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Featured After Trump Blasts N.F.L., Players Kneel and Lock Arms in Solidarity

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by Followers4christ, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Just cause there is not enough evidence to convict does not mean innocence. The fact was the evidence did not support Zimmerman's story but it was not enough to convict him of wrong doing either. All we know for sure was the evidence and his character are not at all consistent of the story he provided to the police. The links I provided show lots of inconsistencies with his story that destroyed his credibility but nothing to convict him on as you need evidence to convict and the evidence was washed away or the crime scene was not protected. So they could not prove innocence or guilt.
  2. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    Bowing, taking knee, lying flat on your face to show respect or honor, to another man is your business, as so it was with men in the Bible.

    I find that and worship as reserved and set aside for the Lord.

    Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Koreans, Hebrews, Jews, Christians, Old, Young, etc. for centuries have segregated themselves to what they decide.

    What is your point? They don't have the right to do so?

    For centuries men have profiled other men.
    Today is the same. Blacks are not unique, in being profiled, so are umpteen other races, groups, gangs, associations, organizations, governments, and on and on.

    He is supporting PROTESTERS. That is his prerogative. Just as it is my prerogative to not support a person PROTESTING during his JOB, something that has NOTHING to do with his JOB.

    And neither has it anything to do with him being a Vet, his view or my view of the US.

    Don't speak for me. I said no such thing.
    I could care less if someone wants to make protests regarding their race.

    Was I not clear to you? They are supposed to be doing their JOB. Is that what your JOB is for, Protesting on behalf of your race?

    Your prerogative, to go to a Football Game, to Protest your view against profiling, of particular people.

    Perhaps in the future, the stands will be void of football fans, and just be Protest Arenas, for profiled whites, Hispanics, Muslims, gangs, Chinese, Police, Governments, Christians, etc.

    Oh good grief. Does a women refusing to give her sit to an other, really elevate her to the honor of lying in state in the Nations Rotunda?

    Does a married Preacher, with questionable affairs, really stand as a man that unifies between races with his Dreams?

    Did you marry a black woman because she is black? Or did you not marry a white woman because she is white? People are going to choose what they like, makes them happy, are comfortable with........and so what if that does not include every other person or thing one encounters?

    If Blacks feel profiled, targeted, unjustly treated.....geeze, welcome to the human race.

    God Bless,
  3. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    No one declared Zimmerman INNOCENT.

    Innocence is never proven. Only guilty or not guilty, according to the law.

    Many crime scenes are corrupted, botched, covered.
    Many have received injustice on both sides.... the not guilty being sentenced and the guilty being set free.

    It's the HUMAN RACE that is subject to such things, not only the BLACK race.

    I really hate to give the POLICE all the credit or blame, since everyone has their part.

    Look at the frenzy of the people, perpetuated by the media.......they want answers BEFORE an investigation!

    God Bless,
  4. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Yes even Godly people like Ruth bowed down to men. So the fact that they showed respect did not make them less Godly according to the Bible.

    Are you really comparing race to gangs, associations, organizations and governments? When in the USA has the government profiled its own government? When has the government unjustly profiled a gang or association? But as I provided a dozen links that blacks that make up 13% of the population in the US but make up the most profiled and most unjustly targeted by the police as I provided links on the last page.

    You said "segregated themselves to what they decide" what are you talking about? Nobody choose to be segregated.

    Can you provide a time in American history where whites, old, young or Christians have been segregated?

    Just so you know the NFL allows it's players to stand or kneel which is a protected right here in the USA as people died to give us that right. Besides in sports yes as long is he is playing the game he is doing his job regardless if he does not stand during the Anthem as it's not required. Under the government paying the NFL they have to present themselves on the field but not required to stand in the rules.

    Obviously you do not want to answer the question. Did Rosia Parks which was very controversial at the time and decisive at the time bring us unity as a nation?

    Did Martin Luther King jr bring us unity? Does it matter that he was not perfect? God has always used imperfect people has He not? Martin Luther King Jr brought about peaceful change and brought about change that unified a nation. Don't you see that reading history?

    No I married her cause I love her not cause she was black. I dated women of different races. Race does not matter to me.

    They are 13% of the population here in the US but are the worst unjustly being targeted according to countless studies. You can see some of the studies on the first post on page 11. So they do not merly "feel" targeted, they are targeted and we can see this throughout American history.
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  5. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    Anything that sets "something" apart from "other things"; yes they can and are profiled - which simply means recognizing the "something" set apart, gathering information on the "something" and making an assessment.

    They do it all the time - but they call it checks and balances, investigating, getting snitches to operated for them to discover what one agency is doing that they are not revealing, or refuse to reveal. They also poke into /profile state governments, and make assessments.

    I am not going to look up cases or government documents for you. If you want to not believe it, that is your choice. If it interests you, you can invest the time, mulling through the red tape of bureaucracy to find your own results.

    Men are human. They do not know all things, thus they can only go by what has occurred. It matters not to me, what group, organization, or race, or neighborhood, or whatever reveals itself, as law violators.

    If your race, your neighborhood, your organization, your group, your anything that associates you personally, with those things, and an incident occurs, that violates the law, and you are present, you will be a person of interest. And as a person of interest, you will be profiled to see, if their interest in you stands or has no merit.

    You use stats of percentages, per population.
    Then call the profiling unjust.
    The stat of percentages, per population is simply a beginning guess.
    You didn't state the percentages of the 13% that are unjustly profiled.
    Neither did you state the stat of percentages, per population of another race.
    Neither did you state the state of the percentages of that races, profiled %.
    Neither die your reveal how you determined, their profiling was unjust.

