4 years old and was sick in a hospital I saw angels. My grandma told me how I told her that I was going to die ( I was always sick) and she said suddenly, I began to look up at the ceiling. I started to sing this popular song that I heard, "He is up there and he is coming." I remember seen angels coming from the ceiling walking down the stairs. I was young so I don't remember the details other then they were wearing white robes.

    I also once woke up from my sleep to see a big green floating head coming in front of me while I was in bed. My friend in bed next to me told me that I was okay and that I was just dreaming. The next day my friend said that she never told me anything that night and that she never heard me say anything either. I wonder if it was God talking me through my friend to calm me down? This happen when I was away visiting a friend in college. That day I had just came from a gospel convention. I prayed and read the Bible before I went sleep. I wonder why I saw this demon and thought that maybe there were some demonic activity in the wooded area. Also why my friend said that it wasn't her who was talking to me when heard and saw her.

    For those who have the gift of discerning spirits. Is it possible for an angel of God to look like a "living" family member or was this a familiar spirit?

    Is a floating green head some kind of witchcraft activity? I don't know why I was allowed to see this demon. I never saw this demon again when I went home. I do see demons and maybe angels in dreams though at times. The sleep/wake state is when I encounter the angel and the green head.

    God bless
  7. steven07

    steven07 Veteran Supporter

    Father Rick..do you think you could tell us your experience of how you first saw these angels and what happened? were you praying for it? why do you think God allowed you to see them? I was just wondering because sometimes i feel like i have angels near me. Blessings!!:)
  8. atheliah

    atheliah Guest

    awesome thread. Looking forward to reading more.... :)
  9. nephilimiyr

    nephilimiyr I've Been Keepin My Eyes Wide Open

    Here is a thread I made back in April

    Here is my OP; and yes it is still fresh in my mind! Thank you Lord!!!

    Some of you know that I'm going through a rather confusing time in my life right now and yesterday I had an opportunity to take a step of faith on something. In the last few days God has been speaking to me to take a step of faith on a very important decision that is only somewhat related to what some of you know about. I'm sorry for the secrecy but for now I'd like to keep quiet about it.

    After I took this step of faith I started to have serious doubts about it even to the point where I was starting to feel sick to my stomack. I was sitting alone in my livingroom and began to pray, pleading to God to give me reassurance that it was Him who I was listening to and obeying. I was saying over and over again 'please God give me peace over this'. I was looking up to the corner of the room when I saw what looked to be an opening appear. It wasn't all that clear, it was like I was looking through a vail. I then started to see angels descending down to me. There were two rows of them and they were meeting me on my right side and to my left. It was then when I felt the goodness of the Lord enter into me and the peace and love that encompassed me and that was entering into me was overwhelming! The only way I can discribe it now is like my spirit was being massaged even though I know we can't feel our spirit. I just sat there for a few minutes repeating over and over again 'thank you Lord, thank you Lord'!

    Just wanted to share that with you all. :)

    God bless!
  10. peacechild4

    peacechild4 My ♥ is hidden in GOD~ want to find me ~ find GOD

    Word of Faith
    I have seen those lights too but for us they were on the walls of our oldest son Sebastian's room.. My husband works night also..

    We could never work out what they were.. because there was no explanation.. At first we thought they were car headlight beams.. but the road beside our house then at the time.. was a fair way from the house.. and also the road went straight past.. the headlights would not have shone into the house.. and definately not in his bedroom which was on the second floor on the other side of the house!!

    I am glad I read this.. many strange things happened in that house.. not all good.. but you know until this day.. I had rather thought it was evil then good.. This post gives me great comfort.. I cannot wait to show it to Sebastian who is much older now.. he saw those lights often.. Actually I am going to encourage my children to read these posts.. because I want them to be know angels are out there working for them on behalf of God our Father!!
  11. RMDY

    RMDY 1 John 1:9

    In Relationship
    I believe you.

    I have been in some situations where I could have died, but I didn't and I came out without any broken bones or damage. One was where I fell from a ceiling when I was a very young child. I was completely fine and had only a minor bruise. Another time was when I fell asleep when driving and drove off a bridge into a farm field and didn't get hurt(my car was totalled though). I am sure there are other instances that happened to me that I can't remember. My mother always told me that we all have guardian angels but I have never really believed her on that! But somehow I have always been lucky in some situations and I believe that God has protected and diciplined me many of a times somehow in mysterious ways!

    Please pray for me! Please pray that I will be able to see Angels too. It would be a great help for me if I could have Angels personally minister to me. Lately I've been going out sharing the gospel with people I know and it would be a big help if I could have Angels ministering to me on following God and bringing people to salvation with the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for your story. It is very amazing! Please pray for me.
  12. RMDY

    RMDY 1 John 1:9

    In Relationship
    Back in the days when I knew about Christ and believed he died for me, but didn't accept Christianity or the church (followed Christ on my own terms), I was in darkness and went through many, many creepy things.

    I use to get into new age religions and outofbody experience-type stuff and a whole lot of things and do a lot of things to try to spiritually understand God and everything.

    One night when I woke up in the middle of night to go to the washroom, I heard the most frightening voice I have ever heard in my life. It sounded really evil and I was walking back and forth between both ends of my hallway. My whole family was asleep too! And I was pacing back and forth while this voice spoke to me not knowing if what I was hearing was my own imagination or not and thinking it was strange I was hearing it. I can't even remember what it was saying to me, but it was really scary! Like a voice you don't ever want to hear. I don't even want to hear it again. It was the only time I heard it.

    When I did hear that voice, I saw nothing around me, but I could hear something as if someone were standing next to me talking very loud. It was almost as if it was coming from above or somewhere around me. It creeps me out thinking about it! I don't ever want to hear it again...
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