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Featured 23rd Sept 2017............

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Goatee, Jul 19, 2017.

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  1. Revealing Times

    Revealing Times Well-Known Member

    John saw a VISION in Heaven that was akin to Genesis 37:9. We see the very same thing in Revelation chapter 15 but no one is trying to pass it of as an Astrological sign.

    Revelation 15:1 And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.

    So is John seeing future Stars aligned or just VISIONS....According to Chapter 15 here its just Visions. A sign on the road tells you something right? Speed limit 55, don't cross here, no passing etc. etc. These are telling John things, thus they are SIGNS UNTO HIM !! I saw a sign/VISION and here is what it tells me, Seven Angels had Seven Vial of Gods Wrath in their hands and they were ready to pour them out. Likewise the Sign in chapter 12 was an indication that the Woman was Israel, who gave birth to the SEED Jesus Christ (male-child) etc. etc.

    Again, these are just past events, told to hide the Real Prophecy being about Israel, Jesus and Satan. Rome at the time would have seen any mention of Israel being protected by God as Sedition/Treason, and they would have come against the Churches of that time even harder than they already were. Israel is never mentioned in Revelation.

    The Prophecy is about an End Time Event, the Abomination of Desolation happens and Israel Flees unto the wilderness.

    Look up the Planets involved, they are all associated with Astrology. If you are looking to the Stars for something that has already come to pass then you are looking in the wrong place. I saved all of these points, and Venus, Goddess of Love, in Astrology. Jupiter: Planet of Luck.

    Its Astrology if one is looking to the skies to READ THE STARS.

    A sign tells us something, or guides us. The North star and other stars are NAVIGATION TOOLS, and always has been. Of course the Sun, Moon and Stars are used even today for SEASONS....AND DAYS.....AND YEARS. That is what it meant.

    Benson Commentary
    Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades? — Generally understood of the seven stars, which, rising about the time of the vernal equinox, bring in the spring. Canst thou restrain or hinder their influences? Or loose the bands of Orion? — By which it binds up the air and earth, rising in November, and bringing in the winter, attended with storms of rain and hail, or frost and snow.

    See note on Job 9:9. Whatever be the meaning of the words rendered Pleiades and Orion, the sense of which is disputed among the learned; by the former, (chimah) we are to understand the sign which appears in the heavens at the spring of the year: and by the latter, (chesil) the sign which presents itself when the season is cold and severe: and the plain interpretation of the passage is, Is it in thy power to hinder either the mild or the rigid seasons of the year from making their regular appearance? Both summer and winter will have their course; God indeed can change them when he pleases, can make the spring cold, and so bind the influences of Pleiades and the winter warm, and so loose the bands of Orion, but we cannot.

    Matthew Henry
    38:25-41 Hitherto God had put questions to Job to show him his ignorance; now God shows his weakness. As it is but little that he knows, he ought not to arraign the Divine counsels; it is but little he can do, therefore he ought not to oppose the ways of Providence. See the all-sufficiency of the Divine Providence; it has wherewithal to satisfy the desire of every living thing. And he that takes care of the young ravens, certainly will not be wanting to his people. This being but one instance of the Divine compassion out of many, gives us occasion to think how much good our God does, every day, beyond what we are aware of. Every view we take of his infinite perfections, should remind us of his right to our love, the evil of sinning against him, and our need of his mercy and salvation.

    Its seems to only be God questioning Job about questioning Him, by revealing to Job that He (God) is of course the Creator of all things, even the constellations in the skies.
  2. Revealing Times

    Revealing Times Well-Known Member

    Biblical Signs in the Sky? September 23, 2017

    Christopher M. Graney is professor of physics and astronomy at Jefferson Community & Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky (USA), where he helps keep the college’s observatory running.

    One day last fall I was working in my office when my desk phone rang. It was a reader of The Catholic Astronomer, calling me with a question. He asked why the Vatican Observatory blog was full of discussion on black holes or whatnot, when there was something much more momentous to talk about.

