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† VisionS †

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by †×TheTruth׆, Jan 8, 2002.

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  1. †×TheTruth׆

    †×TheTruth׆ New Member

    Here are some of my visions I had, please don't take them as a joke but then again when did the world not take Christians as a joke....Anyway here you go.

    Oh and by the way if you want to know something about any of my visions just ask away.

    Before I get started about this I just want everyone to know that Visions aren't new to me and yes I'd say 90% of them came true and the 10% that is left is shocking, for it is the beginning to the end of the world.

    The Vision about the Mark: I saw people at this party and I was taken inside this person he seemed to be having fun by his toughts, people were dancing and smiling, then person let's just call him I for right now, walked into this room which seemed to be crowded with people and they sat near the person by a computer. Then I came up to him he said Something to Me, I didn't understand what he said for some strange reason I felt like he knew what it was about. Then I looked at the CD I was given and it had for some strange reason a 6 Point Star scratched on the back, I didn't seem to mind and put it in my pocket and walked outside, it was dark outside and it seemed like a normal night quite and peaceful, I started walking then I saw a person smoking cigarettes I asked him for a smoke, but then I suddenly said no nevermind I don't want to smoke, the person that was trying to give me the cigarette for some reason started saying here take the smoke take the smoke, I said no thanks and turned to the corner as I was walking and all the sudden it became as day and I heard this great noise as if something exploded, I saw something like smoke rise up to the sky and started to spread across the land, then I fell on my knees and started praying, Then I woke up.

    The Vision about the War: I saw three people and they were scared and they looked like they were running and hiding from somone or something, I looked at the sky and saw Airplanes dropping bombs and I saw trees buring with Red Flames and I saw more and more Airplane drop bombs that had Red Flame explosions, these Airplanes were not flying that high, then I saw a Airplane different from the others, it dropped a bomb that looked like three basketballs of dark iron put together and when this bomb dropped it exploded with Green Flame and the flame started melting everything.

    The Vision about the three Witches and the Beast: This vision I must say was weird, I saw three witches standing and they had their arms out like they were trying to catch something or praising something, they were chanting something I couldn't make it out but they looked evil, I look over and saw six more people being possessed or at least that's what it looked like to me, they were floating in the air infront of the three witches, and the six people had a evil and confused looked to them as if they knew what is going on but they can't figure out why, then all the sudden I saw this Beast from no where, it looked mad and it looked ready to kill and destroy something or someone.

    The Vision about the Left Behind: This was a very sad and short vision, I came into a church expecting a normal service to my suprise I saw people crying with great confusing and great sorrow, they looked like as if they were missing something, I looked over the church and saw only a couple of people they looked like they didn't want to live anymore they had tears in their eyes and their faces looked like people look in the movies before they die.

    The Vision about Foolds: Okay now this is a very spooky vision for me for it happen 2 times in different ways. The first was with me and my family were at the Ocean, by the beach the water seemed to be still and quiet and peaceful, I walked out into the sand and then all the sudden I saw great huge wave that was coming to the land at amazing speed people started running away as I also started running away then I woke up.
    The second was I was sitting by a Ocean, by the beach talking to some people, I said hey you guys heard about the Earthquakes, and then I got this weird feeling and got up and started running away to the land I looked back and saw this huge wave coming very fast at amazing speed I saw people getting swallowed by the wave as if they were little ants having water from a bucket pored out on them, this wave kept coming it didn't stop, then I woke up.

    Now for the visions that has to do with me: I was at this church and people looked at me strange as if I was different from them and if I was someone that they are looking for, I ran to the top of the church and I was searching for something, I searched and searched and I saw someone looking at my with amazing smile and eyes He looked at me and for some reason I can't remember if I talked to him or not, I found myself running around the church telling people I saw God, (note that Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and my God) and they looked like they believed me and they began to smile I felt so happy and then I woke up.

    This next vision I saw a little child and a man walk up to the child and he asked the child who his God was, the child said my God is the God of David, then the man felt angry I felt his angry he picked up the child and started shaking him asking (more like telling him) who is your God, and started saying In the name of Jesus, satan get away from me then I woke up. Now I look at this as from two sides as me being the child and me speaking thru the man when I said in the name of Jesus, satan get away from me and woke up.

    This next vision seemed kind of odd to me, I was with someone talking to him and then he gave me a cigarette I put the cigarette on my lips and then all the sudden I trew away the cigarette and I had this strange feeling as if this person doesn't want to smoke as if he hates cigarettes, then the person who gave me the cigarette looked puzzeled and at the same time amazed and said to me I see an Angel over your head, then I woke up.
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  2. rkbo

    rkbo Member

    How did these visions come to you? Was it in a dream or where you awake and seen this with your eyes or your mind. and tell me were the sounds audible. Were there anyone else that seen these things......I'm serious........Oh BTW the way, hello.
  3. †×TheTruth׆

    †×TheTruth׆ New Member

    All in visions come in while I sleep you would be amazed to know how many of them came true, I only have these that I posted that are left.
  4. shinethewordbro

    shinethewordbro Prayer Warrior

    yo these are not "visions"
    they are dreams
    dont think everything is some sort of divine intervention of god
    dreams are controlled by what we think and are usually onlyintervened if god has something he would like to say to you directly or if he is opening a door

    God rules!! Rock On!!!!!
  5. shinethewordbro

    shinethewordbro Prayer Warrior

    hehe i love it when people erase my posts usually means im either right or being silenced of my opinions:)
  6. Psaint

    Psaint Psaintly Member

    Yup, they sound like just strange disturbing dreams to me.
  7. Mandy

    Mandy Well-Known Member

    I agree, bad meal or possibly gas. :eek:
  8. Mandy

    Mandy Well-Known Member

    Why was †×TheTruth׆ banned?
  9. Blackwing

    Blackwing Music Man With Black Wings(duh...)<img src="http:/

    I think he is becoming offensive and unethical to some people here in this forum and I'm one of them.

    Just my opinion and please don't take me seriously. :D
  10. Erwin

    Erwin Well-Known Member

    The short answer: He broke the rules repeatedly despite warnings from myself personally.

    We have edited or removed a few of his more inflammatory posts or threads, and left the rest.

    We are not at liberty to discuss specific reasons for banning a member as we need to respect the member's right to privacy. We do not ban a member lightly. We had a moderator meeting, and a consensus was reached. Suffice to say that he knew the rules and broke them knowingly despite warning. I also received an email accusing me of certain things as well which I would rather not discuss here.

    We try to keep a friendly, helpful and edifying atmosphere in these forums, and do not appreciate people who come here with their own agendas and who do not respect other member's points of views.

    We apologise if any member was offended by the banned member's behaviour.

    We want to thank all our members for respecting each other and our rules. Do get acquainted with them by clicking on our FAQ or through the link at the bottom of the page.

    God bless you all!

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