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    a rude friend of mine....

    I really don't think that you should doubt your friend's Christianity because of her tone. I mean, it could be this is how her family members address each other and she finds it to be a normal way of acting. I know it can be irritating that she treats people in a manner of which you disapprove...
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    I just want someone to tell me...

    The Lord is your Savior. He's the one who laid down His life for you so that you may have eternal life. Your sins are forgiven because of Him. His love for you goes beyond anything we can understand. No matter what you've done, He is there for you.
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    Secret Teachings

    He was sent first to the Jews. God has His timing and His plan. We also have to look at what was happening historically at the time to understand things. Jews and the non-Jews did not associate with each other. But if you read further in the verse of Matthew 15, you'll see that Jesus was...
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    Are Home Altars A Lutheran Tradition?

    My husband and all his family (and a great majority of our former town) are Catholic. Never saw one in any of their homes either.
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    Are Home Altars A Lutheran Tradition?

    No. I've never seen a home altar.
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    Praying that things improve for you.
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    what is wrong with me?

    Tasks CAN be overwhelming. You did well by breaking down the task. It helps to see one great big task as achievable smaller tasks. That way you can check things off as you do them and see progress! I wish I had more advice.
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    Can you all please keep my mom in prayer?

    You've been given a lot of great advice here!! Prayers for your mom! Ooh I'm not sure if I saw this but maybe she could reduce her salt intake and see if it helps to reduce swelling?
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    Secret Teachings

    :confused: God has told us all we need to know for salvation. Some reject what He says and it's the same as when Jesus walked the earth and spoke to people. Do you know that the people back then were used to hearing parables? It was an easy way for them to connect to the message, yet again...
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    This may sound weird but.....

    Do you know the Lord's Prayer? Matthew 6:9-13 It's such a great prayer because you can focus on the different portions and apply it to your own life. Don't give up because your other thoughts intrude...keep trying. God knows your struggles.
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now (3)
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    [Update] - Hello Everyone!!

    George95 introduced me to Xenforo sites. As good as they are for some things, we would lose a LOT of what we are used to on this board. It's a give and take situation.
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    I love my new lutheran church!

    Sounds awesome! :wave: Do you sing? Are you going to join the choir?
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    Pray for my sick parents

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    my dad is dying

    :( Prayers for your family. I'm sorry you have to deal with this tough situation.
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    urgent prayer request

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    friend in the hospital

    Prayers for Candice.
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    Severe Doubts

    Praying that you see what God has done for you in your redemption :)
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    [Update] - Hello Everyone!!

    Congratulations on your new ownership! Will you be an active participant on the site?
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    prayer request

    Will pepper spray make you feel safer? Prayers for you and your situation!!!