    Stats are fun, but they are guesses, made by a guessing to create the stats;
    And stats can be construed to make them say what you want them to say.

    For example - If I wanted to create a stat, and wanted it to say; 30% of Christians in the US believe Jesus was born on Dec 25. I could find a stat that already has guessed how many Christians on in the US. Then I could calculate how many Christians I would have to have say they believe Dec 25 was Jesus birth-day. Then I only need to ASK, (interview, call, make a survey) until my 30% was obtained. Say I surveyed, 10 - or 100- or 1,000 - until I reached my 30%. Now I could reveal my "STAT". 30% of US Christians believe Jesus was born on Dec 25 , and could publish that "STAT" on the internet or wherever I choose. Some surveys will tell you who conducted the survey, some will tell you how, some will tell you the it was based on a percentage of 1,000 or (whatever) respondents, some will tell you nothing. And some reporters will simply use that information without disclosure of any information about the making of the stats.

    Point being, stats don't trip my trigger, because I already know they are general guesswork, by scrupulous and unscrupulous people .
    Secondly, what one deems unjust, has no merit, without all the true facts.
    Thirdly, I do not rely on the media or the court system to reveal all the true facts.

    Segregated -set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide.

    Nonsense - people divide themselves one from another all the time.
    You don't pick and choose who you will or will not associate with?

    Whites -
    Supervisor In Cotton Warehouse Designates Water Fountain "Whites Only" | Care2 Causes
    Christian -
    Christian Church Membership - If you are a member of a Christian Church, you should know you are segregated by that membership from all others having membership. You should also know, you were required, to be a believer, in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and declare the same. Also you were required to be water baptized, either by their Church, or another Christian Church, stating so, by letter. Anyone not doing so, is prohibited, and segregated apart from being a member of that Church.

    Old - are not allowed to enroll as pre-schoolers.
    Young - are not allowed to legally drive and automobile on state roads.

    Anytime there is segregation an allowance and divide is implemented.
    Some neighborhoods, you are not allowed to enter, because you want to.
    Schools were designed to be supported financially, by and for the people who lived within the school district, for the benefit of their children.

    Just so you know - any organization can decide their own rules.
    And yes, any organization can dictate the lawful etiquette be observed by their members, if they so desire to provide a flag ceremony.
    (kneeling is not a lawful etiquette for a flag ceremony- that is the organizations rules)

    Protected rights, are allowing one to exercise their rights within the law, to which people gave their lives for those rights to be observed.

    I could care less if a ball player decides to do whatever he chooses by what his organization allows. Nor should he care or the organization care, if some people do not agree with him and forgo financially supporting him and his organization.

    Didn't know the woman, and what she did, had no affect on me whatsoever.
    Did what she did bring whites and blacks together as a nation? Well I don't know, are whites and blacks all united, and united because of her?

    Not really. I saw particularly MLK, bringing blacks together.

    Well there ya go. If race is irrelevant, then why is race an issue regarding "profiling" ?

    And? You again claim unjust, based on what?
    And? What about whites who have experience something unjust ? Oh right, race doesn't matter to you.
    The thing is, race doesn't matter to me either. I sort of figure all people are part of the human race and at some time or another, will have to deal with unfair or unjust treatment.

    God Bless,
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  6. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    First sorry for taking so long to reply lots of stuff going on.

    So you are saying the segregation laws were no big deal since we all segregate ourselves? That's like saying slavery was no big deal as the Bible says we are all slaves to sin anyway. You are deluding the message and what many people went through and what people are going through today.

    Under slavery blacks we're kidnapped from Africa and forced to work. They were beaten, raped, and killed. Slaves were repeatedly raped and forced to bear the kids of the rapist and killing slaves happened often.

    After slavery was over we segregated blacks forcing them to not share bathrooms, sit back of the bus, not eat with white people and not interracial dating. To break these rules would be punishable with jail and a beating. To even look at a white woman would get you accused and beaten. This was common thing back then till civil right leaders like Martin Luther King jr and others rose up a challenged the system.

    Today we have racial profiling and blacks being attacked by police that are supposed to protect it's citizens. There are many studies that show black Americans are being targeted on a regular basis and we are upset that people won't stand for a flag.

    To try to minimize this is not the answer. Slavery is nothing to minimize as you have never went through it, being segregated and beaten for just looking at someone with different color skin is something you have not went through, and being racially profiled and arrested is something you have not been through either. So please educate yourself on this issue and come back at me.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  7. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) Eric Reid and other Christian players who support Colin Kaepernick’s social justice movement want believers on the opposite side of the controversial anthem protest to ask themselves a simple but powerful question: What would Jesus do?

    Reid joined Kaepernick, his former San Francisco 49ers teammate, in kneeling for the ”The Star-Spangled Banner” last year because he wants to be a ”voice for the voiceless,” a lesson derived from a Bible verse found in Proverbs. The 25-year-old safety-turned-linebacker said he has discussed faith with Kaepernick, who remains unsigned.

    ”It’s the foundation of why we started doing this,” Reid told The Associated Press on Oct. 29. ”We all have a love for people. The Bible tells us love your brother as yourself so that’s why we’re doing it.

    ”We have to speak up for those who can’t do it for themselves. My faith is ultimately what led me to start protesting and it’s what continues to drive me. Faith without works is dead. I feel like the past year before we started protesting, the Lord has prepped me for this moment.”

    Carl Lentz, the lead pastor at New York City’s Hillsong Church, said many people, including Christians, are ignoring the real issues.