    It turns out that the momentous thing to which my caller was referring was an arrangement of celestial bodies that will occur this year (2017) on September 23. On that date, according to various Internet sources, the heavens themselves will be a tableau of Revelation 12: (He gives the Relevant verses, no need to Repeat)

    On September 23, 2017 the sun will be in the zodiac constellation Virgo—“a woman clothed with the sun”. The moon will be at the feet of Virgo—“with the moon under her feet”. The ‘nine’ stars of the zodiac constellation Leo, plus three planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), will be at the head of Virgo—“on her head a crown of twelve stars”. The planet Jupiter will be in the center of Virgo, and as the weeks pass after September 23 Jupiter will exit Virgo to the east, past her feet, so to speak—“She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth”. Jupiter is the largest of the planets, the “king” of the planets, so to speak—“She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod”. Must this not be a sign of something momentous, like the Internet sources say?

    Now, I know that the readers of this blog are diverse. People with interest in astronomy are a diverse group! And you all will have diverse reactions to this question. Some of you are probably saying right now, “what a bunch of nonsense!” Others of you may be thinking that my caller had a good point, and you would like to learn more. Fortunately, I am a community college professor! Community college people are the ‘A-Team’ of the academic world (as in B.A., Hannibal, and the crew from the T.V. show and the movie—who are tougher than anyone else and able to save the day using duct tape, PVC pipe, and a butane lighter). We thrive on diversity! No question phases us! We know that there are a lot of smart people out there who have not had much formal education in a topic like astronomy, and that interest in questions like this reflects a basic interest in astronomy combined with interest in religion and scripture.

    My caller was familiar with the Stellarium sky software. He could call up the skies of September 23, 2017 on Stellarium and see for himself that this celestial arrangement was a real thing. His was a reasonable question. Scientists need to be able to answer questions people have like this one, without treating the questions as nonsense, because the questions will not go away just because they are dismissed. And thus before long I was having a nice conversation with the caller, and I ended up telling him I would look into his question, and write a post on this topic. But I said it was unlikely to be the post he was looking for. He was OK with that.

    And so, Mr. Caller:

    First, in one year, thanks to the Earth’s annual orbit, the sun travels the entirety of the ecliptic, and thus passes through every one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. The sun is in Virgo every September. Second, in one month the moon goes through its cycle of phases, and travels the entirety of the ecliptic, and thus passes through every constellation of the zodiac—all owed to the period of the moon’s orbit being one month. Therefore there is always a day or two every year when the sun is in Virgo and the moon is just to the east of Virgo (just past the “feet”). So, the celestial “woman clothed with the sun with the moon at her feet” is as common in September as is the U.S.’s Labor Day.

    But what of the crown of twelve “stars,” comprised of three planets and the nine stars of Leo? The response to this question is another question—why nine stars in Leo? There are many more than nine stars in Leo. Those nine are just brighter ones that are often depicted as comprising the general outline or shape of the constellation. But in fact there are scads of stars in Leo and surrounding the “head” of Virgo.

    And not all depictions of Leo show those nine as its outline. Some show the outline of Leo as consisting of ten stars, for example. That would give Virgo a crown of thirteen stars here!

    And yes, multiple planets being at Virgo’s head while Jupiter is in Virgo’s center and the moon is at Virgo’s feet is somewhat unusual. But it is not that unusual. The period of Jupiter’s orbit is a little less than twelve years, and therefore Jupiter will be in Virgo (with the sun there, too, and the moon at the feet) once every eleven or twelve years.

    So the sun in Virgo, the moon at Virgo’s “feet”, and Jupiter in the constellation are regular occurrences. This leaves the planets at the “head” (the number depending on the number of stars granted to Leo) as the determining factor in making a “momentous” celestial arrangement. Indeed, while various Internet sources speak of the specific celestial arrangement here as being “unique in human history” or “once in 7000 years”, in fact it is not unique to September 23, 2017. This basic arrangement happened before—in September 1827, in September 1483, in September 1293, and in September 1056. These are all shown at the end of this post. I only searched back one thousand years, from 2017 to 1017—there are undoubtedly other examples outside of that time period, and probably a couple examples that I missed within that time period.

