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Alexander the Great... "Change your name or change your conduct!"

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by rockytopva, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. rockytopva

    rockytopva Love to pray! :) Supporter

    As copied from... Pressing On! » Blog Archive » Change Your Ways or Change Your Name!

    There is a story about Alexander the Great, one of the world’s greatest warriors. His army conquered most of the known world in its time. Now in Alexander’s army, there was a young boy who was handsome, strong and skilled at fighting. It seems that during a fierce battle the boy became frightened and hid himself in a cave. [​IMG] When he was found, he was immediately brought before Alexander for judgment. Alexander, seeing that the boy was terrified and in fear for his life, took compassion on him and asked him, “Son, what is your name?” The young man answered back, “Alexander” with a quiet reply. Upon hearing this Alexander the Great said, “What did you say?” The boy then raised his voice and strongly shouted out “Alexander”. Once again Alexander the Great sternly said, “Boy, what is your name? The young lad responded once again with a sheepish voice and said “Alexander, sir”. Then upon hearing this, the great conqueror exploded in anger, picked up a sword, raised it over the boy’s head and said, “Change your ways, or change your name!”

    Upon reading this story I could not help but wonder if Christ thinks the same thing about us. We claim to be a Christ-like, God-fearing people and will even wear the name of Christ by being called Christians. However when it all boils down do we conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of being called a follower of Christ? Twenty-one times in the Gospels Jesus says “Follow Me”, in doing so Christ sets forth the idea that we need to be like Him. We need to be like Him in all facets of our life. Ephesians 4:15 says, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ. Growing in Christ is what the Christian should be striving for. Too many times however we desire to grow in other areas and we choose to put our efforts for Christ on that ever so popular back burner. The list of those that wish to put something else rather than Christ first in their lives seems to be growing by the day. When will the church rise up and live like the church should be living? When will the church stop trying to be a social gathering and become the site of doctrinal development? When will the church put behind them the disputing and the grumbling which plagued the early church in Philippi? When will the church repent and become the church that is on fire for the Lord rather than one that is only lukewarm? I can’t help but wonder if Christ is thinking just as we learned in the story, Church… Change Your Ways or Change Your Name