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2nd Samuel 22:1-51 and John 20-21

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by RabbiJames, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. RabbiJames

    RabbiJames Active Member

    2 SAM 22:1-51

    YHVH is my ROCK (Tzuri) and my fortress, and my deliverer; “Elohei Tzuri” (My God) in who I will take refuge. My shield and horn of YESHUATI. (2 Sam) The Spirit of God is speaking, again, using the name ROCK and ELOHEI TZURI, (the God who leads who is my righteousness) We see the name YESHUA…my “Hightower” (hey, that’s the name of my high school where I work!) and my refuge. We take refuge in HIM because he has provided us with salvation, eternal life, a “Hightower” is a look-out tower in a fortress where the guards can see the enemy coming. Through Yeshua, the enemy has been beaten. He has been beaten by the “blood”.

    Vs 32; “Who is God save YHVH and who is a ROCK save our God?” again, the names TZUR-ELOHEINU. Also, in Hosea 14, the prophet tells Israel “Return to YHVH your Elohim, for you have stumbled by your wickedness… for the ways of YHVH are straight and the righteous walk in them! (vs 9). The Prophet Micah also says; “He shall turn back, and have compassion on us, He shall trample upon our wickedness. And you shall throw all our sins into the depths of the sea” (Micah 7:19) It is not surprising that this verse is read just a week before Yom Kippur. A Yom Kippur tradition is taking breadcrumbs and going to a flowing body of water, throwing the bread crumbs into it. This tradition is known as “tashlich” the breadcrumbs symbolize our sins and the body of flowing water, the sea!

    The prophet Joel says; “and you shall know that I AM in the midst of Israel and that I AM YHVH your ELOHIM, and there is no one else.” No wonder he speaks through his prophets, over and over again telling his people to “love HIM” and to “Follow HIM” doing and keeping his commandments. Unfortunately, his people forgot all of that and later on, follow pagan gods, thus reaping the whirlwind! But just as a father will punish, but not abandon his son, neither will Adonai abandon HIS people and forget them. A loving father chastises yet continues to love.

    JOHN 20:26-21:25

    A very interesting reading, as Yeshua appears to his talmidim after his resurrection, and meets them by the Sea of Galilee, or Tiberias, as it is sometimes called. Since he knew that they were fishermen, he decided to help them out again, since they caught no fish during the night.

    “Throw your net over the right side of the boat,” Yeshua told them, and they caught 153 fish. It was then that they realized; “It is Mashiach Yeshua!” It is also interesting that the number “153” is symbolic as well. The words, “Ani Elohim” (I am God) sum up in Hebrew gematria to “153” (Ani = 61) (Elohim = 92) 61+92=153.

    Yeshua also has a talk with Kefa, “Do you love me?” then…feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep, feed my sheep” three times he asked, “do you love me?” the answer came back, feed and shepherd the lambs and the sheep. He also asked Kefa; "Do you love me more than these?" We might ask if Yeshua was referring to the fish that were brought into the net, or the other disciples? In a way, he could have been referring to both! (a possibility) He might have been asking Kefa: "Peter, do you love me more than your fishing career?" Do you love me more than your fellows here?"

    We might put those questions to ourselves as well. Do we love our jobs and treasure our jobs so much that we will work when we are supposed to be in our places of worship on the Sabbaths or on Sundays? Or do we place friendships over our love for the LORD? so we don't speak of the LORD so as not to offend or lose our friends? Something to think about.

    What is the difference between a lamb and a sheep? A lamb is a very young sheep, up to one year old. So, what is Yeshua telling us here? If we love the LORD, then, as believers and followers, we are to teach and guide both young and old believers, believers who are at different stages in their spiritual walk.

    If you want to be used by the LORD, just ask HIM for opportunities to share the Word and teach the Word, there are believers who are willing to learn and be guided. There are also the “lost” yet have an open mind to listen to the Words of God, the Words of the “Lamb” of God who took the sins of the world upon himself to set us free!
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