    No doubt someone could go diving into the history books to scrounge up some events from 1827, 1483, 1293, and 1056 that the September skies of those years supposedly foretold. That’s the way it is with ASTROLOGY. A person reads his or her daily horoscope and finds that it says “obstacles will be placed in your path today.” Then, that person picks those instances of getting stuck in traffic, or in a long line at the grocery store, or wherever, and says “hey, that horoscope was right,” when of course we all encounter such things every day.

    It is true that astrology—reading the heavens for signs—is something astronomers used to believe was valid (or, my guess is that many of them pretended to believe it was valid, because it paid the bills). But astrology has been found to have no more scientific basis than Harry Potter’s wand. It doesn’t work (something that does not seem to hinder its popularity). If astrology had anything going for it, astronomers would not need to go begging for money to fund astronomical research. We could just use our astronomical knowledge to divine which way the stock market was going, invest accordingly, become “astronomically” wealthy, and fund astronomical research from our surplus. As it is, watching the heavens for signs of what is to come is a waste of time. And it is doubly a waste of time because “signs in the sky” appeal, for some reason, to all sorts of people out there—all of whom can use Stellarium to find this or that momentous “sign” signifying whatever they want to signify.

    And that is why astronomers ignore the seemingly momentous celestial arrangement of September 23, 2017, and talk instead about black holes or whatnot.

    He hes the Constellations in Picture forms on his site.
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  3. SeventyOne

    SeventyOne Well-Known Member

    United States
    Calvary Chapel
    The pics didn't come through, but I went and found the page: Biblical signs in the sky? | EarthSky.org

    9/24/1827 doesn't work because there aren't the 12 stars for the crown above her head, Jupiter not in position
    9/6/1483, same as 9/24/1827
    9/5/1293, 13 stars in the crown, moon too far away, jupiter not in position
    9/14/1056, 12 stars not on her head

    I didn't even check for the 9 month retrograde that's part of the sign this year. I don't think he's found a single instance yet. Maybe he doesn't understand what he's looking for.
  4. Revealing Times

    Revealing Times Well-Known Member

    You keep right on looking towards Astrology. I will not.

    I used this site, the pictures are there. He is an Astronomer.
    Biblical Signs in the Sky? September 23, 2017 - The Catholic Astronomer
  5. iamlamad

    iamlamad Lamad

    United States
    Word of Faith
    Try as I might, I cannot find "Jupiter" in Revelation 12 anywhere.
  6. Dave G.

    Dave G. Well-Known Member

    United States
    I was planning to clean my pellet stove around the 24th actually.
  7. Dave Watchman

    Dave Watchman Well-Known Member

    We'll have to talk about this again at the time of the seventh trumpet. The Temple in Heaven gets opened up, right?

    "Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple

    So if people on earth can look up and see the ark of His covenant sitting inside the Temple, how do you know that they can't look up and see seven angels with the seven last plagues? How do you know that there won't be another actual sign towards the end of the tribulation prior to the vials being poured out that people will be able to look up and see in heaven?

    I am sorry RT, but I don't think this has anything to do with Old Time Israel or the AofD. These two things are 2000 years apart. The first wing of the great eagle was used up in the middle ages. We're on the tail end of the second wing, the composite beast has already opened his mouth to utter blasphemies against God. As I said previously, it appears that this sign is something additional which is embedded within the original historical prophecy.

    I know that the pagans have always had their own thing with this, but the magi back in the day weren't considered Bible guys by the Pharisees. I'd actually rather be on their team right now if I could find it.

    "Saying where is he that is born King of the Jews?"
    "For we have seen his star in the east,
    and are come to worship him

    "And let them be for signs and for seasons,
    and for days and years,

    That's what it means?

    So I can find the north pole?

    "And let them be for signs and for seasons,​

    My Bible Hub says the word for "seasons" is "moed".

    4150. moed

    And "moed" also means "appointed times".

    "And let them be for signs and for "appointed times".

    Hello?, can you say"appointed time of the end"?

