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A look into Amos 2:6-3:8 and John 10:22-23

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by RabbiJames, Nov 28, 2021.

  1. RabbiJames

    RabbiJames Active Member

    AMOS 2:6-3:8    

    The prophet preaches “judgment on Israel” (because they sell the righteous for silver), and for many more evil deeds, they have turned away from God and are behaving like the heathen, that know not the LORD.  Yosef was righteous, and he sold for 20 pieces of silver, Yeshua was / is righteous, and was sold for 30 pieces of silver.  Israel has traded a “Torah” (30-20=10) walk for an “unrighteous” walk and lifestyle, trouble is ahead, judgment is coming, and it came, God used Babylon, Greece, Antiochus, Rome, as instruments of judgment, yet Israel prevailed, through YHVH's grace, goodness, righteousness, and through a “few gallant men” who fought the fight of freedom.  

    MATT 14:1-15:39 , JOHN 10:22-23 , ACTS 7:9-16  

    “Yeshua blesses the crowd” we see that Yeshua went to a place alone, perhaps to mourn the death of his cousin, Yochanan the Baptist, yet the crowd found him, he had compassion and healed the sick, he fed them when he multiplied the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Interesting enough, when we add 5 and 2 we get “7” the perfect number, the number of Holiness, we have the “Bread (loaves) of Life” and he who makes “fishers of men” (fish). Also, the symbol of the “fish” was used in early messianic believers.   

         In John, we see that Yeshua attends the Feast of Hanukkah, the “dedication.” The root word for “Hanukkah” is “Chanakh” which, in Hebrew letters is;  Chet, Nun, Kaf.  It means to “initiate, discipline, dedicate, train up, habituate (being accustomed to doing something). This year, the Festival of Hanukkah starts on Monday evening, Nov 29th and goes to Dec 6th. An easy way to celebrate is to purchase 8 small scented candles in glass jars, you might have a variety of scents, and one large candle in a large jar, to put in the middle, so you have 4 candles on each side. Every night you light the middle candle and the farthest one on your right, the next night the middle candle and then 2 candles, etc..until the eighth night, when all nine candles are lit. Some just have an electric menorah, and each night, one light is turned, then two, then three, etc

         So, “Hanukkah” is “re-dedication of the temple”.  It was in the temple where the Jews gathered on the Sabbaths to be “trained up” “disciplined in the teaching/learning of the Torah”.  Today, our bodies are the Temple where the Holy Spirit reigns, in order to teach us, discipline us in the ways of the Torah, getting us accustomed to serving our Savior and redeemer.

         Yeshua, at this time of Hanukkah takes this opportunity to tell the Jews, “I AM the Messiah....yet you do not believe” the choice to believe, is always OURS.  

         In Acts 7:9-16, we read the account told by Stephen, the first martyr, of Yosef who was sold into slavery by his brothers, went down to Egypt, yet with “Adonai “ was made to be elevated, thus saving Egypt and other close by nations from starvation.

         When we look at this account from the Hanukkah perspective, we might see Israel as a type of Yosef, who was oppressed and enslaved by “Antiochus” (Egypt), yet as Adonai was with Judah Ben Mattityahu (The Maccabee) He triumphed over Antiochus and brought deliverance to Israel and restored the Temple again .

         Adonai likewise, was with Yosef, who was transformed from slave to “associate-King” bringing a blessing to Egypt and other nations when starvation and famine were at the door.   Israel received a Spiritual blessing when Antiochus was defeated. 

    Shabbat Shalom.  Ben Avraham
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  2. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    Not to distract from what you have already presented but... Feast of the Dedication and not the Festival of Lights... why did John focus on the "dedication" aspect and Yeshua focus on the "light" aspect?
  3. GedaliahMaegil

    GedaliahMaegil Messianic Ger Toshav - not christian

    United States
    In Yeshua's speaking with those who confronted Him at Chanukhah, he neither addressed the matter of the Dedication nor the matter of light. The subject matter centred around His credentials as Mashiach.