    ”What we see right now in culture is what’s easier? To make this about a flag, which it’s never been about, or to actually say, Colin, what’s your beef? What’s your passion? What’s going on?” Lentz said. ”Our country has a sad history of missing the mark, missing the moment, and deflecting issues. To judge this guy for putting his career on the line for something he’s passionate about, I do not understand. It’s sad.”

    Read the whole article at:

    Christian players frustrated by criticism for anthem protest
  8. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    No problem.

    Men have segregated or enjoined themselves, since the beginning of mankind.
    Natural men do that and Spiritual men do that.

    No it isn't. Setting people or things apart is not the same as having a Master make your decisions and provide your needs.

    Everyone has hardships. And today, people have Masters that provide their needs.

    And today? People are kidnapped, forced to work, beaten, raped and killed. Is it race specific? No.

    And? Didn't the same apply to whites?

    And? Where white people chastised, punished for "breaking the rules" ?

    And? Other races, Christians, drug dealers, invaders, anti-government, pro-guns, anti-abortions, etc. NOT profiled? uh, sure they are.

    What is the answer? Sensationalize every case? Special laws? Force people to live together?

    No, I was never kidnapped. And no I have never made the government my Master, to provide my needs.

    Do you live in a cocoon? People of all races are profiled and attacked because of their race, the things they have, the status they have.

    Sure I have. By the government and by other races and by people of a different status.
    So what?

    How are you so naive to think YOU know everyone's personal story?

    I have. Slavery formally ended in the US over 150 years ago. Yet Whites, Blacks, Indians, Asians, Chinese, Hispanics, anglo-Irish, races have all experienced kidnapping, and forced slavery, and voluntary slavery, before and since then.

    And so, Per historical Slavery in America, what is your view on people of the SAME race having a SLAVE?

    God Bless,
  9. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Your question did it apply to whites? The simple answer is no it did not. Whites could tell a black person to get out of a seat if there were not enough seats in a bus. Also blacks could not vote in many cases while whites could. White had good schools while black schools had run down buildings and not enough funding for books, whites were served first while blacks had to wait till whites were served, blacks could not look at white women but whites could look at black women, and white had restrooms while blacks had outhouses. So no not the same rules.

    Not to mention before the Segregation laws there was the Black Laws that made way for the Segregation Laws. Under the Black Laws blacks could not own a house, own a gun, and could not vote.

    Anyway a couple of movies I would like you to watch is (Lee Daniels) The Butler which is inspired by actual events and another great film is The Help.

    When slavery ended, then we had the Black Laws, then we had the Segregation laws that ended in 1964. We traded slavery for social slavery. After that ended we say the dark days are over while blacks are being racially profiled and targeted for nothing more then their skin color as countless of studies have shown.

    Slavery is wrong regardless of who does it. Please show resources of white being forced in to slavery cause they were white or we're kidnapped by Americans to be forced into slavery? I have shown lots of links and studies in this thread please do the same. Also you said "People are kidnapped, forced to work, beaten, raped and killed" please show where whites have been kidnapped, forced to work, beaten, raped, and killed here in America. As I can show you blacks have been kidnapped, beaten, forced to work, raped and killed.

    The answer is simple we as a nation must come together and recognize there is a problem instead of acting like this is all in the past. Then we must work to resolve our differences so we all are treated fairly as Americans.

    Racial Segregation in the American South: Jim Crow Laws - Dictionary definition of Racial Segregation in the American South: Jim Crow Laws | Encyclopedia.com: FREE online dictionary

    Black Codes (United States) - Wikipedia

    Jim Crow laws - Wikipedia

    Trailers for the movies I recommended:

    The Butler

    The Help:

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  10. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    So? People of all races give up their seats to another. White people CAN sit in the back of the bus, and do. So what?

    Do you not know history? Voting was designed for people who were VESTED in America. Being VESTED was having a financial interest in. Having a financial interest in was by owning land. Black MEN who owned land have voted in early history of states.
    A FEW women also owned land and could vote in the states, but neither could vote, in a National election, nor could any white man that did not own land. But that has changed, white men, black men, men of any race, women of any race, whether or not they own land can vote in state and national elections, and also foreigners vote in the same.....
    Those having ZERO vested interest in America, can VOTE for a candidate who HAS PROMISED to be their MASTER of freebie benefits, at someone else's expense - like you know - at the expense of the ones who are vested!

    Not enough funding? Where do you think the FUNDING came from? What do you think "INDEPENDENT" School District meant? It meant the PEOPLE within that DISTRICT provided the FUNDING for the Schools. White Schools, started in homes, because they had no separate school building. They began with a book or two, they shared. The people gathered together their own funds to build a small school, to buy a few books, to build a church and use the same building for a school. Who stopped anyone else from doing the same in their own districts, areas where they lived?
    But that has all changed. INDEPENDENT School District is but a lingering name, that means nothing. Now those who are VESTED, are forced to put into the Government Treasury so the Government can dole out to those who DO ARE NOT VESTED and take care of their own, can be the burden of those WHO ARE VESTED.

    Could you be more petty. Are you also a Gentile who holds a grudge against God, because He served the Hebrews FIRST? They also had their time of having an Earthly Master. Do you wail for them also?

    Thanks for that tid-bit of information, that black men did not know what white women looked like, because they could not look at them.

    That is rather funny. White's had dung fields, chamber pots, outhouses, and indoor water closets and restrooms, for eons. Did someone prevent other races from building the same?

    So no, not not the same PROGRESS of individuals, to make and do with their own hands, abilities and resources.

    Africa is an ANCIENT continent, with ANCIENT countries, Specifically mentioned in Scripture, with ANCIENT leaders, with ANCIENT wealth, and ANCIENT peoples, and YET,
    after thousands of years, WHAT? You are clamoring to go there and be a part of their thriving world status? No. You sit here in a very young nation and whine and complain.