    Benson and Henry? I'm sorry RT, those guys can't help with this stuff. It's like asking Isaac Newton from 1750. The bonus is that we don't have long to wait. If that's actually a good thing, I don't know.

    Yep, I'll believe the Catholic Astronomer at the Vatican Observatory named Lucifer. :) I Googled some text and found another link for this. I think that it's a useful read for anyone bothered by this that just wants a good night's sleep.

    Biblical signs in the sky? | EarthSky.org

    What I see is latter in the year, all the way from the middle weekend of November, and until New Year's Eve. So if nothing happens on 9/23, we'll just keep saying peace and safety, peace and safety.
  8. Dave Watchman

    Dave Watchman Well-Known Member

    You're probably the lucky one. Check out the video, the guy does a good job showing the retrograde action. You can count the passing of the moons.
  9. Albion

    Albion Facilitator

    Right you are. I read the OP too quickly. :sorry:

    So....September 23 has essentially no meaning?
  10. SeventyOne

    SeventyOne Well-Known Member

    United States
    Calvary Chapel
    I don't mess with astrology either.

    When the scriptures declare a sign involving the sun, moon, and the stars, I'll be looking where those components reside for the fulfillment, unless you know of some other place where the sun, moon, and stars collect that I'm not aware of.
  11. Revealing Times

    Revealing Times Well-Known Member

    The Scriptures are VERY CLEAR this is in reference to Genesis 37:9. The event is a PAST EVENT. Israel brought forth the male-child Jesus whom the Dragon tried to kill, Jesus ascended. CODE ENGAGED........Prophecy can proceed.

    The Woman Flees into he Wilderness to be protected by God for 1260 Days. That's the prophecy.

    The rest is of Astrology.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  12. SeventyOne

    SeventyOne Well-Known Member

    United States
    Calvary Chapel
    It's obviously not that clear, especially since it doesn't even describe the ascention of Jesus, if He were the male child, accurately.
  13. Revealing Times

    Revealing Times Well-Known Member

  14. nonaeroterraqueous

    nonaeroterraqueous Nonexistent Member

    United States
    It will be a sign if you see Draco make a threatening movement toward Virgo.
  15. keras

    keras Writer of studies on Bible prophecy

    New Zealand
    Yes it does; it is the Day of Trumpets commencing on the evening of the 21st September.
    The Day the Lord has appointed for His Day of wrath:
    Isaiah 30:25-28 On the Day of slaughter1, when all the military fortresses fall2, water will flow from every mountain and hilltop. The moon will burn as brightly4 as the sun and the sun will give out seven times its normal strength3, like seven days power in one. On that Day the Lord will turn again to the welfare of His people7. He will recompense them for the punishments inflicted upon them.

    See: the Lord Himself comes from afar5, His anger blazing and His doom heavy. His mouth is charged with wrath and His tongue is like a devouring fire3. His breath is like a torrent in spate: to judge the nations with His mighty affliction.
    He sieves out the proud nations for destruction6 and there will be a halter in the mouths of their people, leading them to ruin.

    1/ The Day prophesied over 100 times in the Bible. The Day when people scramble for cover; they will call out ‘The great Day of the wrath of Almighty God and the Lamb has come and who can stand? Revelation 6:12-17, Isaiah 2:12-21

    2/ Military personnel, ordnances and weapons will be destroyed on that Day. Hosea 2:18, Amos 5:9, Micah 5:10, Jeremiah 50:27

    3/ Seven times ambient temperature: say 16c X 7 = 112c, that is 12c above the boiling point for water. Isaiah 64:2 The only literal explanation of what will cause all the vividly described prophesied effects, is a coronal mass ejection of an unprecedented magnitude.
    Psalms 21:9, Psalm 97:2-5, Isaiah 33:12, Hebrews 10:27

    4/ The moon will burn brightly red as this CME mass of superheated hydrogen plasma hits it causing a thermite reaction with the aluminium oxide moon dust. Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20

    5/ This terrible Day is instigated by the Lord, but He is not seen at this time; coming in fire – Isaiah 66:15-16, Psalm 18:7-15. A Day quite different from the Return, to come later.

