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25 years in Faith Movement:The TRUTH

Discussion in 'Word of Faith' started by SavedByGrace3, Jun 28, 2002.

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  1. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
    Faith is an action and attribute of a spiritual being

    Matt 17:20 (YLT)
    And Jesus said to them, `Through your want of faith; for verily I
    say to you, if ye may have faith as a grain of mustard, ye shall
    say to this mount, Remove  hence to yonder place, and it shall
    remove, and nothing shall be impossible to you,

    Mark 11 (YLT)
    22 And Jesus answering saith to them, `Have faith of God;
    23 for verily I say to you, that whoever may say to this mount, Be taken up, and be cast into the sea, and may not doubt in his heart, but may believe that the things that he saith do come to pass, it shall be to him whatever he may say.

    In each of these passages, there are two components:
    1. A belief in the heart, and:
    2. Saying the same thing that is believed.

    Some refute the concept that God exercises faith, and so refute the literal translation of Mark 11:22: "...Have faith of God." or "have the God kind of faith".

    This translation is supported by the word for word Greek, where the Greek word "en" (in) is not found, and the word for "God" is correctly translated "of God". (see the literal translation above)  Furthermore see the following note from the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge:

    Mark 11:22 TSK
    Have. # 9:23 2Ch 20:20 Ps 62:8 Isa 7:9 Joh 14:1  1:1
    faith in God. or, the faith of God.

    The entire context of the passage supports the concept that belief + words create results. Jesus had cursed a fig tree the day before... *with words*.

    He spoke to it:

    Mark 11:14 (YLT)
    and Jesus answering said to it, `No more from thee--to the
    age--may any eat fruit;' and his disciples were hearing.

    The next day they walked by the tree and saw it dried up from the roots. They were amazed, and that is when He told them to have the "God kind of faith". The "God kind of faith" is faith that believes and speaks. In the next verse, He speaks quite plainly. If you speak to a mountain, and believe you have what you say, then it will happen.

    His words are echoed in 1 Cor 13

    "... if I have all faith, and could remove mountains..."

    God used words to create the universe.

    2 Peter:
    5 for this is unobserved by them willingly, that the heavens were of old, and the earth out of water and through water standing together by the word of God,

    Psalms 33
    6 By the word of Jehovah The heavens have been made, And by the breath of His  mouth all their host.

    Hebrews 11:3
     by faith we understand the ages to have been prepared by a saying of God, in regard to  the things seen not having come out of things appearing;

    Here we see the same faith formula that Jesus referred to. Speaking what is believed in the heart. (The speaking is self evident, and the believing is clearly implied... unless you want to say that God spoke things that He did not believe!?)

    Look at:

    Romans 4:17 (YLT)
    who is father of us all (according as it hath been written-- `A father of many nations I have set thee,') before Him whom he did believe-- God, who is quickening the dead, and is calling the things that be not as being.

    In the great scholarly work "Word Pictures in the New Testament", there is the following entry:

    Word Pictures NT - Roma 4:17 "
    ....{Calleth the things that are not as though they were}
    (\kalountos ta  onta h sonta\).
    "Summons the non-existing as existing."
  2. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
    Mark 11:22 is the only time in the NT where the phase "in God" is translated from "Theou". In every case where we see the phrase "in God", some other greek usage is used. This is a list of all such uses.

    Instances of the phrase "in God" in the NT.

    Matt 27:43 (KJS)
    He trusted in God; let him deliver him now, if he will
    have him: for he said, I am the Son of God.

    The Greek is "epi ton theon", or "upon God"

    Note: Here we see it stated that Jesus trusted in God. Jesus is God, and here it is said that he trusted in God. The verse is a quote from Psalms 22.

    Psal 22:8 
    He trusted on the LORD [that] he would deliver him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him.

    This psalm is universally accepted to be propheticlly speaking of Jesus.

    Luke 1:47
    And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.

    "epi to theo" =upon God.

    John 3:21
     But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his
    deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought
    in God.

    "en theo"  = in God

    John 14:1
    Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe
    also in me.

    "eis ton theon" = into God

    Acts 16:34
    And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat
    before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house.

    "pepisteukos to theo" = believing God

    Roma 5:11
    And not only [so], but we also joy in God through our Lord
    Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement.

    "en to theo"= in God

    2Cor 1:9
    But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should
    not trust in ourselves, but in God  which raiseth the dead:

    "epi to theo" = upon God

    Ephe 3:9
    And to make all [men] see what [is] the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:

     "en to theo" =  in God

    Colo 3:3
    For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    "en to theo" = in God

    1The 1:1
    Paul, and Silvanus, and Timotheus, unto the church of the
    Thessalonians [which is] in God the Father and [in] the Lord
    Jesus Christ: Grace [be] unto you, and peace, from God our
     Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    "en theo" = in God

    2The 1:1
    Paul, and Silvanus, and Timotheus, unto the church of
    the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus

    "en theo" = in God

    1Tim 5:5
    Now she that is a widow indeed, and desolate, trusteth in God,
    and continueth in supplications and prayers night and day.

