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A cure for Cold Sores & Herpes

Discussion in 'General Physical Health' started by butterfly33, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. butterfly33

    butterfly33 Regular Member

    Hey everyone!

    Pepsi is currently running a project called the 'Pepsi Refresh Project' where Pepsi donates large amounts of money to worthy causes. Causes with the most votes receive funding at the end of June.

    Dr Bloom is a researcher from the University of Florida who is so close to going into clinical trials for the closest thing yet to a cure for cold sores and herpes. I suffer from HSV -1 (cold sores on the mouth) and even though they might be a common disease, they are really crippling for immuno-comprimised people such as myself, for cancer patients, and people with other diseases that alter how their immune system functions.

    Please vote as we can eradicate this virus for the next generation, for our children, children's children and so on!

    Fund tests of a new herpes treatment at the University of Florida | Pepsi Refresh Everything
    click the above link to vote!

    Only USA residents can vote, and you can vote once a day.

    Your prayers and support are so appreciated!!

    God Bless

  2. Lemmiwinks

    Lemmiwinks Newbie

    I voted! I find Famciclovir works for my cold sores but it is expensive.
  3. gale.42kn

    gale.42kn Newbie

    My prayers are in support..