    How about this ~ you can buy and have whatever you want ONLY with your own funds?
    Not borrowing, Not using credit, Not a Gov't handout, but by what you earn, you can spend how you choose. EASY? no. Scriptural? yes. Common worldly practice? no.
    Perpetuated and promoted by Government's? no. Hard? Absolutely.

    Anyway something I would like you to read. It's called; Slave Narratives ~ which is a collection of writings made from interviews of black people who HAD ACTUALLY BEEN Slaves. You can hear THEIR TRUTHS, instead of blacks today, who have never experienced being a slave. You can hear/read about their White owners, who treated them and their own white families like crap. You can hear/read about their White owners, who treated them kindly. You can hear/read about their Black task Masters who beat them mercilessly. You might could learn some history about African Blacks who kidnapped and sold their own Black neighbors. You might could learn some history of American Black Plantation owners who bought Black Slaves. You might could learn some history about Chinese who sold their own children into slavery. You might could learn some history about American Indians who kidnapped White children as slaves. You might could learn some history that hanging a person was not exclusive to the Black race.

    Black laws - White laws - Chinese laws - Hispanic laws - etc.
    Why? Because ONE NATION is a facade? Either men choose to be ALL of the same HUMAN RACE - or they can DIVIDE themselves, and beg the Government to KEEP THEM DIVIDED. Open your eyes - that which does the DIVIDING FOR YOU, IS YOUR MASTER.

    If it be God that DIVIDES you, from the WORLD, unto HIM. He is your Master.
    If it be a Government that DIVIDES you, from other men, unto it. It is your master.
    He/It that provides FOR YOU. He/It IS your master.

    Social slavery? yep. And the people BEG for it, RALLY for it, DEMAND it.
    And yep, there are those WHO endlessly promote it.

    MLK had a dream of a path against social slavery. He is gone, and but is a memory of a street sign in every city. And who carry's on? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton? pfft. They are promoters of social slavery along with every cohort in DC; who keeps impressing on people, they are not smart enough, talented enough, to be their own care taker, to be their own provider.....they are ONLY worthy to BE burdens, qualified for scraps and the Government their MASTER!

  11. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Further, African Americans were still being denied their constitutional right to vote. Through such tactics as the poll tax and the literacy test, African-Americans who tried to register to vote were turned down. Those who persisted were told in no uncertain terms that their personal safety and livelihood depended on staying away from the registrar's office.

    In 1965, a peaceful, nonviolent civil rights march in Selma, Alabama was broken up by police. Using tear gas and horses, the police attacked and beat the unarmed marchers. Shortly thereafter, the United States Congress passed the Voting Rights Act, which was the first significant federal protection of African-American voting rights since the 15th Amendment, nearly a hundred years previous. The act eliminated voter literacy tests and enabled federal examiners to register voters. The 24th Amendment (1964) approved a year earlier had eliminated the poll tax in federal elections. Other constitutional amendments which expanded the voting rights of Americans were the 19th Amendment (1920), which granted women the right to vote; the 23rd (1961), which permitted residents of the District of Columbia to vote for President and Vice-President; and the 26th (1971), which extended the right to vote to eighteen-year-olds

    CNNfyi.com - Chasing the Dream

    School funding was low cause black could not work many of the jobs whites did like banks and restaurants. Not to mention the income of a black worker was a lot lower then whites.

    You said "grudge against God, because He served the Hebrews FIRST?" Are you really comparing whites with God? Wow.

    Addition to laws, there were certain unwritten social expectations. For example, a black man was not to shake hands with a white man and he could not make eye-contact with a white woman or else he would be accused of highly inappropriate sexual advances. When speaking, blacks were expected to address whites as "Mr.," "Sir," or "Ma'am".

    Racial Segregation in the American South: Jim Crow Laws - Dictionary definition of Racial Segregation in the American South: Jim Crow Laws | Encyclopedia.com: FREE online dictionary

    Lol there is a big difference between giving up your seat freely and being told to do so with a threat of arrest or a beating.

    Yes I know history and know people on my wife's side of the family who went through this and knows very well of what happened. So I know it from reading history and from people who went through the segregation laws.

    You you are making laughable statements of course black people knew what women looked like. But if you were caught looking at a white woman especially making eye contact you were beaten or worse. Making any contact that may have the appearance of flirtation could get you killed like Emmett Till.

    You try to minimize lot of what happened but history shows a different story then what you are trying to paint. But I will read that book as I love reading one every week. Right now off topic I am reading Disciplines Of A Godly Man by Kent Hughes very good book. But I love reading on history as well as religious. So I will add it to my collection of books to read. But you in return watch those movies especially The Butler.

    I know lots on this subject as I have family on my wife's side who went through the Segregation laws that was apart of our history as a nation. So I not only have to read history but I can also talk to people that lived it. So I understand what players in the NFL are trying to do by bringing attention to a very real problem in our country that needs to be addressed.
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  12. SBC

    SBC Well-Known Member

    United States
    What is an African American? What is the intent of that term?
    A self-segregating American?

    What is your point? You want people who can not read a ballot to vote?

    Things have progressed eh. Now people can have a bus pick them up, gain a free meal, a cup of coffee and be given a mach ballot to know who to vote for. That's progress, eh?

    An authorized non-violent protest by white men, against the government's intended action was recently interrupted by public antagonizes, that didn't end well either.

    Would an accurate supposition be you think it awesome, that men who can not read, nor understand what Liberty is, are the best qualified to seat men in offices, based on their promises to keep men ignorant and feed them scraps? I don't. I think men are quite capable of learning the truth and taking care of themselves.

