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“We Can’t Say Black Lives Matter Until We Say Unborn Lives Mather.

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by Johnboy60, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. JackRT

    JackRT Well-Known Member Supporter

    Reparations are given, not taken.
  2. Ironhold

    Ironhold Member

    When the riots and looting all happened, a number of people on the political left argued that people needed to just shut up and stop whining about the stores being looted and destroyed because insurance would just cover it and it was all for the cause of reparations anyway.

    Is it any wonder why so many people were angry and frightened after what went down?
  3. KCfromNC

    KCfromNC Regular Member

    At least we know what's really driving the right-wing concern with abortion. Nothing about making people's lives better, just this feeling that people they've never met are having sex in ways they disapprove of.
  4. KCfromNC

    KCfromNC Regular Member

    That's a weird way to respond to data which shows how to actually reduce abortions with simple public policy changes. It gives the impression that the goal of all of this talk about God and abortions and immorality is something other than actually reducing the number of abortions.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2021
  5. Eight Foot Manchild

    Eight Foot Manchild His Supreme Holy Correctfulness

    United States
    That's exactly what it is.

    There is an insidious, misanthropic worldview in play here that I've been aware of for some time, but still don't have a name for. It has to do with how we view the very nature of problems that humanity faces. It's the reason why we so often talk past each other in these conversations about abortion, crime, etc. We have a fundamental disagreement about what these problems of the human condition are, and what should be done about them.

    You and I see these as problems with imperfect, but still effective, means of harm reduction, by addressing their root causes. We acknowledge there will likely never be a perfect solution, but that the best we can do will always be better than nothing at all.

    This other worldview - it's not strictly limited to people with supernatural religious beliefs, but man if it doesn't appear to snuggle up comfortably with them - looks at these solutions as worthless, because they aren't perfect. "You will never be able to solve X".

    So abortion, crime, etc...these aren't problems to be mitigated through demonstrably effective means. They are sins to be punished after we sit around waiting for them to happen. Then we get to preach about it.

    One attacks the root, and seeks to mitigate damage. The other slaps feebly at the twigs, and seeks to engage in vacuous, moralistic bloviating.

    I'll have to think of a name, if there isn't already one somewhere.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2021
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  6. Desk trauma

    Desk trauma Chronic political homeless Supporter

    United States
    The proprietor of DrugWarRant.com came up with a term, or at least he's the first I saw use it, that fits: Sadomoralism.
  7. Eight Foot Manchild

    Eight Foot Manchild His Supreme Holy Correctfulness

    United States
    I'll take it.

    And yeah, drug use is another very obvious example. And poverty. And corruption. And civil unrest.

    Pick your unpleasantry of the human condition.