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  1. Shane R

    Any previous Catholics here?

    Mark explained a common use of the term "evangelical Catholic." I would only add, it tends to be used by people with an ethos of borrowing as much as possible from Roman Catholicism. This manifests in liturgical sensibilities (how a worship service looks and sometimes sounds) more than...
  2. Shane R

    Faithful Catholic Colleges and Universities

    I thought of one other detail. St. Joseph's was largely self paced. You got the course and had a certain number of weeks to complete all the units but there wasn't necessarily a weekly requirement. And if you wanted you could work through it all much faster than the allotted time.
  3. Shane R

    Faithful Catholic Colleges and Universities

    I attended that school for a time. Nothing wrong with it but a good percentage of the faculty are not actually Catholic. My philosophy professor was an Episcopalian. It's not my first choice to return to. I thought some of the course work was not really college level, but that seems to be a...
  4. Shane R

    Things we would like to see Catholicism adopt from Protestantism

    I live in a fairly rural area. There's a priest and a deacon who cover 4 parishes (one county over there's a priest who covers 5 without the assistance of a deacon). Those are lucky to get confession on a weekly basis. Of course, the lay folk could lead some of these activities but there seems...
  5. Shane R

    Facing declines in people and money, Seattle launches parish consolidation push

    The diocese of Columbus announced parish closures and many of them make no sense. Parishes with 200-300 people at Mass every Sunday appeared on the list.
  6. Shane R

    Anglican/Catholic Rosary

    The Rosaries became quite faddish in my circles last year. At convention close to half of the clergy were sporting one. I've never related to it in my personal spirituality. My kids picked up some RC rosaries when we visited the local big RCC a few months ago. They think of them as jewelry.
  7. Shane R

    How important is it for you to know the cepages (grape varieties, Rebsorten) of the wine you are drinking?

    The American market is currently flooded with a lot of cheap blended wines. They don't typically have a single year vintage. They are smooth, consistent, meant to pair with a broad range of foods, and unremarkable. There's seldom a distinctive character of any particular grape that shines through.
  8. Shane R

    Church of Nazarene vs UMC

    RileyG, you might enjoy this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ReadyToHarvest He asks and answers exactly the type of questions you've posed in so many sub-forums. And he conscientously attempts to do quality research and be fair rather than polemical.
  9. Shane R

    Baptismal Regeneration

    You and I know what those passages are about but most evangelicals and Pentecostals would choose to be obtuse and argue that these are not referring to baptism, since the precise word is not used.
  10. Shane R

    Altar Rails?

    I have noticed some Lutheran churches that adopted a continuous line sort of operation, from the floor, during the Covid reaction phase. The rails have been all but forgotten in these parishes.
  11. Shane R

    CVS and Rite Aid Put Purchase Limits on Plan B emergency contraception after surge in demand

    This person is not real bright. The end is the same: the shopper gets the pills.
  12. Shane R

    How Anglican is not Reformed or Lutheran?

    ACNA reached an early agreement with NALC. How much attention the ACNA pays to it varies greatly by diocese. For example, the Reformed Episcopal Church, a full member of ACNA, ignores the relationship to an extent that I have met clergy who were totally unaware of it.
  13. Shane R

    The Delicious History of the Diner

    I feel fortunate to live across the street from an independent diner. I was surprised to see them open Christmas eve. Once my girls got up we went over there for a leisurely breakfast. There's several others around town but this is the one in my neighborhood.
  14. Shane R

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

    The Spirit came upon me and I prayed very fervently for him this morning after I had heard the news. It was a powerful experience. I have read and been enriched by many of his works.
  15. Shane R

    Millennial Edition: "It Never Used to Be Like That" Game

    I had a 2007 GMC Canyon single cab pickup truck that still had hand crank windows. I used to carpool with a guy and the first time he climbed in he was dumbfounded to see that.
  16. Shane R

    Martin Luther: "On the Jews and their lies"

    Rather than read Eric Metaxas on Bonhoeffer, I would suggest reading a book by Bonhoeffer. The Cost of Discipleship is a classic.
  17. Shane R

    10 Fascinating Food Trends from America’s Past

    There's always fruit cocktail and Spam in my pantry. We've usually got a few TV dinners in the freezer too. My kids think they are a treat for some reason. For me they are more like an easy supper when I'm not feeling like cooking or didn't meal plan but don't want to pay restaurant prices.
  18. Shane R

    Leather Britches!

    I enjoy her channel. My grandfather made them on old window screens. They do take all day to rehydrate though!
  19. Shane R

    Why Buffalo Wings Are Always Served With A Side Of Celery

    Restaurants are so keen to cut costs now that the last couple times I ordered wings they asked me if I actually wanted the celery.
  20. Shane R

    Millennial Edition: "It Never Used to Be Like That" Game

    Remember when you used to have to call the movie theater or look in the local newspaper to find their showtimes? I don't even go to the theater anymore. Last time I did I took my kids as a treat and they place was about 3/4 empty. I don't know how they stay open.