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A peculiar people : 1peter 2:9

Discussion in 'Discipleship: Following Jesus' started by Sidon, May 28, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Being a real disciple, .........

    So, lets qualify "real".

    Everyone who is born again, has become a disciple.
    This is like, everyone who has joined the army, gets a uniform, and learns how to march.

    A disciple of God and Christ, "works out their salvation", not to stay saved, but because you already ARE SAVED, if you are born again.

    But to be REAL.
    To be REAL.
    This is a disciple that is sold out, 100% committed, .... all in.
    This is a disciple who filters thoughts all day long.

    Reader, do you ever think about what you are thinking about, and filter it through the idea that God is in you, watching you from the inside where your motives and intent live, and we are to please God with all of us, including what we THINK about and what we don't allow ourselves to think about?
    Are you THERE?
    Is that your mind? Are you controlling your thought life ?
    You should be in that mind from the day you are born again, till the day you get your new body, as this is a REAL disciple who filters choices all their life.
    Choices like, "what am i thinking about right now, and why".
    This real disciple makes decisions about what they do, what they think, .....all of this, based on holiness, love, and pleasing God.
    This MIND should be in you, and turned on, all the time.

    Let me give you a little cleaner thought, that will show you something that will help your holy walk.

    Its this..
    God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, are IN YOU.
    Right now.
    What does that mean?
    It means that if you watch porn, they are right there also.
    If you watch filthy cable TV, ........then realize that God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are right there with you, while you do.
    So, we have to realize that if we get into some darkness, then we are taking God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit into it with us, every single time.
    Are they pleased?
    Are you making them happy, if you do that to them?
    Give that a few thoughts.
    It'll do you good the next time you reach for that "R" rated movie that has your favorite actor in it, or that "Rated MATURE" TV show that is going to have some sexuality in it, same as the last 50 episodes.
    God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are right there IN YOU< should you turn on that program or look as SITES online that are not for God's EYES, nor Yours.

    So, a REAL Disciple......will find you """in the world but not of it."""
    You're not going to fit in, and you will be made to feel that you are the problem.
    And the reason that happens, is because The world is Dark, Spiritual darkness, and wants it that way, and we the born again are LIGHT.

    Light, possesses Heat.
    Heat in the Kingdom of God, is righteousness and conviction and truth.
    The world wants none of this. The world wants to bathe in decadence and pretend its moral.
    The world wants 2 "married" homosexual men to adopt baby boys.
    The world presents wrong as right, and dark as light.

    Here is something that isn't taught much, but should be...

    The 1st Commandment is more important to God.
    The 2nd Commandment is more important to the World.
    The 1st Commandment can't be politically corrected.
    The 2nd Commandment was twisted to create "social justice" "Gay rights", "political correctness", and socialism and communism.

    IN REAL Christianity, God is #1, and the rest of the Commandments, are not.
    It secularized Christianity, the 2nd commandment is given precedence over the 1st.
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. SongOnTheWind

    SongOnTheWind Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    I've been peculiar all my life. Perhaps that's not a bad thing after all :)
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  3. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Let me show you how twisted this world is.....

    God, who created it as the Word (jesus) came here. John 1:10. Colossians 1:16. 1 Timothy 3:16
    This is God Himself, who is LOVE. "God is Love".
    All He did when Jesus was here, was love, heal, teach, help, give, and moreso.
    However, He will not accept false self righteousness then, and He will not accept it now.
    So, when you hear a person talking about what they are doing to stay saved, then you are hearing words that anger GOD, who Himself is the only way to be saved or stay saved.
    How does this world treat such a perfect one who is LOVE and came here?
    It nailed Him up and let Him bleed, and watched, and enjoyed it.

    So, we see Love vs the REAL world.
    Thats the same world that hates us, just as it hated Him.

    And what did that Love do on the Cross?
    That love, looked down from that Cross, and said...>"forgive them all".
    John 3:16 says it best.

    Also, We are told to love our neighbor....
    But look at God's love......
    God didnt just Love His neighbor, He literally died on The Cross for all His ENEMIES as well.

    Now, when He comes back, it'll be a different story and ending.
  4. RDKirk

    RDKirk Alien, Pilgrim, and Sojourner Supporter

    No. Jesus Himself points out how the First Commandment was twisted even in His day to avoid the Second Commandment.

    The two commandments are indivisible in practice. Any attempt to prioritize one above the other in practice actually fails to obey either.
  5. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    You'll now need to post a NT verse where Jesus said the 1st Commandment was "twisted".
    You said that Jesus said this, so, post the verse.

    And, The 1st Commandment is #1 on the list for a reason.

    Here is what God expects.
    He expects you to put Him first.... above people, family, friends, pets, favorite TV shows, or anything else.
    The 2nd commandment does not expect this, from you.
    So, they are not the same in reality or in severity.

    The "Likeness" between them comes in, because Love is at play, however, you are even to love God with your WILL.
    And you are never told to do that for another person, by the 2nd commandment.

    When Jesus was about to be arrested, He said...>"not MY WILL, but yours Father, that is what i will DO".

    So, see that? That is the FREE WILL of Christ being given, sacrificed, in obedience to the 1st Commandment, not the 2nd.
  6. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    In "secularized Christianity" can you give an example of making an idol? How are the terms you used in any way related to idol-making?
  7. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Well, let me say this.... so that im not causing confusion..

    Money is a good thing.
    God created it, as a way of revenue, a way of support, and a way of blessing.
    The OT has verses in it that talk about God giving you the power to get wealth.
    The NT speaks of getting supply from God's "riches in Glory".
    Money is not the enemy.
    Money is the oil of life, as it is a rescue and a provision, and you have to have it.
    God is not opposed to you having money. He is opposed to you loving money.
    People , some, make a God out of money, and God will not be mocked this way.

    So, ive no issue with you having all the money you need and more then you need.
    I want everyone here to have such a continuing blessing of Money, that you can help your kids, your mother, your friends, your church, your neighbor, and the poor.
    May God bless every person here who reads my Threads, with health and money and success in life as all this is the favor of God.

    Now, here is the thing....

    There are ministries that teach the "gospel of get"........they teach that God is there to make you rich.
    You have heard the term "the prosperity Gospel".
    Well, this idea, is of God, but the way it's often taught is of man's greed., and that is the problem.

    So, to answer your question, i needed to write all that, for the sake of clarity and context..

    MANY make an idol out of money and stuff they can buy with it.
    "getting more" is their god.
    So, that's one idol, that is everywhere you look.

    As far as "graven images"?
    I have no issue with Statues of Religious figures, until the person, or the denomination, prays to them.
    The New Testament never tells a Christian to pray to a person or to a statue.
    Not ever.
    So, if you pray to "saint someone", you have violated covenant with God.
    God will be the ONLY that you pray To, or Christ, as He is God.
    Never anyone else.
    Not ever., as this is "worshiping them", as you can't "Pray to someone" unless you hold them in esteem that is equal to Christ.
    Never do that.