    Who funded the building of schools for white children? Their white parents. Who established banks, restaurants that whites used? And? Who stopped black communities from doing the same? The Chinese communities do the same, the Hispanics do the same, They build what they want and work in what they build and serve their own communities as they see fit.

    No. Saying is a statement. I asked you a question. Do you not comprehend the difference? And do you not comprehend what was being compared was who is served first or last? Wow!!

    Oh good grief - your pity party lights have been turned off. Do you learn nothing from Scripture? Forgive, put it away and move on.

    No, it is not about minimizing. But is is not all about one race as your picture paints.
    Nor is my life about about years of poor me, poor him, poor this guy or that guy. Do you not grow weary of rolling in constant pity? Lift yourself up and be joyful instead of dwelling on and feeding on woes, complaints, whining, as if perhaps that will gain you or another as being a useful aid.

    And? So one does not want to associate with another. So what? There are plenty of people I do not associate with, nor who want to associate with me. So what?

    That's nice. I with ya man, you're poor, I'm rich, but our skin color is the same so let's hold hands and be solid.

    I don't clasp hands or join in because of race, class, rich, poor, status, gender, ones preference or whining.
    Learn the whole truth, then stop using it as a defense to stand against something and use it as an offense to stand for something. And if it is race you want to stand for - be prepared - race is not inclusive - and not all will will stand with you on that basis.
    Stand for what is right - regardless of the race, class, status, gender, void of the whining and finger pointing - you might have a more harmonious outcome.

    You should like to eliminate profiling? Then don't get all huffy, when it turns out your neighbor is a foreign or domestic terrorist, and no one does anything about it.

    God Bless,
  13. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    You can't look it up? An African Americans are an ethnic group of Americans with total or partial ancestry from any of the black racial groups of Africa.

    Do not be silly they did not willfully segregate themselves as they did not put themselves in to slavery. From slavery, to the Black Laws, to the Segregation Laws this was forced not a "self-segregating American" as you put it.

    Who's fault is it they couldn't read? When slavery was around they were not taught how to read or write. Under the Black Laws and the Segregation Laws happened education was very limited since the schools were run down buildings with hardly any books. The schools were put in poor neighborhoods as blacks could not get any job that payed well and there was no public funding for schools. Blacks could not work in restaurants, banks and many government jobs. Also blacks we're paid less then whites.

    Also The explicit sanctioning of segregation by Jim Crow meant that black public schools lacked of resources and public funding—shortcomings that limited the skill sets and education levels of young, black men during this period, which in turn limited their job opportunities.

    Searching for the Origins of the Racial Wage Gap in Jim Crow America

    Your issue seems to be government handouts. But if you looked at history you would know this was not the case in this issue as blacks under slavery worked without pay and would work under threat of murder and rape. Under the Black Laws and the Segregation Laws blacks still worked very hard for less pay then whites were given. While there was handouts to white families that was not the case for black families who had to work hard every day just to put some food on the table. Today pay has got a lot better but still not fair across the board.

    Did you get taught to write and read by yourself? Of course not you learned from people with an education that taught you. This is not the case when they were slaves and after slavery the laws made it to where blacks would be poorly educated compared to whites.

    Yes I know the Bible very well and went to an Christian internship for a couple of years to engage youth across America. Anyway we are supposed to care on the struggles of others and it's sad when many professing believers do not.

    Romans 15:1-2 We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.

    Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

    As believers we must bear the struggles of our mistreated brothers and sisters regardless of race.

    The difference we can choose to not associate with one another but the laws were back then it would be illegal to do so. Big difference.

    This scripture has a lot of bearing on what happened as blacks were the poor and mistreated:

    James 2:1-13 My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. For if a man wearing a gold ring and fine clothing comes into your assembly, and a poor man in shabby clothing also comes in, and if you pay attention to the one who wears the fine clothing and say, “You sit here in a good place,” while you say to the poor man, “You stand over there,” or, “Sit down at my feet,” have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him? ...
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  14. SBC

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    United States
    So it is about skin color?

    You are fixated on slavery that ended over 100 yrs ago.
    I was speaking of self-segregating (20 yr old term) African-American, that actually applied to a person born in Africa, who has one parent also born in Africa, who would have actually used their country instead of continent, instead as as if all people born in Africa are black.

    European-American, Australian-American, Canadian-American, Chinese-American - pretty much moot, when describing themselves. Race unimportant, and being an American, says much about them.

    They couldn't read or write their native language? Guess that would be Africa's
    lack of education fault.

    So, how did any black persons, become plantation owners? And why did they not teach their own slaves to read and write? And how do you know no white slave owners taught their slaves to read or write?

    And this only applied to blacks? And still only applies to blacks? Never mind- I'll learn about it when Chinese History month, or American Indian month rolls around.

    And other races in America had no such hardships?
    Funny how whites who band together are called racist, but other races who do the same are simply showing solidarity.

    Uh, ya, and I'm not talking about race.

    1 Tim 5
    [8] But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

    2 Thes 3
    [10] For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

    And now? Are paid for not working. Where do you think that funding comes from? From a government who produces nothing?

    Not Fair? How it it not fair, when an employer and employee strike a bargain of an agreed wage for agreed work?

    Matt 20:
    [13] But he answered one of them, and said, Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree with me for a penny?

    14% of American adults can not read.
    44% of American 4th graders can not read.
    1 in 4 children in America grow up not knowing how to read.
    About 7,000 students a day drop out of school, (over 1 million a year).

    And these are the people employers are scampering to hire to work for them?

    Certainly aside from locking arms, you are active in volunteering in your local schools working with children and adults teaching them to read and write?