    "epi ton theon" = upon God

    Titu 3:8
    [This is] a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou
    affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God
    might be careful to maintain good works. These things
    are good and profitable unto men.

    "pepistuko tes to theo" = believed in God

    1Pet 1:21
    Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the
    dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might
    be in God.

    "en theon" =  in God

    1Pet 3:5
     For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who
    trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto
    their own husbands:

    "epi ton theon" = upon God

    1John 4:15
    Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God
    dwelleth in him, and he in God.

    "en to theo" = in God

    1John 4:16
    And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us.
    God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God,
    and God in him.

    "en to theo" = in God

    Finally the instance in question:
    Mark 11:22 (KJV)
    And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have
    faith in God. {Have...: or, Have the faith of God}

    "pistin theou" = faith of God

    This is the only instance in the KJV  NT where "theou" is translated "in God" by the translators!! In every other case there is a preposition such as en, eis, or epi in the phrase. As stated before, no-one disputes that we should have faith in God. Yet in this verse the grammer does not support any other translation of the phrase than "have faith of God".
  3. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
    Theou = OF GOD

    Theou is translated "of God" throughout the NT and is used to assign attributes to God. These include grace, love, peace, mercy, wrath, and faith.  This study will show these instances.
    Also included are examples of how it would be incorrect to force these into the objective as some attempt to do to in Mark 11:22.

    The "grace of God" "caris qeou"

    Luke 2:40, Acts 13:43, Acts 14:26, Acts 15:40, Acts 20:24, 1 Cor 1:4, 1 Cor 3:10, 1 Cor 15:10, 2 Cor 1:12, 2 Cor 6:1, 2 Cor 8:1, 2 Cor 9:14, Gala 2:21, Ephe 3:2, Ephe 3:7, Colo 1:6, Titu 2:11, Hebr 2:9, Hebr 12:15, 1 Pet 4:10, 1 Pet 5:12, Jude 1:4

    These verses show that God possesses and exercises the attribute of grace. It is "God's Grace". He possesses this attribute, and we are  the beneficiaries of His grace. We would never take the phrase "charis theou" and interpret it "grace in God". One would not take this phrase and attempt to make God the "object of our grace" as they do when they attempt to interpret Mark 11:22 as "have faith in God".

    The "love of God" "agaph tou qeou"

    Luke 11:42, John 5:42, Rom 5:5, Roma 8:39, 1 Cor 13:14, 2 Thess 3:5, Titus 3:4, 1 John 2:5,  1 John 3:16, 1 John 3:17, 1 John 4:9, 1 John 5:3 Jude 1:21

    Love, like grace and faith, are a part of God's nature and being. He has love and exercises love. We would not take the phrase "agape tou theou" and force it into the objective phrase "love in God". When we say that we have the love of God, we understand that it is His love in us.

    1John 2:5 (ASV)
     but whoso keepeth his word, in him verily hath the love of God
    been perfected. Hereby we know that we are in him:

    When we say we have the faith of God, we know that it is Christ in us having the faith.

    Gala 2:20 (KJS)
    I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the
    faith of the Son of God
    , who loved me, and gave himself for me.

    It is not us having faith, it is Christ having faith in and through us.

    Ephe 6:23 (YLT)
    Peace to the brethren, and love, with faith, from God the Father,
    and the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Here we see that we actually receive peace, love and faith from God.  No-one doubts that God has love and peace to give us. Why should it be any different with faith? When we say that we should have that love of God in our lives, we are not saying that He is the always the object of that love. Of course He is the object of that love, but we understand that it is His love, and His kind of love that we are exercising. When we say we have the love of God, we mean we are having the same kind of love that He has.

    The "wisdom of God" "sofia tou qeou"

    Luke 11:49,1 Cor 1:21, 1 Cor 1:24, 1 Cor 2:7, Roma 11:33, Ephe 3:10 
    Wisdom is an attribute of God. Wisdom belongs to God. He possesses and exercises wisdom. We can receive the wisdom of God. One would not attempt to translate this as "wisdom in God". We would not attempt to make "God the object" of our wisdom.

    The "wrath of God" "orge qeou"

    John 3:36, Roma 1:18, Ephe 5:6, Colo 3:6, Reve 14:10, Reve 14:19, Reve 15:1, Reve 15:7, Reve 16:1, Reve 19:15
    God's wrath. One would not attempt to interpret this as "wrath in God". It would do the text great injury to attempt to translate this "wrath in God. And we certainly would not take this phrasology and say that "God is the object" of our wrath!

    The "peace of God" "eirhnh tou qeou"

    Phil 4:7, Colo 3:15
    Peace is an attribute of God. He possesses peace, and we can receive His peace. We would not attempt to interpret this phrase as "peace in God" when it obviously and easily translates into "peace of God" or God's peace. God is not the object of our peace, rather He is the source. We receive His peace. He has peace and we receive it. This is also true of faith. We receive His faith. We were created by His faith, are sustained by His faith, and live because of the faith in His words.

