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28 characteristics of the wicked

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by friend of, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. friend of

    friend of Well-Known Member Supporter

    28 Characteristics of the Wicked

    How would you define a wicked man? What are some words that come to mind when thinking of one? Sinner? Evil? Disobedient? Proud? Liar? Blasphemer?

    In this particular study, we would like to examine the Scriptures and see how the Word of God defines someone who is wicked and evil before God and men. May we glean much information from the Scriptures as a result of this study.

    1. Sinner

    Proverbs 1:10 - "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not."

    A sinner is one who is accounted as guilty. He is an offender. He is sinful. With flattery and fair speech, he seduces, deceives, allures, and persuades others into wrongdoing.

    2. Deceiver

    2 Timothy 3:6 - "For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women...."

    Like serpents, these false prophets slyly wind their way into families. They try to insinuate themselves into the good opinion of others. They are after the weak-minded - "silly women" - who are easily flattered, charmed, and under the influence of sinful pleasures and propensities and various kinds of passions and lusts. They capture the minds and hearts of these "little women" and bring them into captivity through their crafty art and deceitful tricks.

    3. Disobedient

    Titus 3:3 - "For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another."
    1 Peter 2:7 - "...but unto them which be disobedient..."
    Nehemiah 9:26 - "Nevertheless they were disobedient, and rebelled against Thee..."

    These are those who are unpersuadable, rebellious, and not compliant to any law, whether it be that of parents or of civil authority. They are heady and obstinate. They are unbelieving, incredulous, and impenitent. They take offense and stumble at the Word.

    4. Wasting and Destruction Are In Their Paths

    Isaiah 59:7 - "Their feet run to evil...wasting and destruction are in their paths."

    In the course of life, these workers of iniquity perpetrate violence, oppression, destruction, devastation, robbery, spoil, and ruin. Their path is covered with such activity whereby they break down and trample on the rights of others. They are set on ruining, hurting,and fracturing the good-will of others.

    5. Fearful

    Proverbs 28:1 - "...wicked flee when no man pursueth..."
    Revelation 21:8 - "But the fearful...shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire..."

    These ungodly and impious folk are full of apprehensions. The guilt in their consciences makes them a terror unto themselves. Their secret fears haunt them wherever they go. The sin in their hearts makes them cowardly. They vanish away, escape, depart, and hide when no one is actually hunting them down.

    These are those who also are afraid to take a stand for the Lord. They will not dare to take up their cross and discharge their duty to the Lord. They will not boldly and clearly define themselves as the followers and friends of God in this wicked and adulterous generation.

    6. Violent

    Proverbs 16:29 - "A violent man enticeth his neighbor..."

    These are the ones who deal wrongfully, unjustly, and cruelly with others. All day long they devise mischief and seek to oppress their fellow man.

    7. Fierce

    2 Timothy 3:3 - "...fierce..."

    This person is the opposite of one who is gentle, mild, and pliable. He is rough, harsh, cruel, wild, impetuous, and savage.

    8. Abominable

    Revelation 21:8 - "...abominable..."

    This person is polluted with unnatural lusts. His conduct is highly offensive. He lives in open sin and practices detestable vices. His behavior incites the disgust of both God and his fellow man.

    9. Alienated From God

    Ephesians 4:18 - "...being alienated from the life of God..."
    Ephesians 2:12 - "...aliens from the commonwealth of Israel..."
    Colossians 1:21 - "...alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works..."

    Through willful ignorance, these people are alienated or estranged from God. They resist the Light of the Gospel. Therefore their hearts are hardened in Sin. They have an aversion and hatred for the way of holiness, purity, righteousness, truth, and goodness. They have given themselves over to another. They are said to be the property of another - Satan himself. Their understanding is perverse and through their wicked works, they show that they are total strangers to true religion.

    10. Blinded

    2 Corinthians 4:4 - "...god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not..."

    The "god of this world" is Satan. He has the affections of these people's hearts. They obey his will, carry out his plans, and further his cause. Through Sin, their minds are blinded and their hearts are hardened. Their minds or understanding is darkened, obscure, and all mental discernment is blunt or dull. They see no beauty in the plan of redemption - truth, chastity, honesty, and the fear and love of God. Because of the hardness of their hearts, they cannot feel the force of its message and are insensible to its appeals. Their conscience is seared through repeated acts of iniquity.

    11. Boastful

    Psalm 10:3 - "...wicked boasteth of his heart's desire..."
    Psalm 49:6 - "...boast themselves in the multitude of their riches."

