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Abortion and gay marriage to be legalised in Northern Ireland by Westminster

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by A Gerbil, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. A Gerbil

    A Gerbil Member

    United Kingdom
    From the New Statesman:

    For those not au fait with British politics, Northern Ireland has her own assembly which meets in Stormont. However due to the sectarian nature of the country they have not sat for a couple of years, I think, and are therefore being governed from Westminster who have chosen to pass the above mentioned legislation.
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  2. Tropical Wilds

    Tropical Wilds Lord, beer me strength...

    United States
    Good for them.
  3. jayem

    jayem Naturalist

    I'm not familiar with legislative proceedings in Northern Ireland. But I know it's part of the UK, and an entirely different country than the Republic of Ireland. So I would expect its laws would be similar to those of England, Scotland, and Wales.

    And the Republic of Ireland amended its Constitution so that early term elective abortion is now legal. Which went into effect this year, as I recall.
  4. Goonie

    Goonie Not so Mystic Mog. Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Wales Scotland, and Northern Ireland have devolved parliaments, with some control over domestic law, though for the past few years Northern Ireland has been run from Westminster due to the collapse of power sharing arrangements in Northern Ireland.
  5. KarateCowboy

    KarateCowboy Classical liberal Supporter

    Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands
    Some people still don't believe all humans are equal. Such bigotry.

    “Every human being alive today and, as far as is known scientifically, every human being that ever existed, began his or her unique existence in this manner, i.e., as one cell. If this first cell or any subsequent configuration of cells perishes, the individual dies, ceasing to exist in matter as a living being. There are no known exceptions to this rule in the field of human biology.” Human Life and Health Care Ethics, Vol. 2

    CRAZY_CAT_WOMAN I'm praying for my dad to get well.

    United States
    No, I don't consider a fetus a human. There is a potential in 7 or 8 months. But still it's non of our business. It's not like we can take care or care about the born.
  7. FireDragon76

    FireDragon76 this statement is not true Supporter

    United States
    Other Religion
    Legal Union (Other)
    For me, it's an issue of equality of bodily autonomy between the sexes under the law. Debates about fetal personhood are a legal red herring.