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[All read]Anti-Americanism

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by Tallguy88, Nov 10, 2016.

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  1. Tallguy88

    Tallguy88 We shall see the King when he comes! Supporter

    United States
    Staff have noticed an increase in posts which express extreme dislike or even hatred for America, often being inserted into discussions where such expressions are off topic to the stated purpose of the thread or forum in question. This is to be differentiated from legitimate criticism of America in its historic actions, as well as ongoing issues, being posted in an on-topic manner consistent with the purpose of the forum in question.

    Staff have decided that such off-topic extreme forms of Anti-Americanism falls foul of our existing rules on flaming and goading. So this is not an update to the rule itself. Rather, it is a notice to the members that staff will be cracking down on it in light of the existing rules.

    For reference, some specific examples of what is acceptable vs what is unacceptable will be given. To start with, some generalguidelines will be given to help keep post on the right side of the rules:

    Guidelines for avoiding flaming/goading:

    1. Do not post it if it is not relevant to the SOP of the forum or to the OP of the thread.

    2. Keep criticism grounded in legitimate greivances, such as actions or inactions of the country.

    3. Do not personally attack those who hold different views of the country from yourself. This goes both ways. Those criticizing America should avoid accusingthose who are patriotic of being brainwashed. Similarly, those who are patriotic should avoid calling those who criticize America of being "Anti-American" or "America-haters", unless they have self-identified as such.

    4. When expressing criticism of the nation, be sure to avoid flaming the people of the nation, either as an ethnicity/nationality ("Americans") or specific racial groups ("Native Americans", "African Americans", "White Americans", etc)

    Some specific examples, paraphrased from actual posts, in both acceptable and Un acceptable forms.

    Example 1.
    Not flaming/goading:
    "America has a history of racism. It has never lived up to its ideals."

    "America is no better than the Nazis."

    Example 2.
    Not flaming/goading:
    "If Americans do not speak out against police brutality against minorities, then they are complicit in those actions by their silence."

    "Americans are racist" or "America is a racist country"

    Example 3.
    Not flaming/goading:
    "Children should not be reciting the Pledge of Allegience because they do not truly understand what they are doing."
    Or "Why do we have children recite a Pledge of Allegiance in a supposedly "free country"?"

    "It's sad to see all the brainwashed children recite the Pledge of Allegiance" or "Reciting the Pledge or singing the National Anthem is no different from people in North Korea praising "Dear Leader".

    This announcement applies equally as much to other nations as to America. It is simply that bashing (as opposed to legitimate criticism) of America has become problematic in the forums recently. If you see Europe-bashing or Canada-bashing, or any other forms of flaming or goading based on nationality, please also report it.
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