    6/ This is the judgement of all the nations, especially those who scorn and denigrate His people. Zephaniah 3:8, Habakkuk 3:12, Ezekiel 30:2-5, Isaiah 63:1-6

    7/ We are told to pray and trust in the Lord’s protection on that terrible Day, Isaiah 30:15 but we are also warned about what will come and should make preparations for shelter and supplies, then to be aware of what He has planned for His people, now every Christian from every tribe, race, nation and language. Isaiah 26:20-21, Isaiah 49:8-13, Psalms 55:1-8, Jeremiah 29:11-14

    The great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath will happen as the prophets say:

    Moses prophesied: Deut. 32:22 & 41 Fire is set ablaze by the Lord’s anger, it burns to the depths of the hills and devours the earth and its harvest.

    Hannah prophesied: 1 Samuel 2:10 Those who oppose the Lord will be terrified when from the heavens He thunders against them and judges all the world.

    David prophesied: 2 Samuel 22:8-16 The heavens parted and the earth shook at the Lord’s rebuke of searing heat and devouring fire. Psalm 11:6 The Lord will rain fiery coals and scorching winds upon the heads of the wicked. Psalm 37:20 The godless will perish, like fuel in a furnace they will go up in smoke.

    Solomon prophesied: Proverbs 10:25 When the tempest and whirlwind have passed, the wicked are no more.

    Asaph prophesied: Psalm 50:3 God is coming, consuming fire goes ahead of Him and around Him a great storm rages. Psalm 83:13-15 The Lord will scatter His enemies like chaff and as a raging fire across the hills.

    Ezra prophesied: 2 Esdras 16:14-15 Calamities are let loose and will not turn back before they strike the earth. The fire is alight and will not be put out before it consumes and devastates the earth.

    Elihu prophesied: Job 36:32-33 The Lord charges thunderbolts with flames and launches them straight at His target. In His anger, he calls up the storm tempest and thunder heralds his coming.

    Isaiah prophesied: Isaiah 9:18-19 Wicked men are set ablaze like a bush fire, they are fuel for the fire and the land is scorched by the fury of the Lord. Isaiah 29:6 Suddenly, in an instant punishment will come from the Lord with thunder, earthquakes, storm tempests and flames of devouring fire. Isaiah 34:1-5 Come, all you people and listen. The Lord is about to vent His wrath against the nations. He will give them up to slaughter and destruction and many will die. On that Day, the sky will be blasted aside, as His sword appears and descends in judgement, onto all who are doomed for death.

    Jeremiah prophesied: Jeremiah 5:14 Because Israel defies Me, I shall burn up this people like brushwood. Jeremiah 7:20 My anger and fury will pour out on this place, everything will burn unquenched. Jeremiah 21:14 I shall set fire to your land, it will devour everything around about.

    Ezekiel prophesied: Ezekiel 20:47-48 The Lord says: I am about to kindle a fire in the land, it will consume everything flammable. All will know that I have done this. Ezekiel 30:3-5 & 16 I shall set Egypt on fire. On the Day of Reckoning for the nations, Egypt and all the Arab lands will fall by the sword of judgement.

    Hosea prophesied: Hosea 8:14 Israel has forgotten her Maker, they are rich and complacent, so I will burn her cities and fire will destroy her strongholds.

    Joel prophesied: Joel 1:15 The Day is near, a terrible destruction from the Almighty, the land lies burnt and dry, for fire has consumed the trees and pastures. Joel 2:3 A devouring fire and leaping flames passes by, leaving behind a desolate wasteland, nothing survives its passing.

    Amos prophesied: Amos 1:1-15 & 2:1-5 I shall send fire to consume Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Arabia and Israel.

    Obadiah prophesied: Obadiah 1:18 The descendants of Esau will be set alight and burned up with no survivors.

    Micah prophesied: Micah 5:10-11 On that Day, I will destroy your armed forces and burn your cities.

    Habakkuk prophesied: Habakkuk 3:12 Furiously You traversed the earth, in anger You trample the nations.

