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1992 pic of a baby dressed up as a Klan member

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Lik3, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Sketcher

    Sketcher Born Imperishable

    I'd be curious to see where that kid is now. If National Geographic can do a catch-up story for the Afghan girl, certainly someone in the US can do one for Klan Kid.
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  2. Lik3

    Lik3 Newbie

    Sadly, there are people who have done evil deeds. I don't think that all are good people. I believe that without salvation, all of humanity is , or at least some are "evil" to a certain degree. When I "say" evil, I didn't mean that all people will remain unrepentant with evil thoughts and do evil deeds. Many people have not repented of their deeds which are evil and ungodly have evil thoughts that have proceeded out of those who are unrepentant, including those of ISIS, the Klan, and the Neo Nazis. I still believe that the Klan, ISIS, and the NeoNazis are quite evil because of their ungodly, evil ways. I do agree however, that Jesus died on the cross for them and they can repent of their evil, vile deeds.
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