    The "mercies of God" "oiktirmwn tou qeou"

    Roma 12:1 mercies of God
    Mercy or compassion is an attribute of God. It is accurate to say "the mercy of God" or "God's mercy". It would not make sense to attempt to translate this "mercy in God".

    That God is faithful, and that this is an attribute of His nature is also obvious.

    Romans 3:
    3 For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the
    faith of God without effect?

    In this example, it is obvious that "...Faith of God..." is referring to His faithfulness, or the faithfulness of God.

    Hence we see it is completely correct to read Mark 11:22 as "have the faith of God". Just as we can have the love of God and the peace of God... we also can have the faith of God. This is grammatically and logically sound.
  4. mjwhite

    mjwhite Member

    Dear Hobie,

    God neither possesses faith or hope. He knows the end from the beginning and therefore needs neither.

    Faith is not the same as being faithful or trustworthy. Therefore your conclusion is as invalid as your premise.

    When we tell someone to keep the faith, we are telling them to keep on trusting in God. Because God is trustworthy, He is worthy of our faith.

    Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. God needs not hope and He sees all things. There is NO ONE for God to trust in, NO ONE for God to put His hope in, NO ONE to be the object of God's faith FOR God is the end and the beginning of all things.

    You simply ignore any biblical point that you can't reconcile with your false doctrines, and now you are inventing another imagination.

    Why have you failed to address the points I have raised?
    Why have you ignored the Scriptures I have brought to your attention?

    You say you can't figure out why the Christian world doesn't believe as you do, well its because they don't like to follow after lies.
  5. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    "Hence we see it is completely correct to read Mark 11:22 as "have the faith of God". "

    I totally disagree. You're changing the meaning of that verse. Look at the greek. Its aptly translated as Have faith in God. not the faith of God. Please do not change scripture to your liking. Thanks :)
  6. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    Hob, please dont' build faith up like its greater then God.
  7. mjwhite

    mjwhite Member


    You said earlier about starting a new thread on repentance that you were trying to show a more complete picture of your beliefs than otherwise is understood.

    That is fine, it shows that you haven't missed out on all truth (-:

    But showing you are 'orthodox' in some areas does not lend legitamacy to any false belief. Why don't you deal with the Scriptures your skeptics bring up?
  8. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States

    I have looked at the greek, and that is why I hold to this interpretation. I just made a string of posts detailing exactly why this is the correct translation. I can enumerate them if you like.
  9. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States

    Perhaps you missed the last 4 or 5 posts I have made too. I can enumerate them for you also?

  10. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States


    Well, you will have to do more than just throw out these ideas to dissuade me. I posted a large amount of scripture and information from the Greek and experts to back it up. You should attempt to do the same.

    Anyone can say.."uh=uhhhhh"
  11. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
  12. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    "I have looked at the greek, and that is why I hold to this interpretation. I just made a string of posts detailing exactly why this is the correct translation. I can enumerate them if you like."

    You actually changed the whole meaning of the verse by changing what it says. It clearly says have faith in God, not have the faith of God. If you looked at the greek you would see that.

    Well first off the greek of the text of matthew 27:48 you are questioning is

    epi theos. these two words are quite easy to translate.

    I read the translations of this word in the book of Mat...there are about 31 in the first 7 chapters..and it seems to be that it should be translated as I have stated. Is there a translation of the bible you can name that translates it the way you want to? Every translation I read says trust in God. Now if you are finished taking words out of context and changing defintions let me know ;)
  13. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States

    You are loking at the wrong verse. We are looking at Mk 11:22. Sorry.

    Four Literal and ancient and modern versons:
    (DRB)  And Jesus answering, saith to them: Have the faith of God.
    (LITV)  And answering, Jesus said to them, Have faith of God.
    (MKJV)  And answering Jesus said to them, Have faith of God.
    (YLT)  And Jesus answering saith to them, `Have faith of God;

    Barnes Commentary:
    Have faith in God - Literally, “Have the faith of God.”

    Clarks Commentary:
    Have faith in God - Å÷åôå ðéϚéí èåïõ is a mere Hebraism: have the faith of God, i.e. have strong faith, or the strongest faith, for thus the Hebrews expressed the superlative degree; so the mountains of God mean exceeding great mountains - the hail of God, exceeding great hail, etc.

    Gills Commentary:
    have faith in God; or "the faith of God", so the Vulgate Latin, Syriac, Persic, and Ethiopic versions

    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge:
    faith in God. or, the faith of God.