    Zephaniah prophesied: Zephaniah 1:18 The whole Land will be consumed by the fire from the Lord. He will make a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the Land. Zephaniah 3:8 I will pour My wrath onto nations and kingdoms. My burning anger will consume the whole earth.

    Haggai prophesied: Haggai 2:21-22 I shall shake the heavens and the earth, I will break the power of the heathen, destroying their armed forces.

    Zechariah prophesied: Zechariah 9:14 The Lord will appear over His people like a flashing arrow, with thunder and storm winds.

    Malachi prophesied: Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace, all arrogant and evildoers will be as stubble. That Day will set them ablaze, none will survive.

    John prophesied: Matthew 3:10-12 The axe is ready to cut down any tree that does not bear good fruit and it will be thrown onto the fire. I baptize with water, but Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His winnowing fork is in His hand and he will gather His people, but the ungodly He will burn in the fire.

    Jesus prophesied: Matthew 13:30 Tell the reapers to gather the weeds first for burning, then collect the good crop into My storehouse. Matthew 24:27 Like a lightning flash that lights the sky from East to West, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

    Paul prophesied: Romans 1:18 Divine retribution can be seen at work, falling from heaven onto all the ungodly people who deny the truth. 1 Corinthians 3:13 On the Day of judgement, that Day will dawn in fire and fire will test each person’s worth. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10 The Lord Jesus metes out His punishment of blazing fire onto all those who refuse to acknowledge God or the Gospel of Jesus. On that great Day He will reveal His glory to all believers.

    Peter prophesied: 2 Peter 3:7 & 10 By God’s Word the present heavens and earth are reserved for burning, kept until the Day of judgement when the godless will be destroyed. Suddenly and unexpectedly the Lord will make the heavens disappear with a great sound and flames will envelope the earth, all in it will be brought to judgement.

    The Revelation of Jesus: Revelation 14:18 From the altar came the angel with authority over fire, he said: reap the earth for the harvest is ripe. Revelation 6:17 For the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath has come and who can stand? Malachi 3:2-3

    Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged and paraphrased.
  16. Goatee

    Goatee Jesus, please forgive me, a sinner.

    United Kingdom
    I like to think that God made the stars and placed them for good reason. Why else would he make them and place them where he has? Have they not helped 'man' throughout history?

    Maybe God is giving us certain signs in the stars. Remember the star of Bethlehem? Was that not a sign?

    23rd Sep 2017......Maybe the start of the Great Tribulation?

    Again, I think I am a partial preterist. But, some things are not yet finished!
  17. chevyontheriver

    chevyontheriver Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Without having seen the video, I would be so ready for it. To me it seems the world has gone absolutely crazy. Not that it hasn't ever been crazy before, but it seems extra crazy now.

    Actually now that I think about it I am not that spiritually ready. One should be spiritually ready every day because if something like this doesn't happen there is always the surprise arrival of a Mac truck to make it your personal day of departure.
  18. Goatee

    Goatee Jesus, please forgive me, a sinner.

    United Kingdom
    I have always been one to shake off and dismiss end times 'prophesies' but for some reason I feel 'interested' in this date/year. Especially reading Rev 12 and seeing how the stars line up on the 23rd Sept.

    First time I have realised that God must have placed the stars etc in Heaven for a reason!

    He couldn't tell people in ancient times to look it up on google! He had to give them information by a system that they understood.......The stars! They knew how to read the stars. God knew that we would be able to read them too.
  19. JacksBratt

    JacksBratt Searching for Truth Supporter

    Pretty amazing.... also, to top it off... supposedly..... this only happened one other time before and that was 6000 years ago..... the time of the creation of Adam????

    It really is mind perking but date setting is not really that acceptable, is it?

    We'll have to wait and see.....
  20. JacksBratt

    JacksBratt Searching for Truth Supporter

    I hear ya...... come Lord Jesus.... but not by way of Mac truck, thanks.

    I agree, the world is a mess. Too far gone, in my opinion, to recover.....ever. Truth is almost impossible to find. Corruption is everywhere. There is no way to trust anyone.

    It's almost like the days of Noah....you know..... all thoughts evil all the time, everyone thinking only of themselves....
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