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7-headed Beast is the European Union

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by Alex Edelstein, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. European Union

  2. something else

  1. Alex Edelstein

    Alex Edelstein New Member

    Hello everybody. Want to discuss this video of mine:
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  2. alv_c

    alv_c New Member

    United States
  3. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    Seven heads....at minimum.
  4. Petros2015

    Petros2015 Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Cool soundtrack.

    Seems a plausible interpretation - I had never summed up the heads of the beasts from Daniel's beast to the heads of the beast in revelations before. I'm not sure I see the EU becoming that much of a super power though, unless we get a asteroid-strike or yellowstone megavolcano eruption here on the continental US. Maybe a nuke exchange between us and russia. Something has to drastically alter the balance of power when the US (single country) has 1/3 of the global military force and wealth.
  5. RACarvalho

    RACarvalho New Member

    United States
    The European union is the image of the beast...
    from Daniel Dream on Daniel chap. 7 we learn that a beast is a government system.
    The first beast of Rev. 13 was Europe dominated by the pope (the little horn).
    There is way , way more to the history but below are the highlights:

    312AD – Emperor Constantine issue the Edict of Milan to treat Christians with benevolence and start courting Christians: Miltiades, Bishop of Rome, received a “gift” from Constantine - The palace of Empress Fausta - where the Lateran Palace, the future papal seat and residence of the papal administration would be built… The great apostasy of II Tess. 2 starts - many compromise their faith for power and prestige.

    380AD – Emperor Theodosius I (a politician) issue the Edict of Thessalonica, declaring Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire and the clay (the believers, Isaiah 64:8) mixes with the Iron (Rome) – Fulfilling the prophecy in Daniel 2:33.

    476AD – Western Roman Empire falls – 10 kingdoms raise from that fall – the 10 fingers of clay and Iron in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2 and the 10 horns in the prophecy of Daniel 7:24, Revelation 13 and 17. The only leadership position left standing from the former empire is the Bishop of Rome, the little horn.

    533AD – Justinian (a politician), 500 years after Christ, declares the primacy of the Bishop of Rome – The little horn of Daniel 7:8 gains power.

    538AD – After delivering the city of Rome from the Ostrogoth, Justinian decree is enforced in Rome – Antichrist (Papacy) is set in power at Rome. Prophecy in 2 Tess. 2:4 fulfilled. The Ostrogoth were the last one of the three horns (the other two where the Herulli and the Vandals) that the little horn would destroy in its rising according to the prophecy in Daniel 7:8.

    1590AD – Pope become the False Prophet of Revelation 13 when they create a false interpretation of Daniel 9:27 (antichrist in a 7 year tribulation in the future) to hide the fact, preached by Protestants, that the history of the papacy fulfills everything that is told in the bible about the antichrist up to that point and therefore the papacy is the Antichrist foretold by Daniel, Paul and John.

    1798AD – Napoleon troops arrests the Pope and seize his properties, inflicting the mortal wound to the first Beast (Europe dominated by the Pope) of Rev. chapter 13. The 1st beast of revelation 13 reigns exactly 1260 years (42 prophetic months, 1260 prophetic days, from 538 up to 1798) as the prophecy states in Rev. 13:5.

    1929AD – The mortal wound is healed and the Vatican becomes once again a country in which the king is the pope – the beast is healed but this time clothes itself like the Lamb Jesus (piety and humble) but continues to speak like the devil (false/against Christ doctrines). The new beast have two horns (leaders): The white pope and the black Pope – The general Jesuit.

    1957AD – With the TREATY OF ROME, the False Prophet of Revelation 13 (the Pope) starts creating the image of the previous beast – The European Union - as foretold in Revelation 13.

    Present – Under the unified leadership of the Popery, three powers - the economic powers of Europe (Dragon), the political powers of the United Europe (Beast) and the pope himself (False Prophet) - work to gather the world (Globalization) against God for Armageddon – the Final fight against God is on the works, fulfilling Revelation 16:13.