    So you are active in helping others learn to read, and you do provide jobs for others to work for you for an agreed amount, and you do sponsor, teach, feed, clothe, and bring into your home, others directly out of your own pocket?

    Instead of telling me what others and the government should be doing - why are you not encouraging your neighbors who are needy to do as you personally do?
    You do, do such things as;
    So you are active in helping others learn to read, and you do provide jobs for others to work for you for an agreed amount, and you do sponsor, teach, feed, clothe, and bring into your home, others directly out of your own pocket?

    Some people are not interested in working, but still want to eat. Is it your interest to personally feed them every night at your supper table?

    Do you find adults who are able, but do not work, as your mistreated brothers and sisters?

    You seem to imply that that laws, (of any era), were always obeyed. uh... not 6, thousands years ago and not 6 seconds ago.

    I don't show any partiality. Work and ye shall eat. Work and ye shall be the one with more that you can help another to work, so he shall eat and provide for his own and repeat.

    God Bless,
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  15. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    African Americans yes have dark skin that according to studies do make them targets.

    When slavery ended, then came social slavery in the form of the Black Laws and segregation laws. Racism and the education from our government that blacks were less superior then whites that kept them in a form of slavery till the 1950s to early 1960s in the south. Today we live under the illusion that we are all equal under the government but that is not the truth.

    The reason slavery keeps getting brought up is slavery was the beginning of the mistreatment of blacks in our government and it's what pushed later laws after slavery ended like The Black Laws and the Segregation Laws. Slavery ended that gave way to social slavery that ended in the 1950s to 1960s in other states.

    In this thread we are talking about African Americans. Since blacks are the ones being targeted more then any other race today in America. Its also the reason the NFL is protesting as this thread is about the NFL protest. But forms of racism do exist to in other races here and I know that. But since the blacks are being targeted at a higher rate and with slavery we are focusing here right now.

    Who says they couldn't read or write in their own native language? Besides most were kidnapped young and their kids were not to to be taught under fear that they would be killed. Many were not able to read or write under slavery.

    We are not talking about people getting hand outs as that is fully separate discussion from the mistreatment of people cause of skin color. I agree with people not getting handouts unless they are disabled. But that fully is a different discussion as many black Americans do work and are not getting handouts.

    Yes I help out the poor. Me and my wife give out food and help when we can. But as I said handouts are a separate discussion.

    White like blacks can hang out with their own races without it being called racism. But no law should not restrict them from talking to one another or favoring one race over another or targeting one race cause they are less "superior" like past laws have done.
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  16. SBC

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    United States
    I know. I guess only white people are attacked out of love, since it certainly would not be a hate crime.

    And today?
    They don't have to work, to have food, housing, transportation, their children fed, free education, computers, phones, money......

    Actually this thread is about a President of His Country making comments about unprofessional American Football players demonstrations during the national anthem.

    Continue on, tell us how professional American Football player's are not man enough to be told they are out of line.

    Thanks for clearing up, that NFL football games are the place to hold a protest of complaints against the government.

    So, being targeted is okay with you, but you want the numbers evened out among all races to be targeted equally?

    Tempe Herndon Durham
    1312 Pine St.
    Durham, North Carolina

    Tempe Herndon Durham

    Interviewed by Travis Jordan
    North Carolina District #3

    "I was thirty-one years ole when de surrender come. Dat makes me sho nuff ole. Near bout a hundred an' three years done passed over dis here white head of mine. I'se been here, I mean I'se been here. 'Spects I'se de oldest [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] in Durham. I'se been here so long dat I done forgot near 'bout as much as dese here new generation knows or ever gwine know.

    My white fo'ks lived in Chatham County. Dey was Marse George an' Mis' Betsy Herndon. Mis Betsy was a Snipes befo' she married Marse George. Dey had a big plantation an' raised cawn, wheat, cotton an' 'bacca. I don't know how many field [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] Marse George had, but he had a mess of dem, an' he had hosses too, an' cows, hogs an' sheeps. He raised sheeps an' sold de wool, an' dey used de wool at de big house too. Dey was a big weavin' room whare de blankets was wove, an' dey wove de cloth for de winter clothes too. Linda Hernton an' Milla Edwards was de head weavers, dey looked after de weavin' of da fancy blankets. Mis' Betsy was a good weaver too. She weave de same as de [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse]. She say she love de clackin' soun' of de loom an' de way de shuttles run in an' out carryin' a long tail of bright colored thread. Some days she set at de loom all de mawnin' peddlin' wid her feets an' her white han's flittin' over de bobbins.

    [end p. 285]

    De cardin' an' spinnin' room was full of [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse]. I can hear dem spinnin' wheels now turnin' roun' an' sayin' hum-m-m-m, hum-m-m-m, an' hear de slaves singin' while dey spin. Mammy Rachel stayed in de dyein' room. Dey wuzn' nothin' she didn' know 'bout dyein'. She knew every kind of root, bark, leaf an' berry dat made red, blue, green, or whatever color she wanted. Dey had a big shelter whare de dye pots set over de coals. Mammy Rachel would fill de pots wid water, den she put in de roots, bank an' stuff an' boil de juice out, den she strain it an' put in de salt an' vinegar to set de color. After de wool an' cotton done been carded an' spun to thread, Mammy take de hanks an' drap dem in de pot of boilin' dye. She stir dem 'roun' an' lif' dem up an' down wid a stick, an' when she hang dem up on de line in de sun, dey was every color of de rainbow. When dey dripped dry dey was sent to de weavin' room whare dey was wove in blankets an' things.
    When I growed up I married Exter Durham. He belonged to Marse Snipes Durham who had de plantation 'cross de county line in Orange County. We had a big weddin'. We was married on de front po'ch of de big house. Marse George killed a shoat an' Mis' Betsy had Georgianna, de cook, to bake a big weddin' cake all iced up white as snow wid a bride an' groom standin' in de middle holdin' han's. De table was set out in de yard under de trees, an' you ain't never seed de like of eats. All de [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] come to de feas' an' Marse George had a for everybody. Dat