  14. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    Umm...Can you please spell out those translations, thanks. I see the most widely used and in my opinion better translations all use faith IN God. :)

    As far as those commentaries go, so what? 1. I don't have the whole of their text in front of me. 2 you switched verses 3. Anyone can write a commentary.
  15. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    The context of that verse also seems to give the have faith IN God a better translation also. Its not your faith that moves mountains, its God that does it because of your faith. Again, its God that does it, not your faith, your faith isn't bigger then God if that's what you're imply, and God still does say no regardless of what you want :)
  16. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
    Again, you seem to be looking at the wrong verse. Mark 11:22 uses the single greek work theou. I did not want to have to do this, but here are the 650 occurances of the word, and the translation of them all. As you will see, Mk 11:22 is the only place translators insert the word "in" into the text:

    Mt19:24 kingdom ofGod
    Mt21:12 temple ofGod
    Mt21:31 kingdom ofGod
    Mt21:43 kingdom ofGod
    Mt22:16 the way ofGod
    Mt22:21 angels ofGod
    Mt22:29 spoken by God
    Mt22:30 throne ofGod
    Mt22:31 temple ofGod
    Mt23:22 throne ofGod
    Mt26:61 temple ofGod
    Mt26:63 Son ofGod
    Mt27:40 Son ofGod
    Mt27:43 Son ofGod
    Mt27:54 Son ofGod
    Mk1:1 Son ofGod
    Mk1:14 kingdom ofGod
    Mk1:15 kingdom ofGod
    Mk1:24 Holy One ofGod
    Mk2:26 house ofGod
    Mk3:11 Son ofGod
    Mk3:35 will ofGod
    Mk4:11 kingdom ofGod
    Mk4:26 kingdom ofGod
    Mk4:30 kingdom ofGod
    Mk5:7 Son ofGod
    Mk7:8 commandment ofGod
    Mk7:9 commandment ofGod
    Mk7:13 word ofGod
    Mk8:33 be ofGod
    Mk9:1 kingdom ofGod
    Mk9:47 kingdom ofGod
    Mk10:14 kingdom ofGod
    Mk10:15 kingdom ofGod
    Mk10:23 kingdom ofGod
    Mk10:24 kingdom ofGod
    Mk10:25 kingdom ofGod
    Mk11:22 faith in God
    Mk12:14 way ofGod
    Mk12:17 that are God's
    Mk12:24 power ofGod
    Mk12:34 kingdom ofGod
    Mk14:25 kingdom ofGod
    Mk15:39 Son ofGod
    Mk15:43 kingdom ofGod
    Mk16:19 right hand ofGod
    Lk1:6 ordinances ofGod
    Lk1:8 office before God
    Lk1:19 presence ofGod
    Lk1:26 sent ofGod
    Lk1:35 the Son ofGod
    Lk1:78  mercies ofGod
    Lk2:40 grace ofGod
    Lk3:2 word ofGod
    Lk3:6 salvation ofGod
    Lk3:38 (the son) ofGod
    Lk4:3 Son ofGod
    Lk4:4 word ofGod
    Lk4:9 Son ofGod
    Lk4:34 Holy One ofGod
    Lk4:41 Son ofGod
    Lk4:43 kingdom ofGod
    Lk5:1 word ofGod
    Lk6:4 house ofGod
    Lk6:12 prayer to God(YLT=prayer ofGod)
    Lk6:20 kingdom ofGod
    Lk7:28 kingdom ofGod
    Lk7:30 councel ofGod
    Lk8:1 kingdom ofGod
    Lk8:10 kingdom ofGod
    Lk8:11 word ofGod
    Lk8:21 word ofGod
    Lk8:28 Son ofGod
    Lk9:2 kingdom ofGod
    Lk9:11 kingdom ofGod
    Lk9:20 the Christ ofGod
    Lk9:27 kingdom ofGod
    Lk9:43 power ofGod
    Lk9:60 kingdom ofGod
    Lk9:62 kingdom ofGod
    Lk10:9 kingdom ofGod
    Lk10:11 kingdom ofGod
    Lk11:20 kingdom ofGod
    Lk11:28 word ofGod
    Lk11:42 love ofGod
    Lk11:49 wisdom ofGod
    Lk12:6 forgotten before God
    Lk12:8 Son ofGod
    Lk12:9 angels ofGod
    Lk12:31 kingdom ofGod
    Lk13:18 kingdom ofGod
    Lk13:20 kingdom ofGod
    Lk13:28 kingdom ofGod
    Lk13:29 kingdom ofGod
    Lk14:15 kingdom ofGod
    Lk15:10 kingdom ofGod
    Lk16:15 angels ofGod
    Lk16:16 kingdom ofGod
    Lk17:20 kingdom ofGod
    Lk17:21 kingdom ofGod
    Lk18:16 kingdom ofGod
    Lk18:17 kingdom ofGod
    Lk18:24 kingdom ofGod
