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    not ready?

    I just let go of remembering it's a performance and just worshipped. Being nervous onstage (for me, anyway) was kinda because I was making it this big performance thing. And it's not really about how we sound, but what matters in the heart.
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    The X-Men Club

    I wonder if we're getting Sentinels in this movie.
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    Youth Night Game Ideas

    I recently got put in charge of creating quick icebreaking games for our youth group for the next couple of months. It can't be just any game though. It has to be a game that... 1. Doesn't require a lot of space. 2. Allows about 25 kids to play at the same time. 3. Has one concrete...
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    Random Lyrics Thread

    Your light is over me Flooding over me Night is lifted Heaven over me Flooding over me I can't contain it My cup overflows My cup overflows Praise the Lord With all my heart Praise Him for He has done great things His banner over me Is love His love His banner over me Is Love His love You...
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    Do you have a crush?

    Okay. So I don't know if I'd call it a "crush". It seems more than that. But I've been wanting to vent so here it goes. There's this girl. I've known her since I was like...six years old. Which reminds me, there's a picture of us in our childhood at this wedding where we're both...
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    WorshipFestival on 4/2/06

    Greetings to all the prayer warriors of ChristianForums.com. I would like to ask everybody to please pray for the WorshipFestival my church has on the first Sunday night of every month. This upcoming one on April 2nd, I'm the worship leader. Usually I'd be extremely scared or nervous about...
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    Does anyone here watch HOUSE?

    I haven't seen the last two or three episodes, anything major going on? Last one I saw was the one where House turned Sela Ward down and she left.
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    Your Most Worshipful P&W Album?

    United- To The Ends of the Earth/More Than Life Hillsong- Blessed/You Are My World (my church sings literally every song off of Blessed) Creation Worship (a worship cd with songs from CreationFest)
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    I need to jump higher

    Thanks everybody.
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    Do you "lose yourself" in worship?

    I like to kinda just flow by the Spirit when I'm a worship leader. Usually my worry wouldn't be about the band, but more about the congregation and whether or not they're worshipping. But there were a couple of services where I paid too much attention to the congregation and didn't really...
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    I need to jump higher

    Okay, so playing basketball today. Haven't played in a while but it was incredibly fun. I really need to jump higher though. As I continue in my full-body training is there are any sort of exercises I could do that could help with my leaping and explosiveness? Are doing squats/leg...
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    The OC?

    Lovin the show so far. Can't wait for tonight's episode.
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    Gold Digger "Man that song is terrible!" thread

    Ironically I first heard the song last Friday on my friend's iPod. I thought the beat was really good. Wasn't digging the lyrics though. Thought that Nickelback song was horrible first time I heard it.
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    Mood swings

    I'm a little moody. Trying to get better at it.
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    The OC?

    Yeah that beating was real well-done. I thought he was a goner.
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    Running vs. Weightlifting

    It wasn't that bad. I just didn't like my waist getting bulky as well.
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    The X-Men Club

    The teaser trailer is out. Go to apple.com and their trailers section and you'll find it. I haven't seen it (don't have Quicktime 7) but I've seen screencaps. It looks incredible. Can't wait!
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    The OC?

    What'd you think?
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    The X-Men Club

    Very awesome Beast pic. I was lukewarm on Angel at first but I like it now.
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    The X-Men Club

    New pics from X3 on USA Today's website... http://www.usatoday.com/life/gallery/2005/x3/flash.htm