    This is a very common characteristic of the wicked. He loves to boast. He boasts of his power and success. He boasts in the fact that he could do whatever he pleases. He boasts in the things that he should rightfully be ashamed of doing and saying. He boasts in the fact that he is superior to others. He looks with disdain and contempt on others. He glories in his wealth, strength, beauty, talent, etc. He takes pride in his passions, lusts, and desires. He is always looking out to excite the admiration of others. He actually feels that his great wealth is a sure token of God's favor on his life and an indication to all of his superior industry and ingenuity.

    12. Untoward

    Acts 2:40 - "...Save yourselves from this untoward generation."

    Those who are "untoward" are wedded to sin and marked for ruin. They are winding, perverse, crooked, obstinate, not easily guided or taught, corrupt in principle, and wicked in conduct. They walk contrary to God and are to be avoided like the plague.

    13. Unthankful

    Luke 6:35 - "...unthankful..."
    2 Timothy 3:2 - "...unthankful..."

    Ingratitude is considered to be one of the worst crimes. Whenever people are unthankful is a sure indication that there is a decline in religion. These people are without grace or gracefulness. They are thankless and unpleasing.

    14. Loathsome

    Proverbs 13:5 - "...wicked man is loathsome..."

    These are morally offensive. They act disgustingly.

    15. Unruly

    Titus 1:10 - "...unruly..."

    These people are unsubdued, unsubjected, untractable, refractory, headstrong, and ambitious of power. They cannot and will not submit to authority. They refuse all discipline and order in the church and abroad.

    16. Glory In Sin

    Philippians 3:19 - "...whose glory is in their shame..."

    These people not only sin but then glory in their sinful deeds. Instead of their indulgences bringing them shame, they are cause for them to glory before all in what they had said and done. They love to brag to all of their evil deeds.

    17. Unholy

    2 Timothy 3:2 - "...unholy..."
    1 Timothy 1:9 - "...the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the ...unholy..."

    These people are impious, wicked, irreligious, totally polluted, and unclean within and without. They have no heart for God and no reverence for the things of God.

    18. Hate The Light

    Job 24:13 - "...that rebel against the light..."
    John 3:20 - "..doeth evil hateth the light..."

    These people sin deliberately and willfully. They go against the convictions of their own consciences. They hate the Light of God's Word. It is unpleasant to them. They will not be guided, governed, commanded, or controlled by God's Light or Law. They practice their deeds in darkness or concealment.

    19. Ungodly

    Proverbs 16:27 - "An ungodly man diggeth up evil..."

    These people are evil, naughty, and wicked. They are spiteful and mischievous. They delight in doing mischief unto others. They sow strife, tell lies, and carry ill-natured stories unto others in order to wreak havoc and sow discord among the best of friends.

    20. Impudent

    Ezekiel 2:4 - "...impudent children..."

    These people are neither afraid nor ashamed to sin. They are hardhearted, obstinate, and stiff-necked. They are self-willed, severe, cruel, grievous, and difficult to work with. They cannot and will not bend or stoop to any or anything.

    21. Unmerciful

    Romans 1:31 - "...unmerciful..."

    These people are merciless and destitute of any compassion. They are incapable of showing mercy to any one, including their enemies.

    22. Incontinent

    2 Timothy 3:3 - "...incontinent..."

    These people are without any self-control. They are intemperate. They have no strength to resist any solicitations to their passions. They lack any strength to govern their appetites, desires, and self in general. Resultantly, they are oftentimes slaves to uncleanness.

    23. Uncircumcised In Heart

    Jeremiah 9:26 - "...all the house of Israel are uncircumcised in the heart."
    Acts 7:51 - "...stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears..."

    Circumcision represented the covenant that the Jews had with God. When the Prophet Jeremiah called the people of Israel "uncircumcised," he was actually saying that because of their sin and idolatry, they lost their crown of peculiarity as God's separated, covenant people and became common among the nations. They became strangers to God and heathen in their hearts. Whenever a people's hearts are not circumcised, they are not devoted and given up to God. They are not willing to acknowledge the Law of God and submit to its dictates. Since circumcision is an emblem of purity and submission to the Law of God, to be "uncircumcised" is to have a heart that is filled with unsubdued and unmortified lusts, passions, and corruptions.

    24. Sold Out To Sin

    1 Kings 21:20 - "...sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the LORD..."
    2 Kings 17:17 - "...sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD..."

    There is a metaphor used here in this terminology. It is taken from the practice of selling oneself as a slave to another and becoming wholly the property of that Master. To sell oneself to sin is to totally abandon oneself to the service and slavery of sin. It is to come under the dominion of sin. Consequently, it is abandoning oneself to the will of the devil.

    25. Mind Earthly Things

    Philippians 3:19 - "..mind earthly things..."

