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A simple test for the EU people.

Discussion in 'Physical & Life Sciences' started by Subduction Zone, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Contributor Supporter

    Bah! You're just projecting again because you feel guilty about the fact that none of your references were actually peer reviewed, and Clinger's commentary wasn't even based on 'peer reviewed material' (whatever that actually is) as you keep ranting on about! :) Holy cow!

    As a matter of fact, not a single website reference that you cited actually dealt with *any* of Alfven's materials. :)

    Get real. The only one being dishonest with themselves is you.
  2. Seipai

    Seipai Regular Member

    No, it is clear that I am not. You have not been able to show a strawman argument of mine. I do not tend to blow up almost every post. And you still cannot understand the simple concept that since you are pushing material never accepted by scientists that you are the one who has a higher bar that you have to pass over.

    It does not take a peer reviewed article to debunk nonsense.

    And yes, my sites did deal with Alfven's materials. You obviously do not understand the very ideas that you are behind since they debunk Alfven's work on failed prophecies of his materials. These people understood the consequences of what Alfven and your other buddies have predicted. They are not observed in nature.
  3. Justatruthseeker

    Justatruthseeker Newbie Supporter

    United States

    Ahh yes, good ole SUSY theory, another Fairie Dust theory they still won't let die a natural death. The only problem with the standard theory of physics is it does not predict their beloved fairie Dust dark matter, so of course it must be incorrect. :doh:

    Who could ever think that it just might be the dark matter theories that are incorrect and mere Fairie Dust? 25 years of searching, and not even the slightest hint. All because they ignore what 99% of the universe is, and the electrical processes active everywhere.

    From the Earth's near environment.

    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling

    To the moon.

    Electric Moon Zaps Solar Winds | David Reneke | Space and Astronomy News

    To Saturn.

    Icy Moon Zaps Saturn with Electron Beams

    But astronomers still pretend space is electrically neutral, all to keep their Fairie Dust theories alive.
  4. ChrisBot

    ChrisBot Version 7.0 Beta Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator Supporter

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