    Lk18:25 kingdom ofGod
    Lk18:29 God's sake
    Lk19:11 kingdom ofGod
    Lk20:21 way ofGod
    Lk20:25 the things ofGod
    Lk20:36 children ofGod
    Lk21:4 offerings ofGod
    Lk21:31 kingdom ofGod
    Lk22:16 kingdom ofGod
    Lk22:18 kingdom ofGod
    Lk22:69 Son ofGod
    Lk22:70 Son ofGod
    Lk23:35 chosen ofGod
    Lk23:51 kingdom ofGod
    Lk24:19 before God
    Jn1:6 men sent fRm God
    Jn1:12 sons ofGod
    Jn1:13 born ofGod
    Jn1:29 the lamb ofGod
    Jn1:34 the Son ofGod
    Jn1:36 the lamb ofGod
    Jn1:49 the Son ofGod
    Jn1:51 angels ofGod
    Jn3:2 (YLT ofGod)
    Jn3:3 kingdom ofGod
    Jn3:5  kingdom ofGod
    Jn3:18 Son ofGod
    Jn3:34 words ofGod
    Jn3:36 wrath ofGod
    Jn4:10 gift ofGod
    Jn5:25 Son ofGod
    Jn5:42 the love ofGod
    Jn5:44 from God
    Jn6:28 works ofGod
    Jn6:29 work ofGod
    Jn6:33 bread ofGod
    Jn6:45 taught ofGod
    Jn6:46 he who is ofGod
    Jn6:69 son of the living God
    Jn7:17 Son ofGod
    Jn8:40 ye are not ofGod
    Jn8:42 I came fRm God
    Jn8:47 God's words
    Jn9:3 works ofGod
    Jn9:16 tnot ofGod
    Jn9:33 not ofGod
    Jn9:35 the Son ofGod
    Jn10:35 word ofGod
    Jn10:36 Son ofGod
    Jn11:4 Son ofGod
    Jn11:27 Son ofGod
    Jn11:40 the glory ofGod
    Jn11:52 children ofGod
    Jn12:43 praise ofGod
    Jn13:3 from God
    Jn16:27 from God
    Jn16:30 from God
    Jn19:7 Son ofGod
    Jn20:31 Son ofGod
    Ac1:3  kingdom ofGod
    Ac2:11 works ofGod
    Ac2:22 approved ofGod
    Ac2:23 foreknowledge ofGod
    Ac2:33 hand ofGod
    Ac4:19 sight ofGod
    Ac4:31 word ofGod
    Ac5:39 it be ofGod
    Ac6:2 word ofGod
    Ac6:7 word ofGod
    Ac7:43 of your god
    Ac7:46 before God
    Ac7:55 glory ofGod
    Ac7:55  hand ofGod
    Ac7:56 hand ofGod
    Ac8:10 power ofGod
    Ac8:12 kingdom ofGod
    Ac8:14 word ofGod
    Ac8:20 gift ofGod
    Ac8:21 sight ofGod
    Ac8:22 and pray God
    Ac8:37 Son ofGod
    Ac9:20 Son ofGod
    Ac10:2 prayed to God
    Ac10:3 angel ofGod
    Ac10:4 before God
    Ac10:31 sight ofGod
    Ac10:33  before God
    Ac10:41 chosen ofGod
    Ac10:42 ordained ofGod
    Ac11:1 word ofGod
    Ac11:23 grace ofGod
    Ac12:22 voice ofGod
    Ac12:24 word ofGod
    Ac13:5 word ofGod
    Ac13:7 word ofGod
    Ac13:36 will ofGod
    Ac13:43 grace ofGod
    Ac13:44 word ofGod
    Ac13:46 word ofGod
    Ac14:22  kingdom ofGod
    Ac14:26 grace ofGod
    Ac15:40 grace ofGod
    Ac16:17 servants ofGod
    Ac17:13 word ofGod
    Ac17:29 offspring ofGod
    Ac18:11 word ofGod
    Ac18:21 if God will
    Ac18:26 way ofGod
    Ac19:8  kingdom ofGod
    Ac20:24 grace ofGod
    Ac20:25  kingdom ofGod
    Ac20:27 councel ofGod
    Ac20:28 church ofGod
    Ac22:3 zealous toward God (YLT zealous ofGod)
    Ac23:4 God's high priest
    Ac26:6 promise made ofGod
    Ac26:22 help ofGod
    Ac27:23 angel ofGod
    Ac28:23 kingdom ofGod
    Ac28:28 salvation ofGod
    Ac28:31 kingdom ofGod
    Rm1:1 gospel ofGod
    Rm1:4 Son ofGod
    Rm1:7 beloved ofGod
    Rm1:10 will ofGod
    Rm1:16 power ofGod
    Rm1:17 righteousness ofGod
    Rm1:18  wrath ofGod
    Rm1:19 known ofGod
    Rm1:23 glory of uncoruptable God
    Rm1:25 truth ofGod
    Rm1:32 judgement ofGod
    Rm2:2 judgement ofGod
    Rm2:3 judgement ofGod
    Rm2:4 goodness ofGod
    Rm2:5 judgement ofGod
    Rm2:24 name ofGod
    Rm2:29 but ofGod
    Rm3:2 oracles ofGod
    Rm3:3 the faith ofGod
    Rm3:5 righteousness ofGod
    Rm3:7 truth ofGod
    Rm3:18 fear ofGod
    Rm3:21 righeousness ofGod
    Rm3:22 righteousness ofGod
    Rm3:23 glory ofGod
    Rm3:26 forebearance ofGod
    Rm4:17 God of whom he believed
    Rm4:20 promise ofGod
    Rm5:2 glory ofGod
    Rm5:5 love ofGod
    Rm5:15 grace ofGod