    [end p. 286]

    was some weddin'. I had on a white dress, white shoes an' long while gloves dat come to my elbow, an' Mis' Betsy done made me a weddin' veil out of a white net window curtain. When she played de weddin' ma'ch on de piano, me an' Exter ma'ched down de walk an' up on de po'ch to de altar Mis' Betsy done fixed. Dat de pretties' altar I ever seed. Back 'gainst de rose vine dat was full or red roses, Mis' Betsy done put tables filled wid flowers an' white candles. She spread down a bed sheet, a sho nuff linen sheet, for us to stan' on, an' dey was a white pillow to kneel down on. Exter done made me a weddin' ring. He made it out of a big red button wid his pocket knife. He done cut it so roun' an' polished it so smooth dat it looked like a red satin ribbon tide 'roun' my finger. Dat sho was a pretty ring. I wore it 'bout fifty years, den it got so thin dat I lost it one day in de wash tub when I was washin' clothes.
    Uncle Edmond Kirby married us. He was de [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] preacher dat preached at de plantation church. After Uncle Edmond said de las' words over me an' Exter, Marse George got to have his little fun: He say, 'Come on, Exter, you an' Tempie got to jump over de broom stick backwards; you got to do dat to see which one gwine be boss of your househol'.' Everybody come stan' 'roun to watch. Marse George hold de broom 'bout a foot high off de floor. De one dat jump over it backwards an' never touch de handle, gwine boss de house, an' if bof of dem jump over widout touchin' it, dey won't gwine be no bossin', dey jus'

    [end p. 287]

    gwine be 'genial. I jumped fus', an' you ought to seed me. I sailed right over dat broom stick same as a cricket, but when Exter jump he done had a big dram an' his feets was so big an' clumsy dat dey got all tangled up in dat broom an' he fell head long. Marse George he laugh an' laugh, an' tole Exter he gwine be bossed 'twell he skeered to speak less'n I tole him to speak. After de weddin' we went down to de cabin Mis' Betsy done all dressed up, but Exter couldn' stay no longer den dat night kaze he belonged to Marse Snipes Durham an' he had to go back home. He lef' de nex day for his plantation, but he come back every Saturday night an' stay 'twell Sunday night. We had eleven chillun. Nine was bawn befo' surrender an' two after we was set free. So I had two chillun dat wuzn' bawn in bondage. I was worth a heap to Marse George kaze I had so many chillun. De more chillun a slave had de more dey was worth. Lucy Carter was de only [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] on de plantation dat had more chillun den I had. She had twelve, but her chillun was sickly an' mine was muley strong an' healthy. Dey never was sick.
    When de war come Marse George was too ole to go, but young Marse Bill went. He went an' took my brother Sim wid him. Marse Bill took Sim along to look after his hoss an' everything. Dey didn' neither one get shot, but Mis' Betsy was skeered near 'bout to death all de time, skeered dey was gwine be brung home shot all to pieces like some of de sojers was.

    (De Yankees wuzn' so bad. De mos' dey wanted was sumpin' to

    [end p. 288]

    eat. Dey was all de time hungry, de fus' thing dey ax for when dey come was sumpin' to put in dey stomach. An' chicken! I ain' never seed even a preacher eat chicken like dem Yankees. I believes to my soul dey ain' never seed no chicken 'twell dey come down here. An' hot biscuit too. I seed a passel of dem eat up a whole sack of flour one night for supper. Georgianna sif' flour 'twell she look white an' dusty as a miller. Dem sojers didn' turn down no ham neither. Dat de onlies' thing dey took from Marse George. Dey went in de smoke house an' toted off de hams an' shoulders. Marse George say he come off mighty light if dat all dey want, 'sides he got plenty of shoats anyhow.
    We had all de eats we wanted while de war was shootin' dem guns, kaze Marse George was home an' he kep' de [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] workin'. We had chicken, gooses, meat, peas, flour, meal, potatoes an' things like dat all de time, an' milk an' butter too, but we didn' have no sugar an' coffee. We used groun' pa'ched cawn for coffee an' cane 'lasses for sweetnin'. Dat wuzn' so bad wid a heap of thick cream. Anyhow, we had enough to eat to 'vide wid de neighbors dat didn' have none when surrender come.

    I was glad when de was stopped kaze den me an' Exter could be together all de time 'stead of Saturday an' Sunday. After we was free we lived right on at Marse George's plantation a long time. We rented de lan' for a fo'th of what we made, den after while we bought a farm. We paid three hundred dollars we done saved. We had a hoss, a steer, a cow an' two pigs, 'sides some

    [end p. 289]

    chickens an' fo' geese. Mis' Betsy went up in de attic an' give us enough goose feathers to make two pillows, den she give us a table an' some chairs. She give us some dishes too. Marse George give Exter a bushel of seed cawn and some seed wheat, den he tole him to go down to de barn an' get a bag of cotton seed. We got all dis den we hitched up de wagon an' th'owed in de passel of chillun an' moved to our new farm, an' de chillun was put to work in de fiel'; dey growed up in de fiel' kaze dey was put to work time dey could walk good.
    Freedom is all right, but de [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] was better off befo' surrender, kaze den dey was looked after an' dey didn' get in no trouble fightin' an' killin' like dey do dese days. If a [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] cut up an' got sassy in slavery times, his Ole Marse give him a good whippin' an' he went way back an' set down an' 'haved hese'f. If he was sick, Marse an' Mistis looked after him, an' if he needed store medicine, it was bought an' give to him; he didn' have to pay nothin'. Dey didn' even have to think 'bout clothes nor nothin' like dat, dey was wove an' made an' give to dem. Maybe everybody's Marse and Mistis wuzn' good as Marse George and Mis' Betsy, but dey was de same as a mammy an' pappy to us [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse]."
    Source: American Slave: North Carolina Narratives14 (1): 284-290.

