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All the president’s (convicted) men

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by tulc, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. tulc

    tulc loves "SO'S YER MOM!! posts!

    All the president's (convicted) men
    tulc(thought he'd heard someone say "I only hire the best people") :scratch:
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  2. Stanfordella

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  3. FanthatSpark

    FanthatSpark LImited Understanding

    Missing facts ... Delegate crises, that put a lot of those players in Trump orbit by the RNC.
    Trump was a D and switched to R .
    Trump tweeted some R's are worse than D's.
    What we got is trying to place right vs wrong in a body politic that serves entity... Bipartisanly.
    Where is "your" 8 billion dollars gone missing in Ukraine? Backed bipartisanly .
    If a swamp is unelected how does a president even fit the OP narrative when unelected see's many presidents called career politicians?
    A new narrative is needed like... Globalist vs Nationalist, Pick one OP Author. Under Globalist the above mentioned 8 billion of our money went missing , no oversite in globalist (termed foreign aid) spending of your money. Research foreign aid spending of your money supported fully by R & D alike that are Globalists..
    In closing, if we are still operating in a R vs D fashion or pointing to a president and screaming "His Fault" , then we are left behind as this narrative only divides us so the entity can still loose your money in foreign lands. See Glen Becks video on you tube and lets come together and imagine what 8 billion could do for "your people" , like computers in classrooms , remember the pell grant? That 8 billion is just the tip of foreign spending of ... Your Money no matter what you put beside your loyalty of D , R, or I , its still your money. In hopes , we come together ...