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A trans on-line ‘friend’ tried to groom my son

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Michie, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. Michie

    Michie Human rights begin in the womb. Supporter

    United States
    Porn and grooming: the connection with trans identity in boys is undeniable

    I am one of a growing number of parents whose children, after exposure to pornographic content online, experienced a sudden and rapid change in behavior, ultimately culminating in a new transgender identity.

    A few days ago I read “Transgender’s Connection with Pornography: It’s Undeniable”, by PITT (Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans). It is a dark and disturbing story about online porn exposure and a young girl’s journey towards identifying as “trans”. So much of what is in the article is disturbing and disheartening. Also, sadly, it’s all too familiar to me and my family.

    Twelve months ago, I checked my inbox and there, waiting for me, was a link to a Google Doc from my 14-year-old son. It began:

    “I have got something really important to tell you but, it’s probably not what you are thinking.”
    “I am not gay, well kind of.”

    My son went on to tell us that he was transgender and that, for the last 3 years, we actually had a daughter who was a lesbian. In the now infamous Google Doc, he defined “dysphoria” and included a link to a source, “just in case” we wanted to look up more information. He spoke of the pain he was going through and likened it to wearing a mask with razors inside. He expressed his fear that we would not accept him and asked for help. Stunned, we said, “I love you” and hugged him. We asked for his patience as we found help and resources to try to understand what he was going through.

    Continued below.
    A trans on-line 'friend' tried to groom my son » MercatorNet
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  2. bekkilyn

    bekkilyn Contemplative Christian Supporter

    United States
    United Methodist
    This is a truly horrifying account, but unfortunately one of many. They really are coming for the children and that survey statistic of nearly 40% 18-24 year olds identifying as LGBTQ+ on speaks to it. And to speak out about it out of love and concern for their own children makes parents into the enemies of the state and the school boards, among other things, in many places.

    I go on a lot about how trans-radicalism is anti-woman (and it very much is anti-woman) but even more than that is how harmful it is children, and the IMMENSE amount of damage it is currently doing to children, and the immense damage is being done by those who disguise it in such words as "inclusive" and label anyone who disagrees as "transphobic" or worse, up to an including threats of rape, death, and other acts of violence, cancellations, etc.

    I truly believe that transgenderism and the resulting trans-radicalism is outright evil. (I don't believe that the individual trans people are evil, but under delusion) It's a wolf in sheep's clothing to be certain, even when the wolf isn't even making any efforts at all to "pass" as a sheep.

    It greatly troubles me to see so much of western society validating and catering to the delusion rather than helping these people get out from under it and go on to live normal lives and the children to be able to be children.

    People see this as "well in the future it will just be considered normal like _____ is today and that's just how progress goes" but this is NOT progress. Sexualizing and grooming children is NOT progress. Telling children lies about biological and objective reality is NOT progress. Accepting outright lies is also NOT progress. None of this is even close to progress and the fact that they are visibly and blatantly going after toddlers now is evil and inexcusable.

    The teen in the article needed a lot of help for his issues, but he did NOT need to be told he was trans. There is no such thing as trans. It's a delusion.
  3. eastcoast_bsc

    eastcoast_bsc Veteran

    We truly live in evil times where the final power struggle is upon us. They are aggressively going after the children and are using the FBI to scare the parents who choose to protest.