    God Bless,
  17. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    It's only a hate crime if someone attacks you cause of your skin color and not just attack you and you happen to be white or black. But as we have seen blacks are attacked cause they are black as we saw the text messages between police officers in SF that discriminated against people only cause of the color of skin or the high number of studies that show police target based on a person's color. The police are not racially profiling white people they are profiling black people according to countless of studies.

    Today they are being targeted and racially profiled and murdered by police that are supposed to protect them.

    Handouts are not a black problem as you are trying to paint as there are more white people on welfare then blacks. But that is not the discussion at hand now is it?

    Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly | HuffPost

    The biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net: Working-class whites

    Stereotype Debunked: More Whites Receive Food Stamps Than Blacks

    When it comes to the game they are required to play when the Anthem is played they may sit, kneel or stand as long as they do so quietly. They are not out of line as they are breaking no rule and do not need to be apart of this paid patriotism.

    If you treat everyone the same regardless of bad or good we wouldn't be talking about racism here would we?

    Glad you can find a positive story from the thousands of negative stories.

    Treatment of slaves in the United States - Wikipedia


    John W. Fields, Age 89

    "In most of us colored folks was the great desire to [be] able to read and write. We took advantage of every opportunity to educate ourselves. The greater part of the plantation owners were very harsh if we were caught trying to learn or write. It was the law that if a white man was caught trying to educate a negro slave, he was liable to prosecution entailing a fine of fifty dollars and a jail sentence. We were never allowed to go to town and it was not until after I ran away that I knew that they sold anything but slaves, tobacco, and whiskey. Our ignorance was the greatest hold the South had on us. We knew we could run away, but what then? An offender guilty of this crime was subjected to very harsh punishment."


    Tempie Cummins, Age Unknown

    "The white chillun tries teach me to read and write but I didn' larn much, 'cause I allus workin'. Mother was workin' in the house, and she cooked too. She say she used to hide in the chimney corner and listen to what the white folks say. When freedom was 'clared, marster wouldn' tell 'em, but mother she hear him tellin' mistus that the slaves was free but they didn' know it and he's not gwineter tell 'em till he makes another crop or two. When mother hear that she say she slip out the chimney corner and crack her heels together four times and shouts, 'I's free, I's free.' Then she runs to the field, 'gainst marster's will and tol' all the other slaves and they quit work. Then she run away and in the night she slip into a big ravine near the house and have them bring me to her. Marster, he come out with his gun and shot at mother but she run down the ravine and gits away with me."

    Among the many interviewed include:

    Charity Anderson, 101 years old, lived near Mobile, Alabama at the time she was interviewed. She was born at Belle's Landing, in Monroe County, Alabama. Her master operated a wood yard that supplied fuel to river boats. Anderson was a house slave. She recalls that her master treated all his slaves well, but she also remembered seeing slaves torn up by dogs and whipped unmercifully.

    Mary Reynolds, blind and over one hundred years old at the time of her interview, was born into slavery in Black River, Louisiana. Her master, a physician and planter, was a shrewd speculator who frequently traded his older slaves for younger, more fit hands. Reynolds witnessed brutal beatings, and tells of working in weather so cold that her hands bled. Her master had a number of children with a mulatto slave, and his wife threatened to leave him. After the war, Mary Reynolds moved to Texas, where she remained for the rest of her life.

    Read more at:

    African-American Slave Testimonies
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  18. SBC

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    United States
  19. pat34lee

    pat34lee Messianic

    Anyone who thinks that any 'racial' problems today are even
    in the same league as those sixty or more years ago are need
    to learn their history. America is not perfect, because people
    are fallen, but there is no place on earth better or freer.
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  20. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Yes it has got a lot better. But as long as blacks are being targeted and killed by the ones that are supposed to protect us all people will stand up against it. After slavery was over things got a lot better. But then under the Black Laws blacks could not own a house, vote or own a gun. But things were a lot better then being a slave. But I think we can both agree that was not enough. Then after the Black Laws came the Segregation Laws that prohibited blacks from sitting or eating with whites. Blacks could not even look a white person in the eye without fear of getting beaten. I think we can agree that the freedom that blacks fought for including Martin Luther King jr was worth it in the end. Today we like to believe that racism and persecution of African Americans are over and done in this country but according to countless of studies blacks are more likely to be arrested and falsely prisoned then whites, more likely to be harassed by police, more likely to be killed by police, more likely to be pulled over by the police and more likely suspected of a crime. As we know from history that slavery was terrible but it led to unjust laws like the Black Laws and the Segregation Laws that kept blacks under social slavery. Many thought things were better then and we're disgusted when Rosa Parks didn't give her seat to a white man. They thought Martin Luther King jr was a nut after all slavery was over. But they saw that justice was not being done and they fought for the rights that we know of today. Yet today many black athletes are seeing something that many refuse to see and once again are making a stand to the Injustice that is being done cause of nothing more then the color of someone's skin. Hope we will be on the right side of history this time.