    Rm6:23 gift ofGod
    Rm7:22 law ofGod
    Rm7:25 law ofGod
    Rm8:7 law ofGod
    Rm8:9 Spirit ofGod
    Rm8:14 sons ofGod
    Rm8:16 children ofGod
    Rm8:17 heirs ofGod
    Rm8:19 sons ofGod
    Rm8:21 children ofGod
    Rm8:33 ofGod's elect
    Rm8:34 hand ofGod
    Rm8:39 love ofGod
    Rm9:6 word ofGod
    Rm9:8 children ofGod
    Rm9:11 purpose ofGod
    Rm9:16 (it is) ofGod
    Rm9:26 children ofGod
    Rm10:2 zeal ofGod
    Rm10:3 God's righteousness
    Rm10:17 word ofGod
    Rm11:22 severity ofGod
    Rm11:29 calling ofGod
    Rm11:33 knowledge ofGod
    Rm12:1 mercies ofGod
    Rm12:2  will ofGod
    Rm13:1 ordained ofGod
    Rm13:2 ordinance ofGod
    Rm13:4 minister ofGod
    Rm13:6 God's ministers
    Rm14:17 kingdom ofGod
    Rm14:20 work ofGod
    Rm14:22 to thyself before God
    Rm15:7 glory ofGod
    Rm15:8 truth ofGod
    Rm15:15 given to me ofGod
    Rm15:16 gospel ofGod
    Rm15:19 Spirit ofGod
    Rm15:32 will ofGod
    Rm16:26 commandment ofGod
    1c1:1 will ofGod
    1c1:2 church ofGod
    1c1:3 peace from God
    1c1:4 grace ofGod
    1c1:18 power ofGod
    1c1:21 wisdom ofGod
    1c1:24 wisdom ofGod
    1c1:25 foolishness ofGod
    1c1:25  weakness ofGod
    1c1:30 made ofGod
    1c2:1 tesTiony ofGod
    1c2:5 power ofGod
    1c2:7 wisdom ofGod
    1c2:10 things ofGod
    1c2:11 Spirit ofGod
    1c2:12 spirit ofGod
    1c2:14 Spirit ofGod
    1c3:9 God's building
    1c3:10 grace ofGod
    1c3:16 temple ofGod
    1c3:16  spirit ofGod
    1c3:17 temple ofGod
    1c3:17 temple ofGod
    1c3:23 Christ is God's
    1c4:1 mysteries ofGod
    1c4:5 praise ofGod
    1c4:20 kingdom ofGod
    1c6:9 kingdom ofGod
    1c6:10  kingdom ofGod
    1c6:11 spirit ofGod
    1c6:19 have from God
    1c6:20 which are God's
    1c7:7 gift ofGod
    1c7:19 commandments ofGod
    1c7:40 Spirit ofGod
    1c10:31 glory ofGod
    1c10:32 church ofGod
    1c11:7 glory ofGod
    1c11:12 are ofGod
    1c11:16 churches ofGod
    1c11:22 chruch ofGod
    1c12:3 Spirit ofGod
    1c14:36 the Word ofGod
    1c15:9 church ofGod
    1c15:10 the grace ofGod
    1c15:15 fwitnesses ofGod
    1c15:34 knowledge ofGod
    1c15:50 kingdom ofGod
    2c1:1 will ofGod
    2c1:2 peace from God
    2c1:4 comforted ofGod
    2c1:12 grace ofGod
    2c1:19 Son ofGod
    2c1:20 pRmises ofGod
    2c1:20  glory ofGod
    2c2:17 word ofGod
    2c3:3 Spirit ofGod
    2c3:5 sufficiency is ofGod
    2c4:2 word ofGod
    2c4:4 image ofGod
    2c4:6 the glory ofGod
    2c4:7 be ofGod
    2c4:15 glory ofGod
    2c5:1 a building ofGod
    2c5:18 all things are ofGod
    2c5:20 (God's entreating)
    2c5:21 the righteousness ofGod
    2c6:1 the grace ofGod
    2c6:4 ministers ofGod
    2c6:7 the power ofGod
    2c6:16 temple ofGod
    2c7:1 fear ofGod
    2c7:12 before God
    2c8:1 the grace ofGod
    2c8:5 the will ofGod
    2c9:14 grace ofGod
    2c10:5 knowledge ofGod
    2c11:2 zeal ofGod
    2c11:7 good news ofGod
    2c12:19 before God in Christ
    2c13:4 power ofGod
    2c13:14 love ofGod
    Ga1:1 through God
    Ga1:3 from God
    Ga1:4 will ofGod
    Ga1:13 assembly ofGod
    Ga1:20 before God
    Ga2:20 Son ofGod
    Ga2:21 grace ofGod
    Ga3:3 faith ofGod
    Ga3:17 before by God
    Ga3:21 pRmises ofGod
    Ga3:26 sons ofGod
    Ga4:7 heir ofGod
    Ga4:9 known ofGod
    Ga4:14 angel ofGod
    Ga5:21 kingdom ofGod
    Ga6:16 Israel ofGod
    Ep1:1 will ofGod
    Ep1:2 peace fRm God
    Ep2:8 gift ofGod
    Ep2:19 household ofGod
    Ep2:22 habitation ofGod
    Ep3:2 grace ofGod
    Ep3:7 grace ofGod
    Ep3:10 wisdom ofGod
    Ep3:19 fulness ofGod
    Ep4:13 Son ofGod
    Ep4:18 the life ofGod
    Ep4:30 Spirit ofGod
    Ep5:1 followers ofGod
