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  1. Chi Rho

    How Would I Respond To This ? Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Thank you all for your Responses. They were all most helpful. :)
  2. Chi Rho

    How Would I Respond To This ? Help Would Be Appreciated.

    New theory could prove how life began and disprove God - Science - News - The Independent This was posted on my Facebook Profile Wall, what would be a good, to the point Paragraph I could use to refute it ? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Chi Rho

    Any Redditors Here ?

    Hi everyone. If you have a Reddit Account, I could use a little help on a Thread where I've been talking to a Guy who has trouble coping with his Sexuality. I've tried to help him, but I really don't know what to say next. If some of you could join in with this Thread and help me out, that...
  4. Chi Rho

    Driving Sins

    Hey ! I was wondering what you all would consider to be Mortal Sins whilst driving. The only ones I can think of are Speeding, being on your Phone and Drunk. Are there any others ? Also, would you consider driving with a slightly misted up Windscreen on a cold day a Mortal Sin ?
  5. Chi Rho

    Scruple Trouble

    I see. I suppose that it becomes Mortal if you consciously avoid receiving the Eucharist. That is the problem. I'm worried that I've profaned the Sacrament by not mentioning my thought if it were mortal. Never-the-less, I went to Mass today and went to Communion. So, hopefully that will...
  6. Chi Rho

    Scruple Trouble

    Hi, everyone. When I was in the Confessional today the Priest asked me a question that I thought had an obvious answer, so I answered politely, but at the same time a thought popped into my head that essentially was along the lines of the Priest was stupid for asking such an obvious question...
  7. Chi Rho

    Introduction to Catholicism

    Hey, Irenaeus ! Thank you for the Compliment. I have a Labarum tattooed on my Shoulder Blade by the way. :P I'm not sure there is much more I can ask you. The Information you've given me seems fine. I just wanted to make sure that Fr. Barron wasn't a raging Heretic. :D I'll give my Colleague...
  8. Chi Rho

    Introduction to Catholicism

    Hey Everyone ! A new Work Colleague has been asking me plenty of questions about the Faith recently. It is fantastic as I don’t get to talk about Catholicism much at Work. I’ve been answering them to the best of my ability. He knows next to nothing about Christianity and, as such...
  9. Chi Rho

    How do you Solve a Problem like Intinction ?

    Thank you for all of the Replies. I wasn't expecting so many. They have all been most helpful. :)
  10. Chi Rho

    How do you Solve a Problem like Intinction ?

    Hi Everyone ! This issue has been troubling me somewhat at Mass at my Parish. There are a few Parishioners that I have noticed who practice self-Intinction of the Eucharist. I've mentioned it to my Priest and he said to try and approach them at an appropriate time after Mass rather than...
  11. Chi Rho

    World Cup 2014

    It has been an enjoyable Tournament so far. The Matches yesterday were a bit boring though.
  12. Chi Rho

    I'm a bit confused

    Here is a Story that I heard told by Catholic Apologist, Michael Voris: 'I was in the presence of Archbishop Fulton Sheen one day and he was talking to us about the Mass that had just happened. Suddenly, this man walked towards him clutching a Book. He said to the Archbishop: "Archbishop...
  13. Chi Rho

    It's back. "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife"

    I guess for them it is a case of self-affirmation. They get excited because it reinforces their belief that Christianity is a load of rubbish.
  14. Chi Rho

    Father Elijah

    I have just finished reading 'Lord of the World' by Hugh Robert Benson. The language is a little archaic as it was published over 100 years ago; but it is a gripping read from start to finish. I recommend it to you. :)
  15. Chi Rho

    The Pope

    He is the "Sovereign of the Vatican City State," yes. But the Secretariat of State (currently headed by Cardinal Pietro Parolin) performs all diplomatic and political functions of Vatican City and the Holy See.
  16. Chi Rho

    About confession...

    You're still obliged go to Mass every Sunday, even in Mortal Sin.
  17. Chi Rho

    Catechism 1493

    Here below is a Link to examples of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) mentioned in both Scripture and Church Tradition. It may help. http://www.scripturecatholic.com/confession.html
  18. Chi Rho

    Birds attack doves the Pope and children released

    If any symbolism can be attributed to it, I would say that the Doves represent the Church and the other birds the malign forces currently engulfing our society and indeed the Church itself. Important to note though that the Doves eventually broke free, which is exactly what will happen to the...
  19. Chi Rho

    Vestment colors: how are they determined?

    Here are the Liturgical Colours of the Church before and after the Second Council of the Vatican. Liturgical colours - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  20. Chi Rho

    Church of England Proposes Celebrating Gay Marriage

    After our Government voted for Same-Sex 'Marriage' Legislation earlier this year; Christians were voicing their fears that they would be bullied into conducting these ceremonies. The Government apparently made sure that this could never happen, at least to the established (Anglican) church. It...