    These people set their affections and hearts on "earthly things." They love them and are obsessed with securing them. Their entire attention is directed to gain, honor, and pleasure. They want to acquire wealth, gain honor, and enjoy pleasure. All of their attention is taken up with earthly matters. They are given over to the flesh and the fulfillments of its lusts. Since they relish wholeheartedly "earthly things," they have no desire for the things which are spiritual and heavenly. They totally reject any mention or concept of the Cross in their lives.

    26. Reprobate

    2 Corinthians 13:5 - "...reprobates?"
    2 Timothy 3:8 - "...reprobate concerning the faith"
    Titus 1:16 - "...unto every good work reprobate..."

    These people have resisted the Truth. Their religion is base, false, and adulterated. It cannot and does not stand the test. It is unapproved. It cannot be proven by the Scriptures. Therefore, they are rejected, worthless, undiscerning, and untried. They are not the real thing. They are phonies, hypocrites, and pretenders. They are very far from being true Christians. They are castaways.

    27. Sensual

    Jude 19 - "...sensual..."

    These people are under the influence of their own passions, lusts, and appetites. They have separated themselves from all that pertains to God and His church and have separated themselves unto the world, the flesh, and the devil.

    28. Lovers Of Their Own Selves

    2 Timothy 3:2 - "...lovers of their own selves..."

    These people are self-centered and selfish. Self is the leading object in all of their pursuits and ambitions. They trample upon any and all who stand in the way of their selfish pursuits. They are only concerned about their own interests and totally oblivious to the welfare of others. Their sole ambition is to gratify their own lusts and make provision for them rather than to please God and help their fellow man.

    Here are 28 characteristics of the wicked.
    What were your thoughts while reading through this descriptive list of the evildoer?

    Oh, how horrible is the description of the wicked man!

    Psalm 139:23 - How we, as Christians, need to fervently pray, like David, that God would search us and know our hearts and see if there is any "wicked way" in us.
    May we readily repent of any wickedness that may be found in our lives.
    May we also fervently pray for all those who are yet unsaved that God would totally deliver them from their sin and evil ways and save them.
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. Oscarr

    Oscarr Senior Veteran Supporter

    New Zealand
    All these are evidence of a sinner's rejection of Christ.
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  3. royal priest

    royal priest debtor to grace

    United States
    To sum it up in one word, "me". I am the most wicked person I know. I am too perfect a representation of all those descriptions. I deserve to be in Hell.
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  4. JohnB445

    JohnB445 Well-Known Member

    United States
    They are full of hate, terror, and hurt others for their own pleasure. And they conform to their father, the devil.
  5. JAYPT

    JAYPT Active Member

    Although you sound really humble, if youre born again, thats not who God says you are. ;)
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  6. friend of

    friend of Well-Known Member Supporter

    Surely you're not that bad. If so, then just read the list again and focus on repenting
  7. JAYPT

    JAYPT Active Member


    Unsaved, James says if you have broken one law, you're guilty of them all.
  8. Jonaitis

    Jonaitis Sleep is for the weak

    United States
    Best answer, and the very one I wanted to use (grr).

    I really love that quote from Charles Spurgeon:

    "If any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him, for you are worse than he thinks you to be."

    I should make this one my signature quote:

    "You cannot slander human nature—it is worse than words can paint it!"

    We are all wretched, pitiable, poor creatures who are more than acquainted with these descriptions. I am reminded every day how corrupt and damn-deserving I am inside. If God regarded what I am, without Christ as my covering, I believe he would not spare me to live for a single moment in his fury. I am worse than words can paint, wretched man that I am!
  9. royal priest

    royal priest debtor to grace

    United States
    The verses quoted above are an honest assessment of the awful state of humanity as a whole. It is of little comfort to me to be considered good by other men. Even the Pharisees, though esteemed by themselves and their peers to be 'not like other men' in their moralilty, were put in their place by Jesus as being no better than others in their devotion to God.
    I must examine myself in the light of God's grace. I have responded all too meagerly and half-heartedly to His love for me. I need to repent of my repentance. My focus needs to be on the cross where I deserve to be but where Jesus went in my stead. And it needs to be upon Heaven where Jesus is now interceding for my desperately needy soul. I'm not denying the work of the Spirit bearing the fruit of His presence in me. I'm just recognizing that it is His fruit, and Christ's life that makes the difference. Without God, I can do nothing.
  10. royal priest

    royal priest debtor to grace

    United States
    To my great shame, I think I'm just being more honest than humble.
    But you are right, by God's grace I am not what I used to be, and in Christ, all my sin is hid from view.