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  1. Ioannis

    Militants of TAW starting January 2006 (Introduction Thread)

    In the spirit of people coming back, I have returned. Not that my return should be noteworthy. :) I was here for a few years then just kind of stopped coming around the time my eldest was born. But, I felt like coming back and seeing what was going on so here I am. Hello, everybody!
  2. Ioannis

    What do you guys think of Putin's moves this week?

    To be honest, I don't know enough of the situation. I imagine that all involved parties know more. As I stated before, the impression that I get is that it's not a clear-cut issue. There's a division among the people. On the surface, I rarely agree with getting involved with other civil wars...
  3. Ioannis

    What do you guys think of Putin's moves this week?

    Protecting interests. That's all it is. The U.S. doesn't help rebels because of some great cause. They do it to protect their own interests. That's it. The same thing Russia is doing which is why I have an attitude of "We've done no better and we have no room to condemn."
  4. Ioannis

    Blessed Feast !

    Blessed feast day!
  5. Ioannis

    What do you guys think of Putin's moves this week?

    I don't know what to think. I am a little aggravated at the U.S. government's "holier than thou" attitude. They are pretty much condemning the exact same thing it's done over and over (helping rebels, influencing elections, etc.). The most important takeaway is to pray for everyone involved...
  6. Ioannis

    Potentially neat find

    I haven't been there in over 10 years, but it is a wonderful monastery. Founded by the former princess of Romania. Mother Christophora, the abbess, is wonderful. One day, I'll take my wife and kids out there.
  7. Ioannis


    We are called to turn the other cheek for ourselves, yes, but the state has a responsibility to protect its citizens. The military is the instrument used to carry out that protection. Had it not been for the Byzantine or Russian militaries, those countries would have collapsed much sooner...
  8. Ioannis

    What's going on here??

    I agree. We cannot sacrifice the Truth for peace. God is above all.
  9. Ioannis

    What's going on here??

    Lord, have mercy.
  10. Ioannis

    St. Euphrosynos Taverna and Ouzeri 44 (5)

    A Blessed Pentecost to all! I think I shall celebrate by eating bacon everyday this week.
  11. Ioannis

    Fun time with "missionaries!"

    I don't know anything about Jehovah's Witnesses, but I went and did some searching after reading your comment. This lead me to the group that I believe they were. The "World Mission Society Church of God." Looking through their FAQ's, there are several things that sound like what they were...
  12. Ioannis

    Fun time with "missionaries!"

    So, today, I had just gotten home and was about to walk into my apartment when two people approached me. I was being polite and said hello when they greeted me. They then asked if I had read the Bible. I thought this might be interesting so I proceeded and told them that I had. They asked if I...
  13. Ioannis

    'Angel' priest visits Missouri accident scene

    No matter what, this is still an amazing thing that happened. God will use whomever He wills. Was it a miracle? God knows. I don't worry about it. It may have been. It also may have been a series of coincidences. I'm not worried about it. I still think it's an amazing series of events. As for...
  14. Ioannis

    'Angel' priest visits Missouri accident scene

    This is pretty amazing. 'Angel' priest visits Missouri accident scene Mysterious priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash - YouTube 'Mystery Priest' Vanishes After Anointing Crash Victim | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!
  15. Ioannis

    The Deafening Silence of our Hiearchs

    I personally have no opinion as to whether they "speak out" or not. Personally, I don't think it would do any good. No one will suddenly say "Wait! That's how the Church views it!" The people you see supporting it most likely already know but don't care, just like Orthodox who support...
  16. Ioannis

    Water -> Baptism. Monsanto wants to own all rights to water.

    Mr. Brabeck's response: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe: Addressing the Water Challenge This is from a video in 2005. I don't think it is the official position of Nestle. Also, I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Nestle is not owned by Mosanto. They use Mosanto products and work with them (I think they...
  17. Ioannis

    War with North Korea

    While I'm sure that it may be interpreted as that by some, I don't believe that's the main reason. The South Koreans already know that the US will come to SK aid. There's no doubt about that and a recent agreement between the US and ROK reinforces that (which concerns me because, as I understand...
  18. Ioannis

    War with North Korea

    I'm hoping that it's just another round of sabre-rattling. I'm only 45 miles from the DMZ. Of course, the US hasn't helped the situation. What did they expect when they sent over bombers? That just gives the north the attention it wants.
  19. Ioannis

    Last minute things...

    Bacon. I had bacon and it was everything I could hope for.
  20. Ioannis


    Today started off sadly. My grandfather's cancer has spread to his brain and the rest of his body very quickly. The doctors have said that nothing can be done and he is now at home with family. It's just a matter of time. I won't get a chance to see him again, though my dad is trying to get to...