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    Body Soul and Spirit

    No, now on all of these things the bible is the guide. I am going show you a number of scriptures to explain what the truth about this is. First lets go to beginning when man was formed. Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath...

    New Pastor - Advice?

    There is just one thing I want to get right. So you were judged based on your preaching ability basically? So were there other pastors who preached and then there was a vote?? I'm just trying to get clairdy on this process.

    Clicked, for new christians, wrong category appears. need info on basics

    I'll just like to ask a question based on what you said here. When you wake up in the morning, are you grateful to God for allowing you to see another day? If your answer is yes, then you have something to pray about. Prayer is not just about asking for what you want, its also about thanking...

    Why is the Human Body Designed to Die?

    Only based on your paradigm.

    Why is the Human Body Designed to Die?

    Because human life did not come through evolution. If there is an intelligent force or a higher power that has the ability to control mutation so there would be no over population, why could that higher power not just create mankind according to the biblical account?

    What do you suppose is the mark of the beast?

    You cannot hope to know what the Mark of the Beast is without being confidence on who the beast is. Because the Mark of the Beast is the Mark ....... of the Beast

    Is the new Covid-19 variant beyond the vaccine?

    Well if you listen to scientists like Geert Vanden Bossche who is well qualified to speak on the subject of vaccines, he claims that the vaccines will give rise to more dangerous variants. He has called on the WHO to have an open scientific discussion to review all of the science in support of...

    SDA view "wicked who are dead are not raised at Second Coming"

    If I may just try to give one thing to think about. There is a first death and a second death. Now if the wicked are have seen the first death are resurrected at the second coming, then are slain, that's another death. Then at the White throne judgement they are resurrected again and again...

    Dying inside of masturbation addiction

    Please watch this video. Not sure if it will answer all your questions but you might be able to get some good advice. They also have other related videos concerning other sexual issues that you might also find helpful.

    Please pray for me, my battle with masturbation and acne. Please.

    Please take a look at this video and realize you are not alone, but you can get some good advice to help you overcome.

    Sabbath Forever!

    You can chose to do whatever you wish on the other 6 days and if you want to dedicate one of those days to God you absolutely can do that. But the thing is that there is only one day in the week that was blessed, made holy, and sanctified so you cannot ignore that day and try to replace it with...

    JESUS is not the archangel Michael !

    Let me just for the record state that the position of JWs and SDA's on this is slightly different in how they arrive at this. JWs believe that Jesus is a created beign. SDA's do not believe that. SDA's believe that whenever Jesus takes on the role of leader of the angelic armies, his title is...

    Revelation and end times clarifications

    Agreed. Agreed. No, Revelation does show there are people who do not take the mark or worship the beast. Notice that making the mark of the beast is coupled with worshiping the beast. There is a major issue of worship that is critical in the last days. Read Revelation 14 and you will see...

    Confused by this...

    The pastor is correct. As you said he quoted the bible, most like Ecclesiastes 9:5 for one. It is occult religions that claim to be able to communicate with the dead The dead are dead. When Jesus said that God is the God of the living and not of the dead it is because the dead's fate has...

    Info regarding spirits

    If you can take the time to watch the story and testimony of a man who belonged to a society of spirit worshipers and how God delivered him and how he overcame being oppressed by the spirits, I can give you the link. What I told you is what I learned from his experience. Its about 3 hrs long...

    Info regarding spirits

    That won't work. You need to get rid of anything your cousin has ever given you. Not just in your room but any other room in the house. Once you have something there that came from him the spirits have access to you.

    Food laws

    Isn't it interesting to note that after Peter reiterated the vision to the Jews who had an issue with him, that he never told that them because of the vision they are now free to eat anything. Its interesting that after he told them about the vision none of the asked him if this means they can...

    Food laws

    You are leaving out the verse that explains the conclusion of the vision. Its the most important verse. Did you even pay attention to context of the vision..the verses you left out of the chapter? In verses 1 - 8 God gives a vision to Cornelius who is a Gentile and instructs him to send to...

    Food laws

    Are you serious right now. The purpose of this vision was to teach Peter that he should call no MAN common or unclean. The vision was not about food. Food was used as a metaphor.

    Food laws

    If you will like to see a scientific examination of the food laws let me know. God indeed have a reason for every food law and all the animals labelled unclean are not best for health. God didn't just give those laws because he wanted Israel to be different. He wanted his people to be healthy...