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  1. R

    Spreading the Gospel Through Gaming

    I’m Randell from Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game. Knowing that this generation loves online gaming, we asked 14 Christian influencers what they think about using online games as a way to spread the gospel. Check this out: Here's What 14 Religious Influencers Think About Gaming as a Means of...
  2. Ashley755

    I invented a way for shy people to evangelize, guys

    What if there was a way to spread the gospel just by leaving cards around in different places? Well, there is. I made a little sheet of cards that you have permission to print out and use. Just cut out the cards and leave them in places as you go about your day (that doesn’t mean litter, please...
  3. Lanae

    What questions do I need to ask while sharing the gospel or sharing my faith?

    I need help spreading the gospel. What questions do I need to ask while sharing the gospel or sharing my faith?
  4. L

    Love for those who believe they can't be loved

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In the aftermath of the tragedy in Toronto where a lonely, angry, hateful man took the life of ten innocent people, a great deal of attention has been brought to the “incel” community. For those who are just becoming familiar with this term, incel is a...
  5. This Sling & Stone

    Good Christian truther YouTube Channels

    There are a lot of good Christian YouTube channels. One of my favorites is "A Call For An Uprising". What are some of yours? Heres a link to my YouTube channel as well if anyone's interested :) This Sling & Stone
  6. KayJoy

    Worthy Ministry - Hope House Cebu

    I've recently become acquainted with this ministry and have been so so blessed to be a part of supporting their work in Cebu, Philippines among the homeless, poor, street kids, trafficking victims, etc ... feeding, loving, supporting, paying medical bills, and sharing the Gospel. It's a...