    Ep5:5 kingdom ofGod
    Ep5:6  wrath ofGod
    Ep5:21 in the fear ofGod
    Ep6:6 servants ofGod
    Ep6:11 armour ofGod
    Ep6:13 armour ofGod
    Ep6:17 word ofGod
    Ep6:23 faith from God
    Ph 1:2 peace from God
    Ph 1:11 praise ofGod
    Ph 1:28 that ofGod
    Ph 2:6 the form ofGod
    Ph 2:11 the glory ofGod
    Ph 2:15 sons ofGod
    Ph 3:9 ofGod
    Ph 3:14 calling ofGod
    Ph 4:7 peace ofGod
    Co 1:1 will ofGod
    Co 1:2 from God
    Co 1:6 grace ofGod
    Co 1:10 knowledge ofGod
    Co 1:15 image ofGod
    Co 1:25 dispensation ofGod
    Co 1:25  word ofGod
    Co 2:2 mystery ofGod
    Co 2:12 God's working
    Co 2:19  increase ofGod
    Co 3:1 hand ofGod
    Co 3:6 wrath ofGod
    Co 3:12 elect ofGod
    Co 3:15 peace ofGod
    Co 4:11 kingdom ofGod
    Co 4:12 will ofGod
    1t1:1 fRm God our Father
    1t1:3 the sight ofGod
    1t1:4 election ofGod
    1t2:2 gospel ofGod
    1t2:4 allowed ofGod
    1t2:8 gospel ofGod
    1t2:9 gospel ofGod
    1t2:12 worthy ofGod
    1t2:13 word ofGod
    1t2:14 churches ofGod
    1t3:2 minister ofGod
    1t3:9  before God
    1t3:13 before God
    1t4:3 will ofGod
    1t4:16 trump ofGod
    1t5:18 will ofGod
    2t1:2 peace from God
    2t1:4 churches ofGod
    2t1:5 kingdom ofGod
    2t1:12 grace of our God
    2t2:4 temple ofGod
    2t3:5 love ofGod
    1Ti 1:1 commandment ofGod
    1Ti 1:2 peace from God
    1Ti 1:4 dispensation ofGod
    1Ti 1:11 glory ofGod
    1Ti 2:3 sight ofGod
    1Ti 2:5 mediator ofGod
    1Ti 3:5 church ofGod
    1Ti 3:15 assembly ofGod
    1Ti 4:4 creature ofGod
    1Ti 4:5 word ofGod
    1Ti 5:4 before God
    1Ti 5:21 before God
    1Ti 6:1 name ofGod
    1Ti 6:11 man ofGod
    1Ti 6:13 sight ofGod
    2Ti 1:1 will ofGod
    2Ti 1:2 peace from God
    2Ti 1:6 gift ofGod
    2Ti 1:8 power ofGod
    2Ti 2:9 word ofGod
    2Ti 2:19 foundation ofGod
    2Ti 3:17 man ofGod
    2Ti 4:1 before God
    Tt1:1 servant ofGod
    Tt1:3 commandment ofGod
    Tt1:4 peace from God
    Tt1:7 steward ofGod
    Tt2:5 word ofGod
    Tt2:10 doctrine ofGod
    Tt2:11 grace ofGod
    Tt2:13 of the great God
    Tt3:4 love ofGod
    Pe 1:3 peace from God
    Hb 1:6 angels ofGod
    Hb 2:4 (God's witness)
    Hb 2:9 grace ofGod
    Hb 3:12 from the living God
    Hb 4:9 people ofGod
    Hb 4:12 word ofGod
    Hb 4:14 Son ofGod
    Hb 5:4 called ofGod
    Hb 5:10 called ofGod
    Hb 5:12 oracles ofGod
    Hb 6:5 word ofGod
    Hb 6:6 Son ofGod
    Hb 6:7 blessing fRm God
    Hb 7:1 priest ofGod
    Hb 7:3 Son ofGod
    Hb 9:24 presence ofGod
    Hb 10:12 hand ofGod
    Hb 10:21 the house ofGod
    Hb 10:29 Son ofGod
    Hb 10:31 hands God
    Hb 10:36 will ofGod
    Hb 11:3 word ofGod
    Hb 11:4 (God's testimony)
    Hb 11:25 people ofGod
    Hb 11:40 ofGod provided
    Hb 12:2 throne ofGod
    Hb 12:15 grace ofGod
    Hb 12:22 city ofGod
    Hb 13:7 word ofGod
    Jm1:1 servant ofGod
    Jm1:5 ask ofGod
    Jm1:13 tempted ofGod
    Jm1:20 righteousness ofGod
    Jm2:23 friend ofGod
    Jm3:9 similitude ofGod
    Jm4:4 enemy ofGod
    1p1:2 foreknowledge ofGod
    1p1:5 power ofGod
    1p1:23 word ofGod
    1p2:10 people ofGod
    1p2:15 will ofGod
    1p2:16 servants ofGod
    1p2:19 toward God
    1p3:4 sight ofGod
    1p3:17 the will ofGod
    1p3:20 longsuffering ofGod
    1p3:22 hand ofGod
    1p4:2 will ofGod
    1p4:10 grace ofGod
    1p4:11 oracles ofGod
    1p4:14 Spirit ofGod
    1p4:17 news ofGod
    1p4:19 will ofGod
    1p5:2 flock ofGod
    1p5:6 hand ofGod
    1p5:12 grace ofGod
    2p1:1 righteousness ofGod
    2p1:2 knowledge ofGod
    2p1:17 received from God
    2p1:21 men ofGod
    2p3:5 word ofGod
    2p3:12 day ofGod
    1Jn2:5 love ofGod
