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Adam's Rib - The True Story of DNA and RNA in Biology

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by ugmug, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. ugmug

    ugmug New Member

    Adam' Rib - The True Story of DNA and RNA in Biology

    People often look upon the story of the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with bemusement. They find it hard to believe that a deity would create a man and then create the woman by using the rib of the man.

    But with our knowledge of genetics we can now verify the authenticity of the story of how a woman was created by the rib of Adam.

    Consider that Adam represents our DNA and Adam's rib represents the RNA which we now know is essential for replicating the DNA. In order for any replication of the DNA (hint: creating the woman) it needs the RNA which is much smaller than the DNA just like Adam's rib is much smaller than Adam himself.

    So the story of the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, specifically the woman being created from the rib of the man, is the Story of God demonstrating the biological foundation, which God created, of both the DNA and RNA which is essential for all replication of life!

    God said that it is not right for man to be alone so he used Adam's rib to make a companion, the woman. This fact is biologically correct as it is the RNA (hint: Adam's rib) that is used to replicate the DNA (hint: of Adam) to create the woman.

    Truly, the Story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden has a biological foundation that points out the fact that the bible is actually God's word since Adam's rib, used in creating the woman, is in fact biologically correct (hint: the RNA replicating the DNA) and it proves unequivocally that God created both man and woman and then documented it symbolically it in the bible with the story of Adam's rib!

    It must be noted that all living biological matter, which is called organic matter, is made up of long chains (hint: represented as the serpent in the Garden) of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, etc. Man was created from the dust of the ground (hint: carbon) and brought to life by the breath of God (hint: oxygen, hydrogen) which represents organic chemistry.

    In the very first story in the bible, in God's creation of man, we have the blueprint of his creation which is organic chemistry (hint: dirt of the ground along with God's breath representing organic chemistry and DNA) and genetics (Adam's rib representing RNA) to create the woman.

    Believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is God's only son become man and rest assured that you'll spend eternity with God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit, in heaven forever with a new body!

    God Bless
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