    1Jn2:14 word ofGod
    1Jn2:17 will ofGod
    1Jn3:1 children ofGod
    1Jn3:2 children ofGod
    1Jn3:8 Son ofGod
    1Jn3:9 begotten ofGod
    1Jn3:10 children ofGod
    1Jn3:17 love ofGod
    1Jn4:1 they are ofGod
    1Jn4:2 is ofGod
    1Jn4:3 is not ofGod
    1Jn4:4 ye are ofGod
    1Jn4:6 we are ofGod
    1Jn4:7 love is ofGod
    1Jn4:7  born ofGod
    1Jn4:9 love ofGod
    1Jn4:15 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:1 is born ofGod
    1Jn5:2  children ofGod
    1Jn5:3 love ofGod
    1Jn5:4 begotten ofGod
    1Jn5:5 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:9 witness ofGod
    1Jn5:10 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:12 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:13 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:13 Son ofGod
    1Jn5:18 begotten ofGod
    1Jn5:19 we are ofGod
    1Jn5:20 Son ofGod
    2Jn1:3 peace from God
    3Jn1:6 worthily ofGod
    3Jn1:11 he is ofGod
    Jd 1:4 grace of our God
    Jd 1:21 love ofGod
    Rv1:2 word ofGod
    Rv1:9 word ofGod
    Rv2:7 paradise ofGod
    Rv2:18 Son ofGod
    Rv 3:1 seven spirits ofGod
    Rv 3:2 perfect before God
    Rv 3:12 temple of my God
    Rv 3:12  name of my God
    Rv 3:12 the city of my God
    Rv 3:12 heaven from my God
    Rv 3:14 creation ofGod
    Rv 4:5 seven spirits ofGod
    Rv 5:6 seven spirits ofGod
    Rv 6:9 word ofGod
    Rv 7:2 seal of the living God
    Rv 7:3 servants of our God
    Rv 7:15 throne ofGod
    Rv 8:2 before God
    Rv 8:4 before God
    Rv 9:4 seal ofGod
    Rv 9:13 before God
    Rv10:7 mystery ofGod
    Rv11:1 temple ofGod
    Rv11:4 before God
    Rv11:11 life fRm God
    Rv11:16 before God
    Rv11:16 before God
    Rv11:19 temple ofGod
    Rv12:6 prepared ofGod
    Rv12:10 kingdom ofGod
    Rv12:17 commands ofGod
    Rv14:5 throne ofGod
    Rv14:10 wrath ofGod
    Rv14:12 commands ofGod
    Rv14:19 wrath ofGod
    Rv15:1 wrath ofGod
    Rv15:2 harps ofGod
    Rv15:3 servant ofGod
    Rv15:7 wrath ofGod
    Rv15:8 glory ofGod
    Rv16:1 wrath ofGod
    Rv16:9 name ofGod
    Rv16:14 day ofGod
    Rv16:19 before God
    Rv17:17 words ofGod
    Rv19:9 sayings ofGod
    Rv19:13 Word ofGod
    Rv19:15 anger ofGod
    Rv19:17 supper ofGod
    Rv20:4 word ofGod
    Rv20:6 priests ofGod
    Rv20:9 fire from God
    Rv20:12 before God
    Rv21:2 from God
    Rv21:3 temple ofGod
    Rv21:10 from God
    Rv21:11 glory ofGod
    Rv21:23 glory ofGod
    Rv22:1 throne ofGod
    Rv22:3 throne ofGod

  17. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    Why don't you find where the 2 words are together in the NT and list the translations of those huh? I'm still very very very very unconvinced.
  18. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    what about in Acts 3:16
    pistis autos..faith in his name..


    Hebrews 4:2?

    pistis akouo

    faith in them that heard...
  19. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    Me thinks you didn't look but did a simple cut and paste?
  20. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States

    I have done that already. Please see post 142 in this thread where every instance of in God is found. In not one instance is the word theou found. In every instance a preposition such as en is used.

    My study is exhaustive. I have listed every single instance of theou (650) and have shown that all but one (mk 11:22) is correctly translated "of God" or some similar meaning. I have listed every single instance where the phrase "in God" is found and have shown that in every instance a preposition is used and that